8 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress E-commerce Site For Conversions

8 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress E-commerce Site For Conversions

Maintaining any eCommerce platform is far more challenging than building up one! Have you ever considered thinking of how customer engagement affects your business? The conversion rate is everything for you once you start an online business. You cannot approach the customer physically; all your activities are restricted within certain boundaries. 

All you can do is, improvise your business skill online! The customer only interacts with your website, so it needs to be efficient enough to serve its purpose. Apart from agile networking and functionalities, your customer should not get stuck to avail of your service, or if they do, you should be aware of it. 

The growth of your business entirely depends on the conversion rate. You are left with no choice but to take up stern methods to generate more customers. It means more sales! The entire journey is quite feasible with WordPress. Professionals follow some app development strategies for on demand app. High-quality WordPress themes like Astra, Divi, CyberChimps, Neve Shop, Flatsome, OceanWP, WooCommerce, Porto, Storefront facilitate the task of the developers and the clients. Many clients prefer to go to WooCommerce Development Services. Some even go for a full-service E-Commerce development company. Take a glance at the steps to increase more conversion for your website on eCommerce platform.

1. Online Chat Support 

It is convenient for many users to text you when they face any difficulties. Calling customer service may not be comfortable for many customers. Introduce online chat support at the landing page to guide your customers to reach you. 

  • Offer required assistance with real-time feedback. 
  • Integrate comprehensive WordPress tools like Drift and customize live chat experience. 
  • To engage casual visitors, create an automated message system at different pages. 
  • Switch to more focused chat support on the checkout page. 

2. Input Trust Signals

Show your customers how credible your brand or service is. It is skeptical for the new users to understand your brand value. Data breaches and errors keep the shoppers worried. As a result, they feel reluctant to make online payments. 

Credible return policy and product value can help to convince your customers. 

3. Multiple Payment Option 

You have to organize a wide range of payment methods. Starting from e-wallet to UPI transactions, you must not exclude convenient payment options from your end. This way, you will open up scopes for a global audience. 

  • WordPress best goes with eCommerce to make localization easy. 
  • Without building different gateways, you can take help from plugins like Stripe’s official, PayPal, etc. 

4. Push Notification

Use push notification to grab the eyes of potential audiences. With advanced technology, you can observe customer behavior. By integrating modern plugins, understanding customer’s activity has become more comfortable. 

  • Send Push notification to the targeted audience.  You can find more detailed informationn about this on an information technology blog.
  • Use personalized, segmented push notifications, almost like social media ads and email marketing. 
  • It is proven that push notification can earn 10% more conversion rate. 
  • Choose multiple reasons and frame the content accordingly – cross-sell initiatives, seasonal promotion, customized cart campaigns, etc. 
  • Choose a content tone that may trigger the customer’s interest. The notification does not create digital clutter for the users so that you can try out frequently. 

5. Demonstrate Social Proof 

If you are new in business and have not earned reasonable credibility, it’s time for you to put your foot down to earn a better status. It is nearly impossible to entice your customer only with imagery. Use previous customer’s comments, likeliness about your brand. 

  • Customer testimonials, ratings, comparisons, reviews can convince visitors to shop with you. 
  • It requires a lot of patience to earn more credibility; however, through some technicalities you can trace out the whole process efficiently. 
  • WordPress made it relatively easy to manage, add and display the social poof left by your previous customers.
  • Developers either choose the instant theme with different built-in widgets or install testimonial plugins with modern stylization and format.  

6. Integrate FAQ Section

Count how many nights you have spent to draft your business proposals? Think about how the developers have struggled hard with you to introduce a variety of features! You cannot expect the visitors to know all the features, functionalities, and the system to operate them. There is no point if the functions are left unexplored! So, guide them. 

  • Create a FAQ page. Include the possible queries customers may have. And answer them clearly. WordPress eCommerce site displays the answers of FAQs with exact formatting. 
  • You cannot be so sure about, you have cleared all their doubts. Leave room for your customers to ask you new queries. WordPress highlights and overcome roadblocks by creating a visible bridge between you and your customers. 

7. Bring the Customers Back 

Instead, targeting new customers, it is relatively easy to attract the ones who abandoned their carts. It can be a frequent practice from individual customers. Either they are facing a particular problem, or they casually moved out. Try out finding the reason. 

  • Send this particular customer push notification at the time they abandon their cart. Ask them if there is any problem while checking out. Suppose there is any, try to solve it out! 
  • You will find some of your customers never responding to your notification. Introduce some discounts for them. It might sound tricky to choose the one out of so many visitors. Again with WordPress, customization is possible. 
  • This software can track the customer’s behavior and provide real-time response. You can also use retargeting advertisements on social media platforms.

Trace the customers’ activity on your website with Google Display Network

8. Do not Compromise with Site Speed 

A standard website loading time is less than two seconds; just one second delay of loading time can reduce a 7% conversion rate. I am sure you would not allow it to happen! So check how much loading time your eCommerce website has. 

  • Redesigning the entire platform can take a reasonable amount of time, so play smart and take WordPress’s advantage. 
  • Increasing your website’s loading speed becomes comfortable with WordPress. Use plugins like Kinsta; you are ready to optimize speed.  

WordPress plugins come in handy. You just need to rectify where you are lagging behind. Because you see, be it increasing the conversion rate or speeding up your website, this software has a solution to every reason. Sit with the developers and try to find out the customer’s behavior. Once you install WordPress, you don’t need to worry about your website, though monitoring is essential.