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WordPress has always been a significant choice of new-comers, thanks to the amazing features and user-friendly support. Although this platform is renowned because of numerous reasons; however, one aspect that grabs a lot of accolades is its competency to provide free and premium WordPress plugins.

Over few years, these plugins have been undergoing relentless evolution. Since these are effective tools for increasing the functionality of your website, websites owners do not hesitate while experimenting with plugins.

There is a myriad of plugins that WordPress provides to diminish the excessive work from your end. On the top of that, some plugins even come with reliable and unswerving support from the developer, which even makes using them a hassle-free process.

Although plugins vary as per the niche of your website, there are certain plugins that you can utilize for every type of domain. So, below-mentioned are some of the considerable plugins that you must install in your website for superior results.




Coming from the basket of a powerful team, who is behind the WordPress as well, this brilliant plugin is a must-have for every WordPress user. To help you make your website a huge success, Jetpack provides several features. Right from taking care of traffic growth to image optimization, website security, appearance, performance, and much more, this plugin takes care of everything.

With its improved dispersal, you will be able to share your published content automatically to the third-party, including search engines and more. In this way, you can simply boost the traffic and reach of your website and content seamlessly. Not just that, but this plugin is even helpful in creating sitemaps; thus, making it easier for search engines to index your website.

Above all, it acts as a security guardian by averting brute force outbreaks on your WordPress website. Furthermore, Jetpack even keeps a track on the downtime of your website every five minutes and notifies you instantly of issues and threats.




Being a business owner, it is your prior duty to provide efficient and faultless experience to your customers. It not only helps you establish a strong brand but also instill trust among your users and audience. To keep the legacy moving ahead, you must provide an authentic way for your customers to contact you.

Those who are just starting out with their business online, WPForms is one of the most novice-friendly contact form plugins that you can use for WordPress. Be it creating email subscription forms, contact forms, payment forms, order forms, or another type of forms online, this plugin offers drag and drop method for creation just with few clicks.

If you want for a simple but robust solution, you can get your hands on the free version of this plugin, which is WPForms Lite version. However, if you want advanced features, then you can go for the Pro version, which is a premium one.


Yoast SEO


Having a blog on your business website increases traffic considerably. Since you are going to put a lot of efforts into writing attractive and quality articles and blogs, you wouldn’t want the exertion to be wasted without paying off, right? And, by getting your content ranked higher on search engines is the way to get most out of your time, effort, and money (in case you have hired a content writer).

With millions of articles getting published every day, it is quite difficult to expect that your content will reach out to your target audience without any extra input, right? That is when optimization gets in to help you rank higher. And, Yoast SEO is the plugin provided by WordPress that you can use to optimize your content accordingly.

Although there are several plugins available for SEO, this one has accumulated a lot of appreciation. With its free version, you can add focus keywords, alt text, tags, and other things to your blog. However, if you want more features, then you can consider buying the premium version of this plugin.


W3 Total Cache


The ultimate goal for any business person is to keep the website faster so that users wouldn’t have to wait until it loads. With WordPress caching, you can easily enhance the performance of your website. The basic idea of caching is to let the data store temporarily in the cache so as to load the website faster whenever the visitor clicks on the same page next time.

Therefore, you enable caching in your website, you can utilize this plugin. It will cache your pages and posts as stationery HTML files and later on, served to your visitors. This not only lessens the page loading time but also makes optimizing the website performance way easier, which in turn, will obviously impact your SEO positively.

Being one of the most popular caching plugins, W3 Total Cache features database caching, page cache, browser caching, object caching, and much more. Furthermore, with the help of this plugin, you can even integrate CDN services to decrease the page loading time. And then, it even reduces and compresses HTTP of the JS, CSS, and HTML files so as to save the 80% of bandwidth approximately.




Moving forward, another best plugin that you can consider installing in your WordPress website is VaultPress. It is a security-oriented plugin that is designed to create automated real-time backups for your WordPress website. With the help of this plugin, you can create regular optimized backups to restore your site whenever you would want just with a single click.

Not just that, but this plugin is also useful in scanning and detecting threatening files on your site and sends an email to the administrator that moment it discovers any changes made to the installation. And then, you always have the accessibility to manage and review apprehensive codes and resolve the issues just with few clicks.

Also, with a premium plan, you would be able to manage, backup, and monitor more than one website with only one dashboard. The premium version of this plugin comes combined with Jetpack. So, you can take up both of them to keep your internet and website secured.


WP Smush


There is no denying the fact that to easily keep your users and visitors hooked and engaged, you must use alluring images for your pages and posts, right? By uploading images, you can deliver your brand’s message more effectively in comparison with the text. Images indeed make your web pages look engaging, catchy, and attractive.

While they are something that can make a difference, however, uploading too many or too huge images can consume a lot of space on your website; hence making it even slower. In such a scenario, this plugin can save you from causing a disaster. Made to optimize and compress images, this plugin does everything you require without compromising with the image quality.

Whether you are using GIF, JPEG, or PNG format, WP Smush can save you a lot of storage with its advanced compression technique. Either you can manually smush your images by visiting the media section or it can do it automatically while your images are being uploaded. Moreover, you can even smush up to 50 images at a time. Great, isn’t it?


Wordfence Security


As the owner of a website, it becomes your responsibility to keep your website secure from online hackers. Being one of the most crucial factors, you cannot ignore the security of your website, come what may. Since there are millions of malevolent bots available on the internet that can attack your site anytime, you must always avert spams and keep your site protected.

And, amongst several plugins, Wordfence Security is the considerable and reliable one. Right from Firewall protection, blocking, malware scan, live traffic monitoring, login security, to several other things, it features a gamut of advantages. With this plugin, you can monitor your traffic, including 404 errors, robots, logins, humans, logouts, and more.

With extremely advanced features, you can detect the threat to your website, monitor it, and remove it before it creates any ruckus to your data. With Firewall application, you can simply prevent the possibility of being hacked. And, blocking features of Wordfence Security keep malicious networks and attackers at bay. Not just it automatically checks the username and password strength but also provides Two Factor Authentication.




MonsterInsights is one of the best plugins for WordPress that enables Google Analytics on your website. With the help of this plugin, you can connect your website to Google Analytics and keep a track on several essential factors, such as website traffic, landing page, most visited pages, user views, platforms, devices, and much more.

Once you have gathered this data, you can then optimize your website accordingly to enhance the user experience. Installing Google Analytics in WordPress is again not a tedious job but a simple one. This plugin also lets you check product popularity, order values, and conversion rates. So, if you have an e-commerce website, it will work amazingly on it.

Although this plugin comes for free, then, features would be limited. So, to make the best use of MonsterInsights, you can get your hands on the premium version.

Conclusion on best WordPress plugins

And, these were the best plugins that you can install on your WordPress website. As stated, every plugin has its unique pros and features. So, mostly, each one of them will prove out to be helpful for your website. So, try them out and utilize the best ones to enhance the reach of your website.

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