SlideDeck 2 is Now Responsive!

Now your sliders can automatically resize to fit neatly on the page, regardless of the size of your screen or device. Learn More.

New for version 2.1

Create Custom SlideDecks

Create SlideDecks using images, video, text and HTML. Our slide-by-slide editor makes creating SlideDecks easier than ever! You can even utilize our beautiful lenses to instantly change the look and feel of your SlideDeck.

  • Image slides icon Images

    Upload your images

  • Video slides icon Video

    Supports YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion

  • Text slides icon Text

    Format custom text and multiple layouts

  • HTML slides icon HTML

    Create custom HTML slides

Diamond Valley Lake
Diamond Valley Lake

This is an extensive review of SlideDeck 3 a dedicated WordPress multimedia content slider plugin. Check out the full post here:

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Multiple Content Types Multiple content types

Mix and match content types as you add slides. Upload photos, add video URLs, write text and even embed your own HTML code.

Easy WYSIWYG editor or create your own with HTML Easy WYSIWYG editor

Easily add captions or body text to any slide. Each slide has multiple layout options or you can create your own with HTML.

Drag and Drop Slide Order Drag and drop slide order

Add and remove slides in seconds. Drag and drop your slides to rearrange them.

New for version 2.1

Add multiple sources

Create SlideDecks using your favorite content sources like Flickr, Instagram, YouTube and many more. Make mashups by adding multiple sources to one SlideDeck. Your SlideDeck updates automatically with its sources.

Available Sources - More on the way!
  • YouTube icon
  • Vimeo icon
  • Flickr icon
  • Google+ icon
  • WordPress icon
  • Instagram icon
  • Twitter icon
  • Picasa icon
  • Daily Motion icon
  • RSS icon
  • Dribbble icon
  • 500px icon

Some clips from 12/4/16 as the first snowflakes of the season fell on the Indiana Dunes. Shot at 1… Go to video page

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The moon looked pretty dancing with the clouds tonight so I figured why not. Shot on RED Epic Drago… Go to video page

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Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality. Cityscape Chicago II is a personal tim… Go to video page

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Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality. To avoid skipping, please let the video… Go to video page

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BTS Timelapse sequences of the Kessler Crane CineDrive in action in Iceland. Go to video page

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Shot in 2013 - Just uploading to YouTube from Vimeo. Test shots from Chicago using the new RAW Vide… Go to video page

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Short video shot with the Phantom 2 and GoPro. Go to video page

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Add as many sources as you want Add as many sources as you want

Add all of your favorite content sources in one SlideDeck to create a slider that updates automatically.

Tons of configuration options Tons of configuration options

Each content source can be configured to meet your needs. Autoplay slides, edit text lengths, hide post authors, and hundreds more.

Customize your look and feel Customize your look and feel

Change arrow styles, fonts, navigation style and more with our visual options area. These visual options carry through all content sources to make the visual appearence seamless.


See your existing content in a new light with Lenses

We designed the Lenses in SlideDeck 2 to give your content a beautifully crafted presence. With 7 lenses (and more on the way), SlideDeck 2 gives you tremendous flexibility and power to make your content kick ass.

7   Lenses 12   Sources 60   Options 29+ Million   Combinations
See Live Examples

One content source, many looks

Lenses are highly configurable slider themes that you apply to your content for gorgeous results. Dramatically change the appearance and behavior of your SlideDecks in just a few clicks.

Fashion lens preview
Fashion lens icon

Fashion Lens

Half Moon lens preview
Half Moon lens icon

Half Moon Lens

O-Town lens preview
O-Town lens icon

O-Town Lens

Block Title lens preview
Block Title lens icon

Block Title Lens

Proto lens preview
Proto lens icon

Proto Lens

Toolkit lens preview
Toolkit lens icon

Toolkit Lens

Roll your own with the Toolkit Lens


The default Toolkit Lens comes with a comprehensive list of options to create a look and feel of your very own.

Curate the experience with Covers


A great story needs a beginning and an end. Covers give users context for what you're sharing.