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Slider Is Slowing Down Your Website

While surfing through the internet, how long would you wait for a site to load completely? Sure, the time wouldn’t be quite long. Well, accordingly, a majority of people don’t even wait up to two seconds for the website to pop out the content.

That’s one of the primary reasons why businesses want their websites to deliver nothing but an appreciative user-experience, irrespective of the niche or industry they are operating in. If your website manages to delight returning or new customers, it’s likely to achieve better than your expectations.

Considering how the behavior of customers keeps evolving over the period of time, you must not overlook the website loading speed importance. There are several reasons to make your website speed optimum. However, not all the time you would know what’s making it slower.

Having said that, most of the time, you use a variety of elements to make the website aesthetically appealing. Talking about elements, the slider is one such thing that can completely slow down your website, without your acknowledgment.

So, if your website’s performance is going down and your other aspects are up-to-the-mark, it’s time to analyze your slider. Here’s how you’ll get to know how website slider is slowing down your website.

Media Not Loading Faster:Slow loading website

Whether you use videos or images, the truth is that a slider is nothing without media. Hence, if that’s the only thing that isn’t loading properly, you must know that your website slider is making things tardy.

For some non-informative beginners, nothing relevant to media optimization exists out there. This is one of the primary reasons that they upload the full size of the media on website sliders. As a result, it starts causing a lot of trouble.

Anyway, your slider images have to be big. If you’re using a full-width slider and a 300px wide image, it’ll pixelate and appear out to be fuzzy. Even if one megabyte of size is excess, your entire website can slow down as it takes a longer time to download all the files of the website. The recommended threshold is 1MB for entire page size. Hence, optimizing is quite important. If done correctly, you can increase the speed of your site seamlessly.


Slow loading website after installing Sliders on wordpressLess Traffic After You Installed Slider:

Sometimes, there are some signs that must be paid attention to while assessing whether your website is slowing down or not. One of the most interesting cautionary indications would be a significant decrease in traffic.

If you were receiving a consistent amount of traffic, which apparently declined after you’ve installed a slider on your website, it’s time to rethink about the side-effects that the slider has brought along for your website.

You can test this reason by removing the slider from your site for a day and then either testing the speed or letting the visitors decide. If a slider turns out to be the hassle, try replacing the plugin with something lighter, like SlideDeck.


If the Slider Is Hefty:Heavy WordPress sliders makes website load slower

The chances of your selected slider being a hefty code piece can be higher sometimes. Contrasting to a text box along with an image, a slider is a bit fancier that can easily replace its content with animated transitions.

And, it takes more time to load that transition. To do this task effectively, your browser works on its own pace. With each slide, media content keeps changing. And, that would take more time to load. Even if you have a basic slider on your site, it would surely have animated transitions, multiple images, and navigating controls.

To prevent this problem troubling you or your visitors, make sure that you are using such a slider that isn’t coded heavily and has a quick loading time like SlideDeck


SEO is more important in SlidersIf SEO Rank Has Dropped Down:

There is a direct relation between the loading speed and the search engine rank of your website. As obvious as it may get, Google has made the speed an important aspect of ranking the website higher. Hence, if your speed isn’t good enough, you may find your website at the last pages of search engines.

If your website had managed to grab a considerable rank on any search engines, you’d do everything in your power to maintain it, right? Coming back to sliders, if you see an unexpected decline in the page rank after installing the slider, you must know that there is something wrong with this element.

So, consider either eradicating the slider or replacing it with another plugin to ensure that your site’s rank doesn’t get impacted at all.


How to Choose the Best Slider?

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is a myriad of other ways through which sliders can reduce the speed of your website. In such a scenario, it’s quite important to avoid compromising while choosing the best slider. So, here are some factors that you must look into the slider plugin-

  • Responsiveness:

One of the primary things that you should be assessed in the slider is its responsiveness. Unless it isn’t supportively responsive, it won’t show appropriately on devices that come with a small screen, like mobile phones, tablets, and more. Thus, make sure that the slider is responsive and supports different kinds of devices.

  • Simple & Light:

To prevent unnecessary load on the website, you must make sure that the plugin is well-coded and is light in the entire structure. In this way, the plugin won’t be impacting the speed of your website in any case.

  • Supporting Different Media:

Out of all the factors, this one is quite an essential one. If your slider plugin allows you to play with video and a variety of media content, the negative impact on the website speed will be considerably lesser. For example – if videos don’t work out, you can post GIFs. Or, if images are creating a nuisance, you can post text. Likewise, experimenting with slide content always turn out to be helpful.

