We’ve Evolved the Slider Again – Introducing SlideDeck 2 for WordPress

On March 19, 20125 Comments

We’re incredibly excited to announce the release of SlideDeck 2!

We’ve redesigned and rebuilt SlideDeck from the ground up to evolve the huge potential we saw in content sliders as an interactive web element. Instead of painstakingly creating and formatting your content one slide at a time, SlideDeck 2 allows you to create stunning content sliders for your WordPress website in minutes, by adding a beautiful layer of design over your existing content from around the web.

SlideDeck 2 intelligently formats your content to display it in its best light, whether you’re showing blog posts, shots from your Flickr account, a YouTube video, and almost anything in-between. If you’re the hands-on type, deep customization options give you even greater control over how your content appears to your visitors.

Try the SlideDeck below to see the new features!

What's new in SlideDeck 2?
Curated by Jason Jason
Decks for all types of content
Decks for all types of content
Over a dozen different supported content sources
Over a dozen different supported content sources
7 Lenses with over 29 million possible combinations
7 Lenses with over 29 million possible combinations
A truly awesome admin interface
A truly awesome admin interface
Gorgeous covers, like an interactive book
Gorgeous covers, like an interactive book
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Decks – SlideDeck 2 handles images, posts, video, social and RSS content

Dynamic Content Sources – Includes support for over a dozen different content sources around the web, including Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter – with more on the way

Design Lenses – Comes with 7 beautiful and highly configurable slider styles that offer over 29 million possible combinations

Awesome WordPress admin interface – an intuitive and gorgeous admin area that makes creating and managing your SlideDecks a breeze.

Covers – Encase your sliders within beautifully-styled title and ending slides, just like an interactive book

Buy SlideDeck 2

You can get a full rundown of the features, or check out our live examples. Got questions? Visit the FAQs. If you’re one of the lucky folks who pre-ordered SlideDeck 2, you can immediately access your download by logging into your dt account.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be going behind the scenes to tell you the story of SlideDeck 2’s creation over on our digital-telepathy blog, so stay tuned!

Have you picked up your copy of SlideDeck 2 yet? Created something fantastic with it? Tell us in the comments!

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    pat carr

    Great product. groundbreaking. and excellent tech support. HAve a few wrinkles to work out but i am very excited about this product



    SlideDeck Pro for jQuery is still available for purchase. However, we are not planning to upgrade it to 2.0 at this time. We are focused on the WP plugin. The website and examples will be able up for jQuery tonight. Sorry about the delay!


    Geert Hakze

    Only WordPress!!!! Jquery????


    Fernando Maciel


    We were considering the previous version of Slideck as a solution for a complex part of one of our customers site. Problem is, we don’t want to use the new WordPress version – we need the Jquery one. Is it possible to buy that version yet? Also, some of the examples that we saw, are not online anymore, Where would be possible to see then?

    Thanks and regards,