SlideDeck Update: new options for 500px Content Source

On July 3, 20120 Comments

We made some changes to the 500px SlideDeck content source in our latest update and thought we would share those changes with you. 500px users post such stellar images it is hard to not make a great looking SlideDeck from this content source.

Sourced images from 500px thanks to bug_eye – these are beautiful

In previous releases of SlideDeck you could create a deck using 500px but the only configuration option available for the source was to add in a username.

With this recent update, we have added 2 filters so you can control your content source even further. Now you can choose where you want to Fetch the images from: My Photos, Photos I’ve favorited, Photos from my friends.

And filter by Category:

We created the SlideDeck at the top of the post using the 500px source. We found some intriguing images from bug_eye, we are filtering by My Photos and the Macro category.

Try creating your own 500px SlideDeck today, Try The Free Demo.

Have any other ideas for the 500px content source, have a SlideDeck you want to show off or share? Post them in comments below.

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