  • SEO-Friendly:

And, last but not the least, the slider plugin that you choose should be SEO-friendly so as to help you with search engine rankings as well. Further, a plugin like this will also ensure that your site never comes under the black stigma by Google.


A website slider is one appreciable element that has been used by innumerable website developers and owners. So, if you’re also choosing to follow suit, make sure that things don’t go wrong for you. Being attentive and cautious will help you make the most out of your slider.

WordPress Tips

WordPress is a very powerful platform that has a huge number of features. It is a platform that has a huge number of tools and plugins that not many people know about. Of the many things that this platform can do, hosting websites of any stature is what drives most people to it. Whether you want to create a personal blog or an e-commerce site, you can rely on WordPress to do the job. If you are looking for inventive ways to use this platform, you have many options available for you. There are multiple WordPress Tips available.

Here are some WordPress Tips you may not know WordPress can do.

Collecting Customer Feedback

On the themes section, you can find many kinds of choices to select from. If your focus is on interacting with customers and collecting feedback, you will find themes designed specifically for this purpose. Some of the WordPress themes are also hosted outside the platform as it is possible for developers to create themes for the site. It is often a difficult task to get your customers to interact with you without a proper communication channel. WordPress themes that are designed specifically for feedback collection thus bring a whole new experience to the platform.

Establishing a Support Desk

While still on the topic of customer interaction, WordPress is a site that can also help you give support services efficiently. This is possible through the many knowledge base themes that are found both within the platform and from outside third-party developers. The support desk themes available have everything from ticketing functionality, chat capabilities, quick-response systems, and many other features. Creating support desk websites is usually a tough process which might gobble up your resources. The WordPress themes available are capable of giving you just the necessary power.

Creating Real Estate and Business Websites

Many people who want to venture into business often consider the forex trading and real estate markets as the primary options. If you are keen on getting into these markets, establishing a website is one of the things you will think of down the line. WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform to consider for this task as it has all kinds of themes that can be linked with maps, market charts, news feeds and so much more.

Video Hosting

Creating platforms that host videos is still a huge challenge. Most platforms either lack the capacity to provide fast services or they simply have outdated designs. This is not the case with WordPress. With this platform, you can be able to create a fully-functional video portal where users can upload and share videos with others. You can use such a platform to promote your own products or the products of others.

Forum Hosting

Up until recently, the only way to create online forums was through dedicated software. WordPress however now has forum themes that are not just basic sites but fully functional apps. There are many third-party WordPress developers who have established forum themes that include front-end control and administration among other things. The great thing about creating a forum website with WordPress is that you get all the functionality of the platform in addition to saving time.

Directory Hosting

As mentioned previously, it is possible to incorporate maps in many WordPress themes. What this means is that users can add any kind of information they want to their websites. It is for this reason that WordPress is a powerful platform that can be used to create local directories. The platform has various themes that feature modern designs and incorporates tools that make it possible to effectively offer directory services. WordPress is widely known for making sophisticated websites but most people often do not immediately think of directory hosting when they think of the site.

Job Boards

As the world moves online, so does most of the business. WordPress is an impressive tool that can help you create fully-functional job boards. Job boards require a design that is responsive, dynamic and versatile. This is exactly what the WordPress platform is built to be. The platform not only has themes that are great options for creating job boards, but the various developers outside the platform have created impressive job engine themes. There are many themes available which feature infinite scrolling and Ajax filtering among other features that a proper job board site should have.

Leading content management systems (CMSs) constantly undergo various developments to make sure that users get the best value from their websites. Specially Most Popular WordPress Plugins keep on changing.

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems. It runs about one-third of the websites on the internet. WordPress’s power is evidenced by its use by big corporations, news sites, and membership sites. A lot of the power and functionality of this CMS is extended through WordPress plugins.

If you are a webmaster looking to improve the efficiency and aesthetic look of your website, here are 8 top WordPress plugins that can revolutionize your site in 2019.


Wordfence Security plugin

Most Popular WordPress Plugins

For a CMS that boasts of being widely used by all types of sites, cybersecurity concerns are not unusual. Sites that provide platforms for sensitive activities such as online trading, for instance, need to have top-notch security features. With Wordfence Security, you are confident that your site’s and users’ security is well taken care of.

