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Three Good Reasons to Upgrade To PRO – New Skins

On July 7, 201120 Comments

As SlideDeck continues to grow, we aim to improve on the benefits offered to our PRO users. On top of unlocking a slew of incredibly useful features, PRO users will also receive a bundle of rad SlideDeck skins. Rest assured, we’ve heard the community’s feedback loud and clear. The most common request we receive is “more vertical skins!” Which is why we’re dishing out not just one but two awesome vertical slide skins that can be customized to fit your website.


Reason #1 –  Vertical Feature Content (WordPress only):
This ultra minimal Smart SlideDeck skin allows users to fill the entire slide with the content of their choosing. Be it an image or a text/image combination, the unobtrusive dot navigation provides ample flexibility while navigating users quickly through the deck. Additionally, users can navigate by simply scrolling their mouse wheel up or down.


Reason #2 – Vertical Product Tour:
Perfect for complex processes, the Stacked Skin is designed for users that need text-oriented navigation to detail each slide. What you lose in slide real estate you gain with a highly apparent and interactive interface. *Note: For this skin to render properly you must make a SlideDeck with only one horizontal skin and multiple vertical skins.


Reason #3 – Super Simple Gallery:
You may already be familiar with this popular new addition. As a purely CSS built skin, this lightweight SlideDeck will elegantly coincide with your existing design. Quickly override the color properties of the background, arrow containers, arrows and highlight colors to show off a seamless SlideDeck design.


Our collection of SlideDeck skins continues to grow, which is all the more reason to upgrade if you have yet to do so. As always, please let us know what you think of the latest skins. If you have an idea for a new skin design, submit your feedback to the SlideDeck knowledge base.

New users – you’ll receive the skins in the file you download.  Already have PRO?  PRO users, download the latest version of the SlideDeck PRO plugin for WordPress (1.4) to obtain the new skins.

As a reminder, be sure to review the instructions found in the readme.txt file included with each custom skin.

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    Im a wordpress user. Is the pro version a one time fee or monthly?


    Neil Bellingham

    This page is not displaying properly in Firefox. No slidedeck examples are visible only HTML code snippets, eg, [SlideDeck id='8310' width='100%' height='300px']



      Hey Neil, thanks for the update, we’ve re-enabled the old SlideDeck 1 plugin to fix these older SlideDeck examples.


    Scott Gruber

    Can I adapt the Vertical Product Tour (or for that matter any of the wordpress themes from from slidedeck-pro-for-wordpress-1.4.5 to non-word press sites. I expect the answer is yes, but wanted to double check before spending time trying it out. Thanks in advance.



      It’d probably be a bit of a pain to reverse-engineer the WordPress plugin for other CMS’s, so you’d be better off using the jQuery version – others have successfully integrated it with Joomla & Drupal. As for the Vertical Product Tour, you can just pull that skin folder out of the PRO version of the WordPress Plugin, and apply it to your jQuery implementation to achieve what you’re looking for.




    I need to update my slidedeck pro. Please help… I cannot find any support.



      Hey Carolyn

      You should have received an email containing a download link for the latest version, to the email address you used to purchase your PRO license (make sure to check your spam folder too). Feel free to hit us up at [email protected] if you didn’t get that email, & we can help you out.




    Yeah…. terrible support system and lack of account login to download the latest version. Yes, I am a Pro customer. K.I.S.S. “Dont make me think!”



      Hi Steve – sounds like you haven’t had such a great experience. Anything I can do to help?




    Hello, before I buy, are the Slide Deck skins open to be customized via CSS? Thanks.


    claudia bohringer

    Thank you very much for these new skins- I hope that more will follow.

    Simply the beste WordPress slider I know – and as a web designer I have seen a lot of them!




    where can I download the old pro version of slidedeck



      Hello Joseph,

      Our support staff is only active during standard business hours. Someone will address your ticket shortly. Unfortunately, I am unable to link you to any previous versions of the plugin. We encourage all users to update SlideDeck to the most recent release of the library.




    Hi there,

    I’m a pro user and I can’t make the smart slider work on my website.

    I’m using wordpress 3.1.2 and here is the website:

    please help, working on this for a week and still no luck.




      Hello Joseph,

      We, unfortunately, do not assist with support via our product blog. Please direct your problem to our knowledge base so we can better assist you.




      Hi Dairien,

      I’ve posted my problem on the knowledge base but still no luck, no response from anybody


    Scott Nixon

    Where do I download the new skins? I am a pro user.



      Hey Scott,

      The skins are included with the packaged files of the latest SlideDeck PRO for WordPress plugin – version 1.4. You will find them in the skins folder once downloaded.