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Technical Safeguards for Your HIPAA-Compliant WordPress Site

HIPAA compliance is essential to any company dealing in Protected  Health Information (PHI) or its digital equivalent, the electronic PHI (ePHI). HIPAA violations have been coming in all shapes and sizes since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was passed. There are quite literally hundreds of different ways that companies can violate […]

How to create a full width slider in WordPress

  Sliders have been trending for a while. Every other website is making the best use of this element to showcase their products or brand USPs with ease. Not just newcomers, but even well-established websites aren’t behind when it comes to using sliders. These days, out of all the styles, the full width slider is amassing […]


Difference between Hybrid and Multi-Cloud An Overview

In recent times, many websites having opted for Cloud Hosting over the other traditional hosting types. The Cloud Hosting landscape is further evolving and offering various options like private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud services. Understanding a private and public cloud is simply – a private cloud host the site on a private data centre/intranet, whereas […]