SlideDeck Update: IE10 & Chrome iOS Compatibility Additions + More

On October 18, 201216 Comments

We normally do not follow up a rather large update with yet another update in such a short time, but we felt that some of these fixes were needed! We were not able to get these in the last 2.1.20121010 update, but worked hard to get them out to all of you SlideDeck users in short order.

With version 2.1.20121017 comes some critical core fixes for compatibility with IE10 and Chrome iOS. Even though IE10, (being bundled with Windows 8), is not scheduled to be “officially” released until Oct. 26 (mid-Nov for Windows 7 from what the interwebs have told us), many of our users have been using the pre-release and have reported some issues with SlideDeck.

Well kiss those goodbye! SlideDeck 2 is now compatible with IE10. Sure, things may change a bit as the release comes closer and closer, but tweaks will be made as needed for this anticipated browser. In addition to the IE10 compatibility fixes we have also tracked down that pesky Chrome iOS bug, cornered it, and exterminated it with extreme prejudice. So now all our Chrome iOS users out there can enjoy their SlideDeck experience without a hitch. We hope you guys all enjoy this update, and are happy with the additions.

Checkout the full changelog if you want all the little tiddly-bits. We have also updated the SlideDeck.js core files to reflect these browser compatibility updates, so all you SlideDeck.js users out there, log into your dt Labs Account, and download the update.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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    Hello I’m using Slidedeck which came with the Halo theme I purchased here:

    The Slidedeck appears broken in IE10. Is there any fix we can apply to get it working properly?




    Is there something special that you need to do in order for Slide deck to work with Internet Explorer? Just implemented on my site and tested it with Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE. My pictures are stretched funny in older versions of IE, and they don’t appear in 9 or 10. Also, when I view the slide on my phone in Opera, vertically, the black overlay with the title fills the entire slider. Any suggestions?



    Hi, is the fix for Chrome iOS available for Slidedeck 1.x? We have a license for 1.x but we haven’t been able to persuade the bean counters to upgrade to 2.x yet 🙂



      Gah, those stubborn bean-counters! 😉

      Yep, we squashed that bug – shoot us a note via our contact page, and we’ll shoot you a download link.



    Hi, I’ve used slidedeck 1 on my client’s website. Unfortunately it is visually broken on ie 10 and I need to fix it asap. Please could you tell me the quickest way to fix it. Thanks a lot!


    Joshua Waldron

    Hey John,

    I’m a big fan of Slidedeck, but it would make life way easier if you could just update the Slidedeck plugin automatically through the Dashboard.

    Is this on the radar for the future?




      We actually have that feature already. SlideDeck 2 has its own automatic update server and notifies users when a new version is available using the default WordPress processes. If this isn’t working for you, shoot us a ticket request through the support section of your dt account: We’ll do our best to help out.


    Peter Gibbons

    Are you planning on rolling this update into the developers version of slidedeck?



    Arnold Dela Cruz

    I just updated the plugin to version 2.1.20121017 on my dev server:

    But I’m still seeing rendering issues in Chrome for iOS

    Compare the main SD and lower right-hand SD in this screen cap of iOS Chrome:,%202012%2010:00:42%20AM.png

    with what I see in iOS Safari:,%202012%2010:00:26%20AM.png

    I’ve refreshed multiple times and emptied cache.



    Thank you for the update. Is there a timeline for when SlideDeck2 will utilize a post’s featured image as the primary display rather than choosing the first-uploaded image in a post’s gallery?