WordPress Security is a combination of Firewall, Anti-virus, and Malware scan into one plugin that is simple to install and use. Even the free version of WordPress Security comes with a wide variety of preventive features including IP blocking and protection against Brute Force attacks.


MailPoet Newsletters

You know the importance of making subscription easy for your visitors. WordPress knows this too and has a plugin dedicated to this objective.MailPoet Newsletters enables your site’s users to make email subscriptions easily and quickly. The plugin brings subscription to the WordPress dashboard.

Is the subscription process hindering you from growing your subscriber list? With MailPoet, this isn’t a hindrance anymore. It has a free plan and comes with nice and pretty templates.


3. Yoast SEO

Most Popular WordPress Plugins

SEO has been and will continue to be at the core of search engine ranking. Efforts made toward making your content more user- and SEO-friendly will never go unrewarded.

But to get the best from your SEO efforts you need a WordPress plugin that helps you to manage metadata, configure canonical URLs, and avoid duplication among other SEO enhancements. This plugin is Yoast SEO.
Some of the features of Yoast SEO WordPress plugin include:

  • Template for title
  • Template for meta description
  • Content analysis
  • Breadcrumb customization
  • Integration with search console
  • Snippet preview with editing options

It is an easy but highly useful content creation plugin that is incomparable with normal SEO tools provided by other CMSs.


4. Pretty Links

pretty link Most Popular WordPress Plugins

If you have been in a situation where you wanted to share a link but it was too long, you appreciate the value of a reliable link shortening tool.

Pretty Links WordPress plugin does exactly as its name suggests: shortening your links into pretty, cleaner and shareable URLs.
In addition to this, you can use the plugin to track the source of clicks on these shortened links, thus enabling you to target your content more effectively.

In case you are into affiliate marketing, Pretty Links is a must-have WordPress plugin for success in affiliate marketing in 2019.


5. BackUpWordPress


Whether you are a seasoned developer or beginning webmaster, you need backups.
BackUpWordPress plugin provides you with a simple way to set up backups in your WordPress website. When your site and plugins get updated, or when other tasks such as migration are underway, BackUpWordPress keeps your site’s files and data protected.

Features of the BackUpWordPress plugin include Files Backup, Full Backup, Only Database Backup, Manual Backup, and Automatic Backup. There’s no simpler way to set up backups for your site than with this plugin.


WP Fastest Cache

fast cache plugin Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Website speed remains to be among the most important determinants of a site’s performance.
WP Fastest Cache plugin comes with cutting-edge features for browser caching, CSS and Javascript minification and combining, Gzip compression, HTML minification, and generating static files.

While most website speed enhancement plugins come with the same minification features, WP Fastest Cache sets itself apart by combining the multiple JavaScript and CSS files. This ability significantly boosts the performance of the website.



Smush plugin

WordPress provides two top plugins for image optimization: Smush and Optimole. Of these two, Smush has a larger following. The plugin automatically scans your WordPress site for images. It then optimizes the images by compressing, resizing, or adjusting the image files.

The use of images in content will continue to be a prudent content optimization strategy in 2019. However, the use of large images may work against your site. You need Smush to make sure that all images, even the ones uploaded previously, are optimized automatically.

It’s important to remember that you should not use two image optimization plugins at the same time. You either have Smush or Optimole at any given time.


Cool Timeline

CoolTIme plugin

The importance of having an attractive website design cannot be overstated. Cool Timeline is the best plugin you’ll find on the market for displaying your site’s timeline. It has a highly responsive design that makes your site’s timeline look appealing on a computer as well as mobile device screen.

Key features of the Cool Timeline plugin include:

  • You can create one- and two-sided timelines
  • Multiple options for custom colour
  • Pop-ups for timeline images
  • Translation ready in 3 languages

The timeline plugin also comes with shortcodes that help you to add timeline functionalities to any page you want. These timelines are compact and retina ready; the best you can get from a CMS plugin.


Conclusion on Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Each development made by WordPress in a bid to increase the CMSs power and efficiency can result in considerable improvements in your site’s management and effectiveness. Make use of the numerous opportunities the above plugins provide and be sure to achieve more growth and success in your online endeavours.

Profitable Niches

So what are the 10 most profitable niches for a niche website? To have a profitable online business, you should start by picking the right niche, and many people know that. However, it is the definition of a profitable niche that really matters. That’s because not everyone has the same definition of profitability.

While some will be okay with a $100 profit after a month, others want ten times that.

