The 6 Best Android VPN Apps For Maximum Data Security

The 6 Best Android VPN Apps For Maximum Data Security

The Android store has come to define modern standards when it comes to app variety. While it is not the oldest app platform around, it is undoubtedly the most equipped. In the cybersecurity world, many different app choices exist for Android users. Even though the Android OS is quite secure by itself, up to 25% of internet users still prefer to have a VPN service running.

VPN apps are known to be the go-to choice for most people who are concerned about their privacy and security when browsing. There are a number of great picks in the Play Store for security needs. We will look at the 6 top VPN apps in the Play Store to keep your data secure.

1. IPVanish

Android VPN Apps

This Android VPN Apps shines in a lot of areas but the one area where it shines above the rest is the speed realm. IPVanish is one of the fastest apps on the market. The performance of this app is so good despite the app coming with several added tools and features. Some of the other features that are notable include a great selection of pricing tiers, a no logs policy and a superb encryption service. IPVanish also has a great customer support service that keeps in touch with the app users.

2. ExpressVPNAndroid VPN Apps

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN apps when it comes to security. This app is creatively designed and it has one of the best user interfaces. Apart from that, the app also comes with a set of tools that make it useful to a wide range of users. The speeds and performance of the app are also noteworthy. There are a total of 3 simultaneous connections supported by the Android VPN Apps. ExpressVPN is an overall great choice for an all-around great service. Even though the service is a bit pricey, the various benefits that come with the app are worth it.

3. NordVPNAndroid VPN Apps

NordVPN has a fair chance of being declared the best VPN for Android in 2019. This application has been around for a while now and every aspect of the service has been impressive. The app is not only greatly designed but the service that is bundled with it is also remarkable. NordVPN has a double data encryption service, making it the only app that offers such a service. Users who are very concerned about their privacy will find the Android VPN Apps to be the most secure option. Other than this feature, the app also has a great performance and the usability is great. NordVPN has a number of packages that are fairly priced.

4. VyprVPN

Android VPN AppsVyprVPN has several features that keep its clientele locked to the app. To start with, the app is well optimized and it has some impressive speeds. In addition, the overall performance and speed are great. Compared to the rest of the options in the market, this app has one of the best combos of great speed and security. Even though the app keeps some logs, the overall privacy of the user is guaranteed. The pricing plans, great performance, and top-tier service make VyprVPN a great VPN choice for all kinds of users.

5. CyberGhostAndroid VPN Apps

For the budget users, CyberGhost is one of the best apps you will find on the market. This application has a great speed and the monthly service costs less than half of the market average. The VPN service has servers located in various locations around the globe but the main jurisdiction is in Romania. The VPN also features some of the most common protocols and the data that comes with it is commendable. Considering the positive reviews from actual users, this Android VPN Apps  is a great option to consider if you are on a budget.

6. TunnelBear

Finally, TunnelBear caters to an often overlooked section of VPN users – beginners. While the largest chunk of VPN users are in the top and mid-tier sections of the market, there is still a huge number of first-time users every single year. TunnelBear is a greatly designed app that offers easily accessible VPN services for all beginners.

The app boasts of a simple and user-friendly interface and simple subscription plans. When using TunnelBear, you can expect to enjoy adequate protection with just a few bucks. Even though the service is slower than others on average, you will be able to enjoy free plans and other great features that most apps do not have.

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