7 Instagram Hashtag Tips for Your E-commerce Business

Although hashtags originated on Twitter, this brilliant SEO tactic has been quickly adapted to other social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Today, Instagram hashtagging is utilized by successful companies because it proves to be an effective marketing strategy.

Aside from the content of your Instagram posts, proper hashtagging is necessary to help build your brand and expand your reach. The fact that people who use Instagram are shoppers makes Instagram a platform to generate customers.

It is pointless to fill up your captions with every hashtag that you can think of. You need to be strategic about the use of hashtags. For example, a good practice would be to create hashtags with keywords that will allow your target audience or ideal client to discover your content.
If you want to build your visibility and grow your e-commerce business exponentially, try these 7 perfect Instagram hashtags tips for better results.

1. Be Specific

To capture your target audience, you must use a more specific hashtag. Being able to reach your desired followers through targeted hashtags would mean a higher chance of quality engagement.

As mentioned earlier, you no longer have to create lots of hashtags to gain traffic. You just have to learn how to navigate through useful keywords to specifically describe your photos or videos.

useful keywords to specifically describe your photos or videos

For instance, if you are after Mini Cooper lovers then add in hashtags that are more specific to what you are endorsing. Great examples are the hashtags #minicoopers or #minicooperlove. This will earn you a lot more of your desired followers than just using a broad hashtag like #car.

2. Use a Tool to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags

Today, there are lots of tools that can provide you with information about the best Instagram hashtags for likes. It would not matter what you are trying to advertise because, through these tools, you can search and find the best hashtags for Instagram that are relevant to your content.

When handling marketing for your e-commerce store, it is always a great idea to take some time to research on the best Instagram hashtags that are related to your niche. Find these out and be surprised how your followers or potential customers shoot up.

3. Stay Away From Spamtags

You have to stay away from common tags. Common or generic Instagram tags are frequently targeted by bots. A quick example for this is #socialmedia. If you shift to being a media consumer for a while and try to key this in your search, you’ll find out that it will bring you to a number of horrible results.

If people will find your picture through these said “generic hashtags”, they will less likely take your profile seriously and you will risk losing your customers permanently.

4. Don’t Use Too Many or Irrelevant Hashtags

Using loads of hashtags in your caption space is now becoming less effective because it makes your efforts look so desperate. You may use a maximum of 3 hashtags in your caption and you may even include popular hashtags sparingly as long as they’re relevant to your post.

If you want to increase your views yet avoid cluttering your captions with hashtags, you may add them to your comment space. Once other people leave a few comments, the hashtags won’t be viewable unless the option to See all is selected.

This technique is far less distracting for your viewers and you still get the same reach.

5. Incorporate Branded Hashtags

The use of branded hashtags is most applicable when you are actively doing a product launch, running a contest, or launching a sponsored event.

Remember that leveraging a branded hashtag only becomes very effective if you tie them to a goal. Take, for example, Coke was one of the top brands that used the branded campaign hashtag #ShareACoke.

Incorporate Branded Hashtags

No matter what hashtags you’ll incorporate, always use a social media management tool to track their effectiveness. Check how many impressions you got with your chosen branded hashtags.

6. Double Check Your Hashtags for Typo

Before you post, always double check your captions and hashtags not only for grammar and spelling but most importantly, see to it that you do not unintentionally associate your brand with vulgar or infamous campaigns.

When you combine words together in your hashtags, it is probable that it will spell out words you didn’t mean to. So before finally posting, be sure to browse through the hashtag page and ensure that the associated content is what you think it should be.

7. Keep It Short and Simple

Short and sweet hashtags are the way to go. Such hashtags will easily be remembered by your e-commerce prospects. Yes, you have to be specific, but using super-long hashtags will make your viewers feel that you’re just goofing off.

One of the don’ts of using hashtags is creating ridiculously long ones. With that, you really are not enticing people to click on them. Take, for instance, if you’re selling wagons for kids and use #redfancykidwagonforsale, then do not expect it to catch on because it has too many characters.

The key here really is to make sure you’d get the attention quick and easy. Lengthy hashtags are complicated. They’re hard to remember. Simpler words are easier to catch thus easy to remember and pass on.


There are, of course, popular and effective Instagram hashtags that are specific to each industry. But generally, these 7 tips are really helpful especially for business owners new to e-commerce. Like all strategies, all you need is a mix of creativity and common sense if you are to boost your e-commerce marketing campaign.

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