How to choose best WordPress slider?

How to choose best WordPress slider?

Surely, using varied forms of communicative media on the website is one of the effective ways of getting the brand message across like. And, in most of the cases, companies don’t just keep the importance of such media restricted to any other background element but grandly highlight them.

On top of that, since displaying media isn’t tough anymore, brands are leaving no stone unturned in using this method to attract customers and to gain higher conversion rates.

Keeping all of this in mind, one of the great ways to showcase media on a website is by using slides. Whether you call them slideshows or WordPress carousel slider with text, you wouldn’t deny the fact that best WordPress slider are an extremely versatile tool that helps you display videos, images, and another type of content seamlessly. However, despite the ease, choosing them in accord to your WordPress website is never effortless. So, if you always wanted to make some space on your website forbest WordPress slider , the following considerable points will help you choose the best.



  • Different Device Competency:

Out of all the stats, the one that will compel you to pull up your socks is that half of the website traffic is obtained from mobile. Not just that, but other small-screen devices, such as tablets, and more, aren’t lagging behind either.

This means, if you are putting up a slider on your website, you’d have to ensure that your mobile and tablet visitors don’t come across any hassle while viewing this element. Therefore, one of the first things that you should be considering in a slider is whether it is supporting with other devices or not.

To make sure that your sliders are behaving in an adequate manner and look lovely, you must use a design which is responsive enough. As a result, you’d be able to adjust sliders in different screen sizes.

  • Fast Loading Is Must:

Load time for best WordPress slider

When it comes to designing a website, it is recommended to keep the target audience and their behavior in mind. Even if you let everything aside, you shouldn’t forget that the current generation isn’t patient enough to sit back and let your sliders move at their own pace.

The performance of the best WordPress slider loading time is an important aspect. Hence, it wouldn’t be beneficial for you to neglect it. If the slider is badly coded, it can take a lot of time in loading. So, you must figure out the code-quality along with the loading time before you choose one.


  • Types of Content:Type of content for best WordPress slider

It’s fairly possible that the media content on your website wouldn’t be limited only to images. So, how can you expect to intrigue your customers if you’re only posting pictures and nothing else?

Over the period of time, there has been a drastic change in the expectations of website visitors. As per the statistics, if you include a video on the landing page of your website, it can increase the conversion rate by 80%.   You need video carousel WordPress plugin Although having a slider on a landing page can help, but make sure you are providing something different to your viewers.

Therefore, before you take the plunge, make sure that the slider supports a wide variety of content, including images, videos, post, products, and more.

  • Ease of Importing Images:

upload and download of best WordPress slider  images


What if you’ve been told that a specific slider can even showcase images from external links? It will surely be fascinating to you, isn’t it? If you post images from different social media channels, it would be easier for you to export directly and display rather than manually uploading images into the website, right?

However, one of the important aspects that you should be considering is how easy it’d be to export images from an external link. Since this feature aims to save your time and efforts, you should have a proper understanding of it, isn’t it?



  • Ease of Editing:Editing best WordPress slider

Not being able to edit the slider is a major difficulty that you may face. You may want WordPress image slider with text overlay. After all, you wouldn’t want to repent on your decision of choosing such a slider that comes with a complex method of customization, right?

Hence, when you are navigating through different types of sliders, make sure you don’t overlook this point. Apart from the easy part, you must also have a look at how possibly you can customize the editor.

Can you add text content? Is it possible to add fonts of your choice? Can you change the style of navigation? Would you be able to create alluring transitions? Is element customization easier? Ponder upon all of these questions and find the best possible best WordPress slider .


  • Effects of Transition:

Undoubtedly, transition effects have turned out to be an important aspect of a website. Moreover, they even look attractive and magnificent. Surely, with a transition effect, you can make your sliders look more interactive and livelier. However, the truth is, not every other WordPress website would require transition effects.

Different transition for best WordPress slider

So, if you think that transition effects would match your website just perfectly, don’t step back from knowing more about it. Even if you don’t require this effect in the present, there’s no harm in choosing a transitional effect slider. After all, who knows you may find a need of it in future? As per your website, choose the effect that you’d need, whether it is a basic one or a 3D one. At the end of the day, it should make your WordPress website stand out from the rest.

  • Clean Interface:

Clean user interface for Sliders


Moving further down the list, another important consideration while choosing a slider should be the interface. It is extremely important that the slider that you are selecting is easy to configure and organize.

If it carries a messy and chaotic back-end with it, or if the slider offers an unreliable visual version, using it would bring you nothing but collateral time damage. On top of that, visitors being displeased would be another loss. Hence, look out for such a slider that comes with a tidy and clean set of options. Having a user-friendly interface would be a cherry on the cake.




  • Live Preview:

Regardless of the changes, you are going to make to your slider; it’s essential to always have an eye on the alterations before presenting them in front of the public. Just like any other software, having an option of the live preview will let you instantly see all the changes that you’ve made in real-time.

Whether you’ve just added text or have uploaded an image, being able to see the preview will give you an idea of how it’s looking. If the changes aren’t working out, you can try something else, something better. So, make sure that the slider provides an option to have a live preview of the changes.

  • Slider Positioning:Postion best WordPress slider  as per your requirement

What if you don’t want to publish the slider on your landing page? How about having a set of video slideshow on your product page? What if you’d want to change the place after some days?

Most of the best WordPress slider come with a specific placement requirement. Even if you want, you wouldn’t be able to change the position, and you’d have to keep it affixed to only that position. If you’d like to experiment with your website element placements, make sure that your slider can be positioned on different pages, including landing page, home page, product page, blog page, or anywhere else.


  • Additional Features:

At the end of the list, standing tall is the features aspect. Before you choose a best WordPress slider, you should always cross-check the type of features it is providing like image carousel with text WordPress. It’s important because limited features would mean a lot of restrictions.

You might not be able to fulfill your requirements with a slider that doesn’t have a lot to offer. Therefore, it’s recommended to figure out your needs and then find them out in the slider.

Conclusion best WordPress slider :

Having a responsive, speedy, and attractive slider on your WordPress website can surely do wonders for you. So, if you are looking forward to increasing traffic and conversion with this element, you must be attentive enough during the selection. Keep these points in mind and find the best slider available out there.

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