WordPress Tips – 7 Things You May Not Know WordPress Can Do

WordPress Tips – 7 Things You May Not Know WordPress Can Do

WordPress is a very powerful platform that has a huge number of features. It is a platform that has a huge number of tools and plugins that not many people know about. Of the many things that this platform can do, hosting websites of any stature is what drives most people to it. Whether you want to create a personal blog or an e-commerce site, you can rely on WordPress to do the job. If you are looking for inventive ways to use this platform, you have many options available for you. Whether you want to create a personal blog or an e-commerce site, woocommerce auction site you can rely on WordPress to do the job. There are multiple WordPress Tips available.

Here are some WordPress Tips you may not know WordPress can do.

Collecting Customer Feedback

On the themes section, you can find many kinds of choices to select from. If your focus is on interacting with customers and collecting feedback, you will find themes designed specifically for this purpose. Some of the WordPress themes are also hosted outside the platform as it is possible for developers to create themes for the site. It is often a difficult task to get your customers to interact with you without a proper communication channel. WordPress themes that are designed specifically for feedback collection thus bring a whole new experience to the platform.

Establishing a Support Desk

While still on the topic of customer interaction, WordPress is a site that can also help you give support services efficiently. This is possible through the many knowledge base themes that are found both within the platform and from outside third-party developers. The support desk themes available have everything from ticketing functionality, chat capabilities, quick-response systems, and many other features. Creating support desk websites is usually a tough process which might gobble up your resources. The WordPress themes available are capable of giving you just the necessary power.

Creating Real Estate and Business Websites

Many people who want to venture into business often consider the forex trading and real estate markets as the primary options. If you are keen on getting into these markets, establishing a website is one of the things you will think of down the line. WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform to consider for this task as it has all kinds of themes that can be linked with maps, market charts, news feeds and so much more.

Video Hosting

Creating platforms that host videos is still a huge challenge. Most platforms either lack the capacity to provide fast services or they simply have outdated designs. This is not the case with WordPress. With this platform, you can be able to create a fully-functional video portal where users can upload and share videos with others. You can use such a platform to promote your own products or the products of others.

Forum Hosting

Up until recently, the only way to create online forums was through dedicated software. WordPress however now has forum themes that are not just basic sites but fully functional apps. There are many third-party WordPress developers who have established forum themes that include front-end control and administration among other things. The great thing about creating a forum website with WordPress is that you get all the functionality of the platform in addition to saving time.

Directory Hosting

As mentioned previously, it is possible to incorporate maps in many WordPress themes. What this means is that users can add any kind of information they want to their websites. It is for this reason that WordPress is a powerful platform that can be used to create local directories. The platform has various themes that feature modern designs and incorporates tools that make it possible to effectively offer directory services. WordPress is widely known for making sophisticated websites but most people often do not immediately think of directory hosting when they think of the site.

Job Boards

As the world moves online, so does most of the business. WordPress is an impressive tool that can help you create fully-functional job boards. Job boards require a design that is responsive, dynamic and versatile. This is exactly what the WordPress platform is built to be. The platform not only has themes that are great options for creating job boards, but the various developers outside the platform have created impressive job engine themes. There are many themes available which feature infinite scrolling and Ajax filtering among other features that a proper job board site should have.

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