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New Release – WordPress Widget, Custom Post Types, Vertical AutoPlay

On October 19, 20102 Comments

Its been a while since our last update, but we’ve got some great new features included for Pro and Lite users alike!

Pro users, you should have recently received a link in your Inbox with the updated version of the SlideDeck Pro library you purchased. To upgrade, just download the file and replace your old files.

SlideDeck Lite for WordPress users, you should soon receive an update from WordPress about the new version, just update via the plugin section of your WordPress powered website.

Check out some of the great new features we’ve added in this version:

SlideDeck Pro jQuery Library and SlideDeck Pro for WordPress:

  • Vertical Slide AutoPlay – Vertical slides are now automatically included in the SlideDeck autoPlay feature (see for more information). Just turn on autoPlay and your vertical slides will progress through just like your horizontal slides.

SlideDeck Pro for WordPress:

  • Custom Post Types for Smart SlideDecks – Now you can use custom post types as the content for your Smart SlideDecks! Just choose from the drop-down menu in the Smart SlideDeck interface and pick the content type you want to use. Keep in mind that we are still using the Post Body value for content to display, so custom post types that do not have a Post Body value (for example, you chose to have only an excerpt value for your custom post type) will not display any content. We will continue to expand this functionality as we develop SlideDeck Pro even further.

All Versions of SlideDeck for WordPress:

  • New BETA feature! Widget Deployment – Now you can deploy SlideDecks on your website simply by adding them to a widget area! Keep in mind, most themes’ widget areas are narrow sidebars and your SlideDeck may not appear well there. We recommend that you only use this deployment feature to place SlideDecks in wider widget areas like header and footer widget areas.

Got ideas for new features to add to SlideDeck? Post them as an Idea in our Get Satisfaction powered support community at

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    Wow this sounds awesome, Can i have multiple custom post-types. I notice on your demo that once you have chosen posts once it is no longer available…

    Can I choose Posts AND also multiple other custom post types? If so I will purchase this plugin.



      Hi Mike. Thanks for chiming in! This post actually refers to SlideDeck 1, which we no longer support – the good news is that SlideDeck 2 does also support Custom Post Types, although you can only have one kind of post per slider (i.e. posts from one or more categories, or a custom post type).