Premium Lenses are here!

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We're thrilled to unveil new Premium Lenses with our latest plugin update! Now, all SlideDeck users can pick up additional Lenses from right inside the admin area, for as little as $9 each! 

Today, we've released 3 brand new Lenses for our Personal, Professional and Developer users, named Titles, Polarad and Leather. Each has been finely-curated by our design and development teams for specific scenarios that were raised by our users, ranging from showcasing your Instagram images to fitting in seamlessly with clean, minimalist WordPress themes.  We'll delve into specific tricks and tips for each new Lens in upcoming posts, but for right now, check out the examples and screenshots below, or simply update your installation, and look for the new icons in the Lenses tab of the SlideDeck editing screen!

Be on the lookout for these Lens icons when you update!

If you're a SlideDeck 2 Lite user, you can also get in on the Lenses fun, as we've made the Fashion, Half-Moon and Classic Lenses available to you for purchase inside the admin area too! Hit up our (newly redesigned) Examples page to see them and don't be afraid to hop into our free live demo to create some sliders of your own!

Meet the New Lenses


Inspiration by

With a clean, minimalist look, Titles goes with everything - just like your favorite jeans. It's best used with large, colorful imagery to provide a stimulating backdrop for each slide, and contrast with the bold title band.

Best used for: Featured post headers, minimalist themes, image & video content sources
Supports: Dynamic Content SlideDecks
Awesome feature you should know about: You can manually control the size of the thumbnails, and scale them up and down!


Try this Lens in our free live demo! »


Images from Trey Ratcliff

Polarad is a supremely flexible Lens that brings back the halcyon days of your favorite instant camera. The nostalgia of aged polaroids, the fun of sharing photos and all of SlideDeck's photo sources, this one has tons of applications all over your site. Show your photos one-by-one, side-by-side in multiple variants, or even stack 'em up!

Best used for: Sidebar/footer/in-post image galleries, image content sources
Supports: Dynamic Content SlideDecks
Awesome feature you should know about: Polarad is the first Lens we've ever created that can show multiple image slides at once!

Try this Lens in our free live demo! »


Images from Pinterest user carrieshan

Leather contains gorgeous textures and a unique top-positioned navigation by default. It's a flexible theme that can fit in with almost any 'crafty' or vintage-style site, and works with images, videos, or even mixed-content sources like RSS feeds.

Best used for: Sidebar/footer/in-post image galleries, vintage-style themes, image & video content sources
Supports: Dynamic Content and Custom Content SlideDecks
Awesome feature you should know about: Leather lets you configure the amount of skeuomorphic touches you show in your slider!


Try this Lens in our free live demo! »


Now, I'm sure you've got questions, so we've taken the liberty of addressing a few of them right here:

I purchased a Lens - now how do I install it?
Easy! Once you’ve downloaded the .ZIP file of your Lens(es), just visit the “Lenses” screen in the plugin admin area, and click on the “Upload Lens” button in the top right. From there, you can upload the .ZIP file to your WordPress installation, and voilá! Your new Lens will be available for selection while you’re creating and editing your SlideDecks.

Do I need to purchase Premium Lenses for each website I use SlideDeck on?
Nope, it’s just a one-time purchase! You can use Premium Lenses with as many websites as you have SlideDeck Licenses for.

Does purchasing a Lens give me access to support and free updates?
No, support and certain free updates are only available to Personal, Professional and Developer tier SlideDeck users. If you need support, you should look into upgrading, though, it’s totally worth it!

Got more questions about Lenses? Check out our full FAQ section.

Remember, to get your hands on these Premium Lenses, simply update your SlideDeck 2 installation, and look for the new Lenses icons!

Be on the lookout for these Lens icons when you update!

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    Hi There, from the demo section of your site, half moon lens is not marked as a premium lens, so it would be fair to assume it was included, however, I cannot find it in the download. Even on this page it is not highlighted as a premium lens. Feel blindsided that it is an extra purchase. A basic gallery option would be of great assistance in your pack, even if it did not have the overlay. Please make your site more clear. Thank you



      Hi Taryn! Actually, Half-Moon is included with all paid tiers of SlideDeck – it’s a $9 purchase for you to use it with our free trial plugin, SlideDeck 2 Lite.



    Sadly, nowhere on your site does it say that the prominently featured ‘premium’ lenses are not included but are additional cost. A little green icon does not count!


    Rebecca Fox

    I cannot find the polarad lens for purchase in the management screen.



      Hi Rebecca – Polarad is only compatible with image-centric Content Sources, so if you’re creating a SlideDeck that doesn’t use sources the Polarad can work with (or building a Custom Content SlideDeck), it won’t show up.



    Hmmm. If you want my opinion any display interface that covers up 20-40% of the primary content, the image, goes to the bottom of my list. Keep the title out of the image area or at least provide a timed fade control. ‘New slide, there’s the title, it fades away and, voila, lets study that 100% visible photo…’ The display should support not dominate the content.



      Hey Lon

      It’s a fair point, but the function of the slider as it’s configured there (I assume you’re talking about Titles) is to provide a taste of the content it’s linking to – encouraging clickthroughs to the source content is the name of the game, so fading out the title just to show beautiful images would defeat that purpose.


    Rosa Conti

    Jason brother, thank you! I just figured out how to update my version & now I see the ‘Title’ lens waiting and smiling at me. Appreciate you! xo


    Rosa Conti

    Hi Jason! I almost missed your reply; glad I popped back into this forum. Not sure how to ‘update my copy’ to the lastest version? I will poke around now in my Admin area … if you happen to be online now, would LOVE some sweet guidance! :)


    Rosa Conti

    Hi Den, me either. I don’t see the new ‘Title’ lens waiting to be purchased in my Slidedeck Admin area. Did you open a ticket & was it resolved?

    Thanks! … Rosa Conti | Connecticut



      Hey Rosa

      Have you updated your copy of SlideDeck 2 to the latest version yet? We updated the plugin to provide access to the premium Lenses with the latest release. If you’re all updated and still can’t see the premium Lenses, please open up a support ticket, and we’ll help you out:



    I upgraded… There are no lenses waiting to be purchased… premature launch announcement?