Thanks for using SlideDeck! This section is designed to help you get your questions answered. We offer a variety of support options, some self help and for the pesky buggers, direct assistance. Support is offered M-F(8am-5pm PST) excluding major holidays, support requests submitted after 3pm on Friday will be replied to the following week. Does offering support for SlideDeck mean we will write your code for you? No. But find out below what kind of support we offer for SlideDeck.

What Kind of Support is Available?

There are three primary kinds of support for SlideDeck Users:

  1. Bug Support
  2. Community Support
  3. Pro Support (exclusively for PRO users)

What is NOT Supported?

Here is a partial list of examples that are NOT supported.

  • Phone Support
  • Customization of your SlideDeck
    • Writing code snippets for you
    • Writing or tweaking example code
    • Advanced Lens customization/creation
  • Integrating your SlideDeck into your site/page
  • Modifying the SlideDeck jQuery library core
  • Modifying the SlideDeck WordPress plugin
  • Teaching you how to make the perfect apple pie

Below is a description of each type of support offered.

Bug Support

We do our best to make sure that all of our SlideDeck releases are bug-free. However, we’re not perfect, and sometimes a little ant slips through. Also, updates to browsers, plugins and operating systems can sometimes have an unintended effect on SlideDeck. We want to know about about the bugs that you encounter. Report bugs and help us squash them! Please report a bug (requires login).

Community Support

There is an active community of users who have worked through the most common issues. On occasion we might chime in to come to the rescue! All users alike, please search the knowledgebase and FAQ or ask for help in our community forum (requires login).

Pro Support (exclusively PRO Users)

If you purchased SlideDeck, thank you! By buying a license you have accessed a direct line to the SlideDeck team. For when the knowledgebase, FAQ or community can’t help answer your questions please let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out within the realm of the Support we offer. Basically, if you need further explanation of options or how we built something, ask us! If you would like to contact Support, please check out our PRO Questions forum (requires login) or open a ticket (requires login).