Tutorial: Mashup multiple RSS feeds in your sliders

On November 9, 20125 Comments

Just a quick update for you guys this week: did you know that we snuck a neat little addition to Dynamic SlideDecks into the latest update?

We’ve been toying with the idea of allowing you all to pull from multiple instances of the same Content Source in order to create truly amazing mashup sliders, and with this latest update, we’ve taken a small, but important first step in that direction.

Want to pull all the latest headlines from multiple news outlets into your SlideDeck? How about showcase popular posts from a selection of your favorite UX design blogs? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to display a gallery of the funniest webcomics in one spot on your site? Now you can, with an update we’ve made to the RSS Content Source. The RSS source now accepts multiple feeds to be simultaneously incorporated into your SlideDeck!

Say whaaat?

It’s true – check out our lovingly-curated example below:

Check out this mashup of The Verge, Polygon and Co.Design‘s posts

Try it out for yourself, and let us know what other sources you’d like to mashup in the comments!

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    Looks great! What lens are you using in the example? Thanks.


    Andrew Harris

    I would absolutely love to see this so I can choose to pull from posts and pages in WP. Thanks guys. Hope to see this multiple instance in all the the dynamic content soon!



      Hey Andrew – we love making our users happy 🙂 We’re definitely on the way towards applying multiple instances to all dynamic content!