SlideDeck 2.2 is coming! Are you ready?

SlideDeck 2.2 is coming – first details revealed

On March 18, 201361 Comments

SlideDeck 2.2 is coming! Are you ready?One year and over 30 updates since we released SlideDeck 2, we’re excited and ready to announce the imminent arrival of SlideDeck 2.2!

Always making it better

Our goal with SlideDeck 2.2 is twofold:

  1. Make it easier to use and more powerful than ever
  2. Make it a lean and mean fighting machine

Over the past year we’ve collected usage data, feedback from your support tickets, your suggestions via our blog and surveys, and our own wish list to shape SlideDeck 2.2. So without further ado, here’s the proposed feature list!

Major Updates

  • Lens builder/customization UI – Easily build and manage your own lenses. No more CSS wrangling to make your SlideDeck look just the way you want.
  • Minimal themes – Stripped down themes that work better with flat designs.
  • Lazy loading – Load as many slides as you want. SlideDeck loads them just in time.
  • Speed optimization – SlideDeck 2.2 is going to be blindingly fast and light on its toes.
  • Facebook pages, SoundCloud and Dropbox integration – More sources from popular Web services.
  • Visual options for iFrame & RESS parameters – Activate two of SlideDeck 2’s most powerful features – iFrame embedding and Responsive mode – without having to manually edit the shortcode.
  • Physics-based touch navigation – On a touchscreen, you can smoothly swipe and drag through your slides – the faster you swipe, the quicker they slide!

Additional Enhancements

  • Documentation – Complete documentation for developers and end users (which we’ve already started!).
  • Custom settings for inputs (e.g. # of seconds between slide transitions) – Fine tune your SlideDeck’s behavior with your own specific settings.
  • Infinite looping (vs. sliding back to #1) – No more sliding back through slides during a loop!
  • Left/center/right alignment options – Control the horizontal position of SlideDeck without special CSS and DIVs.
  • Multiple accounts from a single source (e.g. 2 YouTube channels) – Have two YouTube channels, Instagram or Twitter accounts? No worries.
  • Batch editing for custom content SlideDecks – Want to change the font of titles on all slides? Now it’s easy peasy.
  • WPML support/integration – Translate your SlideDeck content with WPML support.
  • More Google fonts – More webfont options from Google.

Of course, these are candidate features and some may not make the final cut, but we’re working hard to get them all in for the 2.2 release. There will be some feature differentiation across product tiers, and not all tiers will receive all of these features. Stay tuned for the official launch date and more details here on our blog.

We’re excited! We think 2.2 will set a new standard for sliders and we hope you’ll agree. Remember, you’ll need to have an active license to get 2.2, as well as future updates and support. Read more about renewals here.

What do you guys think of the upcoming features? Are there any that you’re particularly pumped for? Let us know in the comments!

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    Business cards

    What’s the latest version today?



    Any news on WPML integration? Thanks!


    Dave Johnson

    We have what should be a simple requirement to responsive our site but it is proving harder than I thought. What want is when the browser’s width reduces the image in the gallery will retain it’s height but the width reduces but an equal amount of the image will be clipped off either side. So rather than just removing the image’s right part as the browser goes narrower or in fact just making the images smaller and smaller to fit the size of the gallery, we want to maintain the height and clip the image left & right. We have a licence of slide-deck so is this possible?



      Hi Dave – SlideDeck automatically does its best to resize your image content to show as much of them as possible at any given size. Constraining the height while adjusting the width would mean cropping out some of the image, and it’s really tricky to do that automatically while preserving a good-looking slide. What you’re describing is a pretty specific case that we currently don’t account for. Do feel free to suggest it as a feature, though!



    I am so glad to finally see someone else with WPML as a priority need.


    Ron Ayres

    It would be great to have the ability to “restart” the slideshow after you’ve interrupted it by interacting with it. Or is it possible, and I’m not aware of it? Thanks. Fantastic product!


    Ron Ayres

    I just asked our webmaster to acquire the professional version of SlideDeck2 and we’ve already turned it on on our Home Page. Great product and we LOVE it. The most important feature we need in a new release is the integration with WPML. We’re about to introduce a German and Russian version of the website with WPML and if we can’t translate the text in the SlideDeck shows, we’ll have to look for an alternative to SlideDeck. Thanks. I hope to see the WPML support soon.



