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Walk-through: SlideDeck for WordPress Options

On December 23, 20108 Comments

SlideDeck for WordPress has a lot of options to choose from. In this video I am going to walk you through the options available to you in a regular SlideDeck built with the WordPress plugin. I will be detailing out what each option does, and giving examples for a few. Some of the options shown are only available to our PRO users, so if you see something that you cannot do with the LITE version, you will need to upgrade to PRO.

Now that you are familiar with the options for a regular SlideDeck for WordPress, head over to view a walk-through of the Smart SlideDeck for WordPress options.

Let me know what you thought of the video, and leave and feedback/requests in the comment section below. Thanks!

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    Thanks so much! So does SD automatically appear on every page of our site once we create one? Or can we insert code for it on the particular WordPress page we’d like it to appear (like the homepage)?

    Can you point me to some guide that explains it globally—how to create and use features, what’s important to know as we get started, etc.? (E.g., how wide is a SlideDeck and can it be made smaller if needed.)



    How do I save the changes I made to slide deck. I can edit but when i go abck to my site it has not changed!!



      Hey Tessa

      It sounds like you may be having a caching issue. Try clearing your browser’s cache, as well as clearing out the caches stored by any caching plugins you may be running (e.g. WP Super Cache), and give it another shot. If you’re still having the same issue, try posting in our support forum at





    I just already try this plugin. I’m using the lite version. But, i don’t understand how to customize the appearance of the slide. For instance, placing some sentences on the right side,and put a picture in the other side, and than put a button on the bottom. How to do that? thanks..
    I’m very appreciate for your response..



      Hello anjar,

      You can add code via HTML tab inside of your slides. You can also upload images through the WordPress gallery. If you want to style it differently than the skins we provided, check out the tutorial on how to create your own skins.




    This plugin looks awesome and I have downloaded the lite version to test it out on my site.

    The tutorials are great in explain slide deck but where I am confused is how do I insert slide deck into my site, In other words, I want the slide deck to show up between my navigation menu and the Page Title.

    How to do this?





      Hi Matt – you want to use the Theme Code Snippet, it is a little PHP snippet that is output in the right column while editing your SlideDeck. Just copy that code and then place that in your Theme Template file where you want it, and the SlideDeck will be output there. This requires a little understanding of code and the WP template structure to place correctly. If you have any other questions, please post to our support forum: