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Top 10 website carousel best practices to implement from today

With website owners trying to woo their millennial audience. The trend of integrating enchanting elements in the site seems to be skyrocketing like never before. Out of all these striking elements, carousels and slideshows have made their ways into the list of voguish essentials. However, when you think of using them, there are certain website […]

How to create testimonial carousel slider in WordPress

Sometimes for the sake of the business, it becomes essential for you to include good client recommendation on your website. This not only gives you better business but also increases your client’s trust in you and your business. By default, you cannot add the testimonial carousel slider to your website, but you can definitely use […]

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WordPress 5.0: All You Need to Know

After seeing much success coming through the ratings and statistics in the form of revenue and profit generated through the Black Friday event last month, WordPress has yet more to offer. Generally, WordPress would make two releases per annum, but considering the deadline pressure, WordPress has removed the obligation of following it. We have got WordPress […]

SlideDeck Guide

Please follow the guide for moving SlideDeck 5.5 to SlideDeck 5.3 Have you recently migrated to SlideDeck 5.5 and faced some issues? If you have come across some issue with SlideDeck 5.5 and want to revert to SlideDeck 5.3 then we have got you covered. Follow this guide Step 1  – Deactivate the SlideDeck (V […]