6 WordPress backup plugins to consider for your WordPress website

If you don’t conduct backup on your WordPress website regularly, then you risk losing all your data down the drain. To avoid such incidences, you need to take some time and protect your website. Your data is precious and losing it may cause a major setback.

Here are six of the best plugins you can use to backup your WordPress website.




BackupBreeze is an efficient backup WordPress plugin. You can easily backup, move, or restore any WordPress website with it. BackupBreeze can enable you to do either only a file backup, a database backup,  or complete WordPress Backup. It has an automated backup schedule feature, with which you can choose off-peak traffic hours to backup.

Backup Buddy


backup buddy

Backup Buddy is a premium WordPress backup plugin developed by iThemes. It allows you to backup your website and even transfer it to a new host. The plugin does not have monthly subscriptions, meaning you can use it to schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups without interruptions. You can store these backups automatically to Dropbox, Amazon S3 and even their own cloud-based backup platform. You can use up to 1GB of storage space on their own cloud storage service for free. In addition, their Stash service allows you to backup in real-time. The price starts at $80 per year.




ManageWP allows you to control all your WordPress sites from one interface. In addition to backup, it offers other services you might find useful. The premium version comes with more functionalities than the free version. It allows you to automate all your daily tasks with one click and bulk updates for all your WordPress sites. It performs regular scans for malware and other security vulnerabilities and optimize the performance and speed of your sites. You can also use it to stay on top of things and monitor your sites with Google Analytics and Uptime Monitor.



Updraft plus

UpdraftPlus is one of the best free plugins available out there. It is highly rated in WordPress.org due to the useful features it offers. The premium version allows you to create multiple backup schedules. It also provides you with several storage options. You can choose to store your backup on Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox and many other popular storage platforms. There are additional add-ons you will get from the plugin, including the Duplicator. The duplicator is a multi-site add-on that can backup data as big as 100GB.




BackWPUp has over four million downloads. It allows you to backup site data to external storage services, including your own cloud-based data center. It also supports backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud and Amazon S3. In case you lose your data, BackWPUp provides a step-by-step restoration guideline that will help you get back your data in minutes. The plugin also offers automatic daily or weekly backups. It is free.




VaultPress WordPress backup plugin is a product of Automatic, the IT gurus responsible for maintaining and improving WordPress. The plugin comes as a premium feature of JetPack. This means that if you want to get it, you must first subscribe to JetPack.

ValutPress has several features you might find useful. Apart from the automatic daily backups, it offers unlimited storage space for your backups and scans your website for malware. It also notifies you about code vulnerabilities and other security threats your site might be facing. The basic JetPack plan goes for $39 per year, which is quite affordable.

This was our list of 6 best backup WordPress plugins. It is crucial to conduct regular backups to save your precious data in times of data loss. Ensuring that your data is backup up will give you peace of mind. Do you know more such awesome plugins? Share with us in the comment section.