But that’s not all. The fact that a niche is profitable doesn’t mean you will make money when you pursue it. If you go into a profitable niche without the right target audience, target market, marketing strategy, and capital, you aren’t going to make any profit. Thus, you have to pursue a profitable niche in the right way.


With that in mind, here are 10 of the most profitable niches for niche websites:


Health and Fitness

Health niche

If you want to have evergreen website content, you need to venture into recipes, herbal medicine, home remedies, rare diseases, medical issues, weight loss, and diet. All these make good niches for one who is venturing into health. For fitness, you may try out pills, equipment, fitness programs, weight loss supplements, and body mass supplements. Since this market is not based on seasonal changes, you are likely to make money throughout the year.



Most popular niche

For this market, you could start a dating website or write blogs to provide relationship tips. On your website, you can put out eBooks on relationships and dating. This is likely to appeal to both the singles, the married, and the divorced. While this isn’t a huge market, it is definitely one of the most profitable.




This is a wide-ranging market that could be about any of the several hundreds of niches. It could be anything to do with work from home, online money-making opportunities, blogging, website flipping, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and e-commerce. Who doesn’t want to get rich, anyway? If you can show people forex demo, you will definitely make some good profit.



travel niche

Due to its seasonal nature, you have to use innovative ideas to have an engaged audience, during offseason. All you need to do is to focus on the in-season products and travel destinations. If you were covering Texas, its hotels, and food, you can switch to another destination when it is offseason. With travel, you can cover airfares, travel bags, maps, GPS devices, and digital cameras. Once you have your content out, you can promote these items through affiliate marketing deals.


Financial Services, Products, and Software

Profitable NichesWhen you go into promoting financial services, you stand to make a lot of money in profits. With the high commissions involved, all you need is to make a few sales in a month. Apart from departmental stores, no other niche receives the most clicks on the internet. After all, it’s concerned with money.


Departmental Stores

For some reason, the most clicked niche on the internet is this one. The most favourite stores include Barney’s, Halls, Macy’s, and Walmart. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote several offers from these sites including gift vouchers and discount cards.


Home and Garden

Garden Niche

While this may not be a massive market, it has a considerable number of profitable niches. It could be anything to do with home furniture, home remodelling, home improvement, and virtually anything else.



Clothing niche

This has nothing to do with fashion but is concerned with niches such as women’s wear, kid’s wear, men’s wear, jeans, and shirts. The good thing is that these items are bought throughout the year. After all, clothing is a basic need and lucrative, for that matter.




A huge part of the population spends their time following the latest fashion trends in a bid to stay current and updated. That’s the very reason fashion is a lucrative niche. If you can sale some of the most expensive fashion items, you will make huge commissions. But you have to be the first when it comes to forecasting trends and analyzing existing ones.


Computer and Electronics

Profitable Niches

In today’s technologically charged world, no one can overlook computers and electronics. It could be anything from phones, tablets, gaming consoles, gadgets, and electrical appliances. This market offers opportunities to earn huge commissions even as you serve numerous repeat customers. With every technological update, you have the opportunity to sell the improved versions of the same products over and over again.

So which niche interests you the most? As you follow your heart, also aim at making the most profits.

Today, WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for web design. Individuals and businesses alike flock to the platform to create blogs and websites. While WordPress prides itself on its consistently updated core application and the security it offers, there are tens of thousands of attempted attacks on WordPress sites per day.


While individual WordPress users are concerned about their privacy, businesses have a lot more security concerns to worry about for both themselves and their customers. WordPress is the lifeblood of many small businesses and a single security breach could be fatal to most of them.


If you are running your business with WordPress, you must keep up with every security feature available. You have to go beyond simple patches and adopt advanced security tools and techniques.


If you own a business and WordPress plays a vital role in reaching or selling to your customers, you should know about these advanced security measures.


Use a Login Limiting Plugin


WordPress is commonly infiltrated using the simple hacking technique known as “brute force” attacks. With AI and the ability to use bots, hackers often find it easy to guess the username and password of a WordPress account. WordPress does not limit login attempts naturally, which can lead to innumerable attempts at guessing your credentials.


Fortunately, there are plugins available that will allow you to limit the attempts at login before locking the account. This simple step can potentially prevent the success of a brute force attack.


Ensure you change your username from “Admin”. Many users leave this default information intact and make a brute force attack a far easier task for hackers.


Verify File Permissions are Accurate


It might seem counterintuitive, but many WