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How to Build Visitor Confidence with SlideDeck

On May 24, 20112 Comments

Every single one of the visitors to your website has a question or two they need answered before they seriously consider committing to you. Whether you want them to sign up, download, or buy, they need some information to help them make that decision. The better you are at identifying and answering these questions, the more confidence you’ll inspire in your visitors. And more confidence means more conversions. Fortunately, there area a set of basic questions that every user needs answered before pulling the proverbial trigger. Answer these questions right off the bat with your SlideDeck to build confidence with your visitors:

  • What your product or service is or does
  • How it works
  • What the key benefits are
  • What it looks like in action
  • How can the visitor get started and take action

It’s up to you how you answer these questions. You can answer them one to a slide, or you can weave them through your SlideDeck narrative. It’s up to you how you answer them, the important part is that you address them in a way that builds the visitor’s confidence in you. Let’s break these down and examine how to address each of them to answer any questions your visitors might have.

What would you say you do, exactly?

If people don’t have a good understanding of what your product or service is or does they aren’t going to sign up or purchase it from you, period. Think of an ‘elevator pitch’ for your product or service. Can you get what you do down to one or two concise sentences? That is your goal.

You must explain what it is you do (or what your product does) in straight-forward language so that people who aren’t intimately familiar with it (read: you and your team) understand it right off the bat. Far too often, we’re so close with our own products and services that we think everyone just “gets” what we do. The reality is often far from it. So ask people who haven’t used your product before to check out your SlideDeck and see if they can clearly articulate back to you what you do. If you’re surprised at what you hear you might have some more work to do.

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How does it work?

The more a visitor understands how your product works the more likely the are to convert. This understanding builds the confidence they need to make an informed decision. Explain how your product or service works and the features that set it apart from the competition. Help your visitor frame your product against other options. Use plenty of visuals where possible.

You also want your SlideDeck to hit the highlights. Identify and promote the “killer features” that make your product stand out from the rest. Hone in on those key differentiators and promote them. If you have a complex product, like a cell phone, you can use vertical slides to go into greater details about specifications and features without cluttering your main product/service overview. And remember, you can use more than text and images in a SlideDeck. Throw in a video demo, add a gallery, or an audio testimonial, SlideDeck can handle it all.

What’s in it for them?

Identifying and promoting the key benefits is critical to your success on the web. People buy solutions, not features, not products and services. Too often companies lead with features, when really the selling point is the benefit, the solution to the visitor’s problem. Identify the key benefits of the service. If possible brainstorm with your team to capture and prioritize them all. Ask past customers which benefits were the ones that stood out to them and made them pull the trigger. Take your top benefits and make them a top priority in your SlideDeck.

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Show, don’t tell.

Every car salesman knows this. Get a user to take a test drive and your odds of turning that visitor to a customer go through the roof. People want to get a sense for what your product or service looks like in the wild. If you can’t give them a test drive, give them a SlideDeck packed with insight into the product in action. Use case studies of happy clients or provide a step-by-step walk through of your product. Incorporate testimonials and use video and images to present the key benefits of your product or service in a compelling way. Show how you create success for your customers or users.

Let’s get it started

Once you’ve got your visitor excited about committing don’t leave them hanging and don’t make them stumble around to take the next step. Take a tip from the movie theaters and their clearly-marked exits, make the next step action clear, prominent and compelling. And remember, every visitor has a different information need and decision-making process. Don’t assume that all of your visitors will reach the end of your SlideDeck before being ready to commit, add a call to action at each step of the way, and make sure the path is clear and well lit.

Any other questions?

By answering your visitors’ key questions you improve their confidence. Improving confidence improves conversion. Identify the information that is most important to your users and make sure you address their concerns in your SlideDeck. Use vertical slides to provide more detail, and create product tours and case study galleries to showcase your product in action. Build in video testimonials and other content to provide compelling real-world proof of the benefits of what you do.

The more you understand about your customers and what they need in order to feel comfortable committing, the more success you’ll find on the web. Want more tips to maximize the performance of your SlideDeck? Check out the step-by-step guide to increasing conversions with SlideDeck and how to use vertical slides with SlideDeck. These recommendations work best together, so read up, tune up your SlideDeck and watch your results head in the right direction.

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