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4 Ways to Become a PRO with Your Current SlideDeck

On January 12, 20117 Comments

Whether you are building your first SlideDeck or have already posted it live, here are four tips to take it to the next level.

SlideDeck Vertical Slides Go Deep with Vertical Slides.
Give your users more details about each slide subject with vertical content. For instance, slide 2 on our homepage provides a summary of four use cases for SlideDeck. Users can continue progressing through the SlideDeck to the features slide or take a pit stop and go vertical for more information on each use case. The vertical slides feature requires an upgrade to PRO.

Use SlideDeck Multiple TimesReuse and Recycle Your SlideDeck.
A great location for your SlideDeck product tour is your homepage header. Why not reuse that SlideDeck on other areas of the website, landing pages or blog posts? You can create a shortcode to pop your SlideDeck in a modal window from any text link or a button. Here’s a quick tutorial quick tutorial.

Remove SlideDeck Branding with PRO Get Classy and Remove the Branding.
We love the attention and all, but you might want to remove our branding for a seamless look and feel. If you are building custom SlideDecks for clients, this is highly recommended. Removing the branding requires an upgrade to PRO.

SlideDeck is Flexible Learn SlideDeck Kung Fu.
SlideDeck is way more than a simple slider. Wield the API and your SlideDeck will do more moves than Bruce Lee. You can control slide actions from any button on your site and create decision trees by locking or skipping slides based on user input. You can even perform callbacks to play a video, scroll the page or open a lightbox before and after a slide finishes animating.

A cool way to spice up your design without extra programming.
Ryan Singer, Lead Designer of 37signals

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    I am LOST, not a webdesigner. Don’t know how to open this or where to look to begin to use it for my website? Help!


    Tom Coady

    I thought you might have amended the phrasing of The vertical slides feature requires an upgrade to PRO. following feedback on, or better still fix this functionality 🙂


    Sharon Vaz

    I was wondering if the vertical slide deck allows me to embed links on the separate slides. That way I can take the visitor to separate landing pages depending on the topic of the slide.



      Hi Sharon,
      The answer is yes. Any SlideDeck will allow you to place a link to anywhere else on any slide. A SlideDeck slide can hold almost any type of content, including text and web links.

      Let us know if you need anything else,


    Media Chandler

    I like this tool.. looks sweet.. I may have to upgrade though… Keep up the good work!