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Lenses are beautifully designed preset styles to make your sliders look great. You can use them right out of the box or choose from a bunch of customizable tools to tweak them for your site.

Here’s a list of the currently available 15 lenses. All of these are included in the SlideDeck Developer License.

Check out these lenses in action here.

1. Reporter Lens


Included In : Lite, Personal, Professional, Developer

Reporter lens gives equal priority to images and text in your SlideDeck. With its unique navigation options and side-by-side presentation of your content, its a great way of showing off your dynamic content sources.

2. Tool Kit LensBasic_Badge

Included In : Lite, Personal, Professional, Developer

The Tool Kit Lens is our “Swiss Army Knife” style lens. The goal was to create a lens that looks good on any site, and can fit most everyone’s needs.
Tool Kit handles Images, Videos, Text Only, and Custom HTML. It’s supported by all of the sources and the custom sources too.

3. O Town LensBasic_Badge

Included In : Lite, Personal, Professional, Developer

O-Town brings a few nice things to the table. It divides the content vertically, but not an even 50% split like other lenses. Also, there’s a subtle difference in the way that the image is cropped. It supports all of the content types and has full support for custom slides.

4. Block Title LensBasic_Badge

Included In : Personal, Professional, Developer

The Block Title lens brings a unique feature to the collection: It shows the titles of your slides with a solid background that can be controlled with the accent color. It a very simple and spartan lens, perfect for content heavy headlines.

5. Fashion LensBasic_Badge

Included In : Personal, Professional, Developer

When it comes to presenting your content with a distinct retro style and elegance, few can match the Fashion Lens. With a unique ‘inset’ style for captions and excerpts, plus a gorgeous navigation style, your sliders will turn heads with this Lens.

6. Half Moon LensBasic_Badge

Included In : Personal, Professional, Developer

The Half Moon lens is a great lens for showing of your mixed media content. The title of your content is boldly featured and centered vertically with the content excerpt. A unique feature of the Half Moon lens is the centered date posted “coin” tastefully displayed in the middle of the slide and optional secondary navigation.

7. Proto LensBasic_Badge

Included In : Personal, Professional, Developer

Proto lens is simple and elegant in its design. It doesn’t have any unique configuration options of its own, but it still does a wonderful job of presenting your content beautifully.

8. Proto Video LensBasic_Badge

Included In : Personal, Professional, Developer

Proto Video lens is based on Proto Lens, but specifically built around and used for the initial proof-of-concept for video sources.

9. Classic LensAdvanced_Badge

Included In : Professional, Developer

The Classic Lens’s main differentiator is the “spine” feature, vertical bars used as the navigation of this Lens. It can be used with both the Dynamic Sources and Custom Content deck types. Complete with configurable spine colors, spine width and more.

10. Polarad LensAdvanced_Badge

The Polorad lens is one of our more abnormal and specialized lenses. This lens mimics old instant film prints and contains several variations and layouts. There are three color variations, and four layout styles.

11. Leather LensAdvanced_Badge

Sporting textures so rich your visitors will want to reach out and touch the screen, the Leather Lens offers a crafted, traditional feel for your slides.

12. Titles LensAdvanced_Badge

This lens is a gorgeous display for your latest blog posts or other dynamic content sources with striking imagery. Don’t have great imagery in your content source? No worries, the Titles lens will fall back gracefully framing your content’s title, time and author information.

13. Prime LensBasic_Badge

You can create fullwidth or lightbox effect sliders with this chic and minimalist lens. Choose from 23 slide transition effects along with carousel navigation.

14. Parfocal LensAdvanced_Badge

An astonishing lens inspired from the Ken Burns Effect, specially designed to make your image sliders look lively and attractive.

15. Parallax LensAdvanced_Badge

This is Lens with Parallax effect. That means One can add multiple layer images within SlideDeck and they will move to different position on Mouse Move or Scrolling event.