      I’m glad you like it – we work our butts off, so always nice to hear it’s showing through =) WPML is definitely on our radar as a potential update, although it’s not slated immediately. Rest assured the moment we have any news on this, you’ll be seeing it here.




    Is it possible to change images/ vimeo video based on the selected language using WPML?



    How’s 2.2 coming along? SD is just so slow compared with some other premium sliders I have that I’ve now stopped using it. I’m hoping this update will restore my faith. SlideDeck is just so beautifully simple to use, but the speed issue is killing me!

    We’ve been patient. Give us a release time frame!



      Hi Richard – We’ll have a more detailed announcement on SlideDeck, and you’ll begin seeing major new features rolled out very soon. In the meantime, thanks for your patience, and sticking with us, it’s much appreciated! =)


    Robert Carr

    Sounds like a great new release. Is it out yet?

    Does Slidedeck work with the curent Twitter Bootstrap technology stack?

    Besides decks of slides, I also need to have thumbnail images (typically of screenshots of my product) that I then want to smoothly expland and open into a large pop over. I’m looking at fancybox.js to do this.

    If I use Slidedesk, does it do single simage thumbnail to large popover? (and therefore I do not need fancybox) Or, if it does not, do you know if it plays well with fancybox and can I embed fancybox image thumbs inside of my slides?



      Hi Robert

      Not yet, no, but we’ll be rolling out the new features very soon! To answer your questions:
      » SlideDeck doesn’t incorporate Twitter Bootstrap, no.
      » Out-of-the-box, SlideDeck doesn’t include lightboxing, although it is possible, and our developers tend to favor FancyBox.js. This is something you’ll need to implement yourself, though

      Hope that helps!



    Any update on the release or final decisions on what will be included? I have an end user waiting rather anxiously to know whether WPML and category compatibility will be included. Spring is at its midpoint.

    Throw us a bone (update). Slidedeck is losing some traction here due to not handling the translated posts from specific categories.



    No vertical slides?! P-p-p-retty please?!



      Hey Tracy – a couple of the Lenses already offer this: Toolkit (with configuration), and O-Town! =)



    Fullscreen mode option would be great for slideshows!


    Gray Ayer

    lazy loading sounds great, but what I really want is an easier way to make custom thumbnails (custom size & image). Having to modify the current outputted thumbnail isn’t so bad, but it’s annoying to have to rewrite the css. Any chance this could make it in?



      Yep, we’re looking at the best way to make it easier for everyone to really customize the slider to meet their needs – thumbnails is one aspect of that! =)


    Fredrik Carlén

    I would like to see a feature or basic lens where videos are not stretched over the whole background when in the deck. Just embedded beside a text or whatever.


    Philippe Boivin


    I’m super happy that I will be able to add multiple YouTube channel and the WPML integration 🙂

    Thanks for all those great new features



    Can’t say I’m really all that excited – why buy this product when my license will expire?



    Please please make sure to keep the WPML integration!
    Very important to me, and many more. 🙂


    Spencer Dahl

    When is 2.2 due out?



      No concrete date is set yet, but we’re actively finalizing the featureset – once that’s nailed, we’ll have a better idea of timing. Patience, young Skywalker! 😉



    oh please oh please bring this to fruition as quickly as possible. Desperate for the speed improvements and lazy loading as well as batch editing & lens customization!



    yes yes yes yes batch editing….YES PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!



    New features are great, but its more important it works. Is it working on google chrome for ipad yet?



      It’s a fair point – but SlideDeck is actually compatible with Chrome iOS (there was a bug, but we squashed it 😉 ) – if you’re having trouble, try updating to the latest version, or shoot us a support ticket!



    For real, kudos on the documentation. Something that I’ve been itching for. And, of course, the $64,000 question — when’s the release window? The physics-based touch nav is definitely something a client of mine will be interested in.

    Thanks fellas!



    Hi guys, I love Slidedeck. Cannot wait for the next version. I get asked alot as to what slider I use on my website.

