A major announcement about SlideDeck 2

A Major Announcement About SlideDeck

On December 15, 201421 Comments

A major announcement about SlideDeck 2

About 4 years ago, we took a little javascript library we’d created internally for quickly building content sliders on our clients’ websites, and launched it as SlideDeck. Since then, we’ve seen it grow to become one of the most-used slider plugins on the web, and claim a spot among the most recognized plugins in the WordPress community.

We have you, our users, to thank for these things, so it’s only right that we tell you about a major decision we’ve made about SlideDeck. It’s been one hell of a ride, but the time has come for us to shift all of our focus to our new and most ambitious project ever, Filament.

What happens next?

Starting today, December 15th, and continuing for the next 30 days, we’re issuing an open call for offers to acquire SlideDeck as a business. We’re looking for someone who knows the WordPress ecosystem inside-out, and can take on the growth, operations and marketing of the business, as well as continuing to take the very best care of the people who put their faith in us by supporting the product – that’s you!

What we’re looking for

SlideDeck is our baby, and provides value to thousands of people around the web – so we don’t want just anyone to take it over. We want someone who:

  • Shares our passion for making the web better
  • Gives a damn about good design
  • Has a track record of providing top-notch customer service
  • Is willing to make a six-figure acquisition offer

In return, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire a business that offers:

  • Nearly 10,000 active users
  • One of the most recognizable brands in the WordPress community
  • An annual, recurring revenue stream
  • A mature, stable software product with the most robust feature set on the market
  • A trial version with built-in upgrade hooks
  • A proprietary paid user licensing system that dovetails seamlessly with WordPress
  • In-depth analytics potential – conversion rate tracking, plugin usage, etc.
  • A valuable domain name,

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, we’d love for you to get in touch with us here: [email protected]. This is priced to sell, so serious offers only, please. Also, this is an asset purchase only, and won’t include any of our employees, because we need them for other projects!

Why we’re doing this

SlideDeck’s success has done nothing but stoke our enthusiasm to create more tools that put good design within reach of as many people as possible. Through the exhilarating wins and the grinding challenges of building this business from the ground up, we’ve learned tons about what it takes to make, ship and support a great software product as a company – and we want more!

There are many new products we want to build that will make the web better, and few resources with which to do it, which is why we’ve decided to hand over responsibility for running SlideDeck to someone else, in order to focus our efforts on our latest endeavor, Filament.

This is a pretty big announcement with lots of implications, so read on for answers to most of the immediate questions.

Questions & Answers

What does this mean for me, as a SlideDeck user?

For right now, nothing! We’re still committed to supporting the product, and honoring our commitment to every person who has bought a copy of SlideDeck.

Over the next couple months, you might get another heads-up if we find a suitable buyer for the business, but either way, we’re going to make sure that you’re well taken care of.

What if you don’t find a buyer after 30 days?

We will stop selling SlideDeck to new customers, and continue supporting our existing users through the end of their licenses with us.

Will I be able to renew?

For now, yes, but once we stop selling SlideDeck, we will also be discontinuing the renewal of any current licenses. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of notice before this happens.

But I love SlideDeck! Why are you doing this?

Trust us, we’re a little misty-eyed about it too – SlideDeck is one of our oldest, and most successful products to date, so we don’t take this decision lightly. But we’ve reached the point where the maintenance of SlideDeck is coming at the expense of large new opportunities to make the web better, and we think these new product ideas deserve their own time in the spotlight, to benefit everyone.

We’ll be shifting our focus to Filament, because we feel it’s the platform with the most potential to make a lasting impact on the experiences people have online.

Will there be a SlideDeck app on Filament?

We’re definitely open to this idea! We’ve talked extensively about doing this internally, but we need more feedback on it to make it a reality. We’d love to hear your suggestions for what you’d want in a SlideDeck app on Filament.

Any more questions? Contact us, and let us know what you’re thinking.

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    Hi Steph,
    Got that – makes sense , let me see what I can do and come back to you.

