13 Free WordPress Slider Plugins

13 Free WordPress Slider Plugins

In this article, we will review the 13 best free WordPress slider plugins that are available in the market.

Basically, why do you need a slider for your WordPress site?

A WordPress slider is a great way of adding visual appeal to your blog or website.

In fact, a recent study found that consumers are 94% more likely to click on an article that is accompanied by images. An image slider plugin helps to make your website content more memorable and attractive.

So as a beginner, how do you figure out which slider plugin to use?

It’s a great idea to start out with a written list of things you want your site to be able to do. Once you have a list, browse the slider plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. You can sort the results in the directory based on ratings, relevance, or popularity. Ideally, try to slider find plugins that are most relevant, are frequently downloaded, and have good ratings.

As you scope out the bewildering variety of slider plugins on WordPress, you will soon find that there are many options available for content slider plugins. You have free WordPress slider plugins and paid too.

To make this task less overwhelming, we have collected our experience of the best free slider plugins to help you make a decision.

Here is the list of the top 13 free WordPress slider plugins :-

  • Master Slider

    Master slider - Free WordPress slider pluginThis is a similar response slider plugin, allowing touch navigation and smooth transitions. While it’s appearance is different from most free WordPress slider plugins, it results in great visual appeal compared with other content slider plugins. It offers lots of features (transitions, cropping, etc.) without sacrificing ease of use. It even offers helpful sample slides to show the appearance of various effects. It’s highly compatible with a variety of WordPress themes. However, technical support is inconsistent.

  • Soliloquy Lite

    Soliloquy - Free WordPress slider plugin

    Very easy to use and SEO-friendly, the free version of the popular Soliloquy plugin is a great option. It loads much more quickly than many other image slider plugins and allows you to add meta data for each slide.You will just need to be able to type in shortcode on the posts and pages where it appears. It also has a supportive team for technical support.

  • SlideDeck3

    SlideDeck3 - Free WordPress slider pluginIf you’re willing to make a small but effective investment in the visual appeal of your WordPress blog, you might consider adding a low-cost plugin like SlideDeck3 Lite, which can incorporate media from a variety of platforms (including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube), and does all the coding automatically. This kind of WordPress slider plugin is a great option if you’re willing to invest in a creative and visually appealing slider without spending too much time fussing with code.

  • Meta Slider

    Meta slider - Free WordPress slider pluginOf all the free popular WordPress slider plugins, this is one of the most popular options, with 600,000 active installs and no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Its popularity may be owing to its ease of use. Simply upload images, drag and drop them into your carousel, and enter captions. You can also add effects and animations. Each kind of slide has its own unique transition effects, such as sliding in or folding. It allows you to choose from Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider, and Responsive Slides. Each of these various types of slides has different features and transition effects. However, support for the free version of this plugin is limited. Also, the free version does not support video and other multimedia.

  • Meteor Slides

    Meteor slides - Free WordPress slider plugin

    Although this slider is very basic, it has enough features if you only need one simple slideshow. It can be time-consuming to create your slideshow since the slides have to be added one by one and it’s limited in terms of effects and transitions. You also cannot edit your slide order or add text or video. Almost all technical problems with this slider plugin are resolved very quickly.

  • Cyclone Slider 2

    Cyclone slider 2 - Free WordPress slider pluginThis is yet another very simple WordPress slider. It’s a bit more flexible than some other sliders, supporting the addition of video from Vimeo and YouTube as well as custom HTML. It also has some different options in terms of transitions and effects. It’s a great option if you want a slider that appeals to a multilingual population, as it offers Right to Left support.

  • Smooth Slider

    Smooth slider - Free WordPress slider pluginThis image slider plugin is not as intuitive to set up as the others listed here. If you can get past a steep learning curve, you will discover that Smooth Slider has unique features, and even creates your slides for you.

  • Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

    Ultimate responsive image slider - WordPress slider pluginThis slider features a multiple image uploader, allowing you to easily add an infinite number of images to your carousel. It also allows you to adjust the dimensions of your slides, and gives you slide thumbnails for easy navigation. It’s easy to use, with all features and options listed on one page for maximum convenience and efficiency. Requests for support are resolved promptly.

  • Smart Slider 2

    Smart slider 2 - Free WordPress slider pluginWhile this image slider plugin does have many great features, you will need to upgrade to the pro version to unlock many of its most powerful effects. It does allow animation, but only on the horizontal axis. If you just want to quickly add a simple carousel, this is a great option. Support for this plugin is knowledgeable and fast.

  • Huge-IT Slider

    Huge IT slider - Free WordPress slider pluginsThis is another addition to the list of free WordPress slider plugins that allows you to download an infinite number of images, but you may find it slower to load than some others. Despite this weakness, This WordPress slider plugin has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity. For a basic plugin, it offers a dizzying variety of features and options not just for including images, but also videos and posts. With this slider plugin, you can customize almost everything, from navigation to background colors. It’s also very easy to use. Customer support for this plugin is consistent and excellent.

  • Posts Slider

    Posts slider - Free WordPress slider pluginThis WordPress slider plugin is unique in that it allows you to display your blog posts in a carousel. The background automatically defaults to black and will need to be changed to optimize display.

  • Slider by SupSystic

    Slider by Supsystic - Free WordPress slider pluginAnother responsive slider plugin, this allows you to easily add a slider consisting of images, posts, or video. It’s also SEO friendly, and provides prompt and thorough support. Slides are creative and look very professional.

  • Easing Slider Lite

    Easing slider - Free WordPress slider pluginThis final entry to the list of the free WordPress slider plugins is very basic. It doesn’t have a huge array of options, but it’s easy to use. It works seamlessly with the WordPress media uploader.Support for this plugin seems inconsistent.

All of these content slider plugins are available in Pro versions, which can cost as much as $50 a year, but which offer many more features and may be easier to use. If you find that you really like a particular WordPress slider plugin, you may decide that it’s worth the investment of an upgrade.

Ask yourself what you really want in a slider plugin. Do you only want images, or videos and links as well? How much time are you willing to spend creating your slider? Do you need something user-friendly, or are you tech-savvy enough to find workarounds?

As you can see, there are a variety of options available for finding the perfect WordPress slider plugin to meet your needs. It’s helpful to decide ahead of time what your objectives are. Whatever you choose, there’s no doubt that finding just the right slider plugin will help you create a more enticing and creative website.

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