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New SlideDeck Gallery Skin: Super Simple

On June 8, 201121 Comments

This simple and sleek SlideDeck Gallery skin design requires no images for the frame and was built entirely with CSS. Great for a photo gallery, all this SlideDeck needs is your content for the slides and a title or caption. Since there are no images, this skin is perfect to create a custom gallery oriented SlideDeck for a personal website or portfolio. You can also style the contents of each slide to convey your message. Although the default color of the skin is a dark grey, you can easily override the color properties of the background, arrow containers, arrows, and highlight colors to make this design mesh seamlessly with your existing website.

Let us know what you think of our latest skin. If you have an idea for future skins, be sure to submit it as an “Idea” in our knowledge base. You can download the skin directly from this location: Please review the readme.txt file for further instructions.

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    I love it, is there anyway i can use this slider with other products, like blogger ?



    Why is the demo link broken??



    The download is not like the demo. How do you get rid of the spines? the hideSpines:true option doesn’t work.




      Here is the code used in the demonstration:

      $(‘.skin-super-simple dl.slidedeck’).slidedeck({
      hideSpines: true,
      autoPlay: false,
      cycle: false,
      autoPlayInterval: 2500



    I’m an existing pro customer. Downloaded the super-simple skin as directed (I think), and when I select it from my skin options within slidedeck, it shows up as the “Dark” skin instead. Is the problem on my end? Or is it possible that the download link gave me a different skin than the “super-simple” I had expected? A different reason? Thanks for the help!



    hum, nice plugin. have just downloaded the free copy. i would like to be informed when promo is on



      Hi Tony – thanks for Downloading the LITE version. We send promos and news on updates to our LITE users on occasion. Keep an eye out in your inbox.




    Demo can be viewed here for those who requested it. As a reminder, this is a PRO only skin.



    Again, it would be really helpful if you had a gallery of live skin demos. To have to install and populate a theme to get any idea what it would look like is pretty anti user-friendly. I received an email from slidedeck about this new theme this morning, and had no idea it was the same one I was emailed about a week ago (which I also had to download, unzip, etc.)

    I don’t even totally mind having to download and unzip before I can see it… but to get to that point and for the “Example” to not have any dummy demo content – that’s pretty lousy.


    Alex Outhread

    Very annoying that you don’t post the LIVE functioning preview BEFORE you send out the newsletter featuring this new skin.

    I hope this is not a sign of other upcoming ‘news’ – where you feature something in a newsletter and then when you go to check it out, there is no live preview.

    Other than that, great job!



    Hello All,

    You can download the skin from the following link found at the bottom of the post:

    If you are having difficulty updating to the latest version of the plugin, please email your issue to [email protected]

    We will be sure setup a live example of the skin shortly.

    Thank you for your patience.



    I can’t figure out how to download Super Simple. I received an email about it. I clicked the free download link in the email and was directed to this blog page. The Free Download link on your blog appears to be for first-time users whereas I’m an existing customer. Pretty confusing…


    Angie Wheeler

    I love this! Please make a vertical deck that is styled only with CSS just like this one and I will be blissed out.



    Will this be included with the next update of the plugin as well, so every install gets it automatically?



    Can we have a live demo of these themes? An image is nice, sure, but it’s better to have it viewable… unless I’m missing something obvious.


    Justin M

    Would be nice to see it in action without having to install it. . .



    I’d love it if you’d post a live, functioning example of these skins as they come out ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Phil Graves

    Thanks for making Slide Deck even more awesome!