    Thanks for the idea – keep them coming 🙂




    Hi Mark,

    Yes, same old me from WPeka 🙂

    Thanks so much for your kind words – totally made my day !!



    Mark Strevens

    HI Shilpa

    Delighted to see changes.

    Are you the Shilpa of Wpeka? If so, Slidedeck will be in good hands!



    Steph Calvert

    I actually do have a pretty good feature request!

    See my client for reference. If you pick one of those zip codes on the home page, and look at the magazine on the phone, client REALLY wants both swipe navigation to go through pages AND pinch to zoom capabilities. Currently we have to pick one or the other.

    Thanks much!



    Hi Laura – Slidedeck isn’t going anywhere any time soon ! We’ve just taken over from the Digital Telepathy Team and are super-excited !
    (As you can tell from all my exclamation marks ! )

    We are working our way through the tickets and putting together a wish list for future changes – but if you know of anything that needs to get done urgently, just give me a shout.



    Hi guys,

    Any word?

    I know business negotiations can be tough, but it’s been one month and 4 days since you said you had a major announcement.

    Developers are sitting on the edge of their yoga balls, and stuff isn’t getting done (speaking for myself at least) because we’re hopeful Slidedeck is here to stay but can’t risk sinking $$ into something that may not be here in 6 months.

    Please send another update? Thanks.


    Steph Calvert

    Hey there! Just checking in – I saw an expiration notice on a site I just pushed live today, and was wondering if I can go ahead and renew? Slidedeck isn’t going away is it?

    Please say it’s here to stay. We’re bffs, me and Slidedeck. We go out for coffee, we gossip about coworkers, we have ridiculous slumber parties.

    Can I go ahead and renew my developer license?



      Hey Steph – no worries, SlideDeck isn’t going anywhere! In fact, we’ll be making a very important announcement about the future of SlideDeck shortly – so go ahead and renew without fear =)



    Any update on this guys? Those of us with current developer licenses might like to have enough information to determine whether we should stop deploying for new customers

    We’ve pushed through a quarter of a new year now and the open call for purchase was only through January 15th.

    What’s up?

    Please advise.



      Hey Cole – thanks for pinging us on this, and apologies for the radio silence! We have a big announcement about this coming very soon =)



    Due to new projects and concerns for current end users for whom we have used SD2, I’d like to know if there is any new information on this?

    Should we simply be abandon future use of SD2 to look for another product for new client projects? Should we be replacing SD2 for existing clients?

    Has there been any interest in purchase of the business?


    Stephen Kreyling

    What is the status of the software? Has anyone decided to take it over?



    How will this affect those of us that opted in for the lifetime license?



      Hi Scott – this is a great question. If we find someone to take over running SlideDeck, we expect them to honor the agreements we’ve made to our current customers as part of the deal. If no suitable new home is found, we’ll provide support for Lifetime users through the end of SlideDeck’s operation.



    This is great product, thank you for creating it.
    I hope that you find a buyer.


    Frank Gutowski

    If you don’t sell it will the existing clients plugins continue to work. You mentioned “if they renew” well if they renew will they then only work for one year? They will be facing the same problem at the end of that year. I use this on a lot of sites and I pay what you asked. For some it’s the only thing that fills the bill.



      Hi Frank! If we decide to stop selling SlideDeck, it just means that no new copies will be available. We’ll make sure that anyone who has an active license receives the support and updates they expect until their license expires. We’ll make sure to give plenty of notice if we decide to go that route.


    Raphael Love

    Though I am sad to hear that the originators of such a wonderful plugin are moving on, I understand that there are times where on must say goodbye and move to where their passions are highest.

    Having said that I hope that there is a team that can come in and keep things moving in a smooth and effortless way.



      Thanks Raphael, that’s very kind of you to say! =)

      Yes, we want to make sure that if someone does take over running SlideDeck, that they’ll take good care of our people. If we’re not able to find a suitable candidate, we’ll make alternative arrangements to ensure that everyone can still make use of the product.


    Stephen Kreyling

    If you don’t sell the software and discontinue it, will you be giving all the paid users a copy of the software that does not require your servers to run with a serial code.