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SlideDeck for WordPress 1.4 Update – New Features and Bug Fixes

On June 7, 201119 Comments

We have just released SlideDeck 1.4 for WordPress along with 1.2.5 core. The new update includes a good amount of efficiency updates, new features, and vertical stacked nav support for WordPress. The detailed updates are listed below.

SlideDeck PRO for jQuery 1.2.5

  • Added new vertical slides structure. You can now use a dl with a class of slidesVertical in the place of the previously used ul. You can now use the dt element to include a vertical slide title that will be used when generating the automatic vertical navigation. So those that want to customize their vertical navs to a stacked nav, now have the ability to specify the nav text. The dd element now houses the vertical slide content much like the previous li
    Visit our documentation for an example.

SlideDeck for WordPress Plugin 1.4

  • Vertical Stacked skin support added for Regular and Smart SlideDecks (PRO feature only)
  • New vertical slide structure (PRO feature only)
  • Vertical slide title support (PRO feature only)
  • Title length option for vertical Smart SlideDecks (PRO feature only)
  • New vertical SlideDeck skins for Regular and Smart SlideDecks (PRO feature only)
  • UI improvements for Smart SlideDecks in admin
  • New Advanced SlideDeck Option to limit the edit/create access to Admins only (PRO feature only)
  • Limited Advanced SlideDeck Options to users with Manage Options privileges (PRO feature only)
  • Add/Edit Link TinyMCE bug fix – button was not working for some users, fixed
  • Optimization of skin assets – some skin assets were being output if no SlideDeck was present on page, fixed
  • External skin folder bug fix – some users skins were not being detected, fixed
  • Skin pathing bug fix – some users were having pathing issues due to server permission settings, fixed


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    Why do us pro users have to mess about emailing you order numbers? Why cant we just update within WordPress itself?



      Hi Paul – since the PRO license is paid and not under GPL licensing it cannot be listed in the WordPress Plugin repository.


    Peter Luit

    I just purchased the latest PRO version 1.3.x. Where can I download the 1.4? I don’t have any location yet for this upgrade.

    Kind Regards,
    Peter Luit



    This update appears to have messed up the Voyager skin on the iPhone and Safari. The inactive spines are narrow and don’t show the slide title. And the padding around the slide text is off. I’m evaluating SlideDeck for purchase — important given your no-refund policy — and am increasingly doubtful this is a good option for those of us who know some HTML/CSS but are not programmers. Just my two cents.



      Hello Pam,
      I would like to take a further look into this issue. Could you please repost the issue you are experiencing in GetSatisfaction so we can better follow up with you?

      Thank you!


    Dave Beck

    For some reason I also missed an e-mail to upgrade to version 1.4. I will also send through my details.



    Got the email, but what are the steps to update?




    I contacted you, that I didn’t recieve the e-mail with the downloadlink of the new version – and that I want you to resend this mail (to the mailadress I also enter, when I wrote this comment). But there is still no answer…!

    Kind Regards,




    I received the “update” email 30 mins ago and I clicked on the “Update Now” link in the email and was directed this Blog page. For the life of me I cannot find any link that takes me to the new 1.4 version. Humor me please if it is on this page!
    Kind Regards



    I have purchased SlideDeck Pro 1.3xxx

    I was supposed to get an email on my paypal email account with instructions on how to upgrade my pro version to 1.4 but this hasn’t happened yet.

    How to I update my slidedeck pro if I don’t have an update notifications – neither by email nor on the wordpress plugin page?



    Is it WordPress 3.2 / jQuery 1.6 compatible?



      Current stable release of WordPress is 3.1.3 which it works with. Once 3.2 is out of beta we will be making sure it is supported. SlideDeck should work just fine with jQuery 1.6