    Slidedeck is super easy to use and has a super fantastic and easy to use interface.

    I think the “Speed optimization – SlideDeck 2.2 is going to be blindingly fast and light on its toes” will make this plugin even more amazing.




    I agree entirely! If the plugin wasn’t so awesome other than the load time, I would have scrapped it 🙁



    I like most: the lens builder, the FaceBook integration ( I really very need it) and the minimal themes. I am curious for the time span. Speed optimalisation is also a very good plan.



    Oh man…

    If you guys have in fact gotten SD and WPML to work for dynamic content (specifically Posts in WordPress from SPECIFIC categories) I will kiss you all…virtually of course. I’ve been bitchin’ and moaning in both the SD and WPML support forums for close to a year, trying to get you two hooked up for some dynamic taxonomy based translation so that I can finally make a client truly happy with their SlideDeck. It will truly be a “just in the nick of time” update as SD had been slated to be scrapped for this client.

    Please tell me it’s compatible with Posts from specific categories and not just “Recent Posts.”



    But are we talking weeks, months, any rough idea? Also can’t wait. 🙂



      We’re looking to release something this Spring =) We’ll definitely be posting more details here very soon!



    You guys are amazing. Can’t wait!



    Any word about when this promising update will be released, or did I miss that?



      Hey Pieter

      We’re waiting until we can nail down the final list of features before we give a specific timeframe, but this major update is definitely our next area of focus for the plugin.


    Kevin S

    Can’t wait for these improvements! I use Slidedeck on a few client sites as well as my own. And all of the improvements, especially speed will help a lot. Infinite looping is also greatly appreciated.



    Wanted to second this… speed is most important to me!



    Agreed, SlideDeck is the heaviest plugin on many of our client sites too.

    It’s worth the weight but to have it fast and functional would make this plugin a must have!



    Can’t wait to work with the new streamlined developer options.



    Exciting stuff! I look forward to easily designing my own lenses and, of course, improved speed. One change, I’d like to see is a better variety in content types that can be used with the Polorad lens. I love what Slidedeck has done for, one website I manage, and I have started adding Slidedecks to almost every website I develop. It is such a wonderful tool. Keep up the good work!



    These look great! I’ve been integrating SlideDeck into my WordPress for beginners class in Seattle (, and I’ll be happy to tell my students about these upcoming improvements (especially the speed improvements and minimal themes options). On a personal note, solid Dropbox integration would really help with some of my individual sites, especially if the content is precached on the WordPress side so there isn’t a wait each time it pulls from DropBox.



    Hector Silva

    We need the ability to load in multiple images and batch setup.



    Yes, I’d like to see the custom placeholder option as well!



    In order of preference and holding a developer license:

    1) Lazy Loading – this is the most essential, especially on a front page slider that’s large (800px)

    2) Batch Editing

    3) Visual options for iFrame and responsive modes

    4) Custom settings for inputs

    5) Speed Improvements (in general)



    List looks excellent! I specially like the concentration on speed. My decks are alarmingly slow to load on the page. Perhaps a custom background placeholder image option would also be useful in the lazy-loading option?



      Yep, we’re pumped to see where we can make some speed gains. In terms of adding a placeholder image, we’re hopeful that between the speed improvements and Lazy-loading of slide content, creating a placeholder image will be unnecessary, but this is definitely something we’ve discussed on this end. We’ll keep you posted as to whether it makes the final cut!


    Oliver Nielsen

    Interesting comment. I just (hald an hour ago) had a client ask me if the slidedeck could have round corners.


    Oliver Nielsen

    Speed improvement is of prime importance! SlideDeck 2 is by far the slowest plugin I use on any of my own or clients sites. Uses more than the amount of resources as all the rest of the plugins combined. It’s way too heavy.



      Thanks for chiming in Oliver. Yep, we definitely agree – that’s why we want to put SlideDeck 2 on a strict diet! =) Getting it more efficient and less heavy is one of our primary goals with this update.


    Neil T

    Rounded corners without borders! Many of the modern elements of websites use rounded corners – the SlideDecks just don’t fit in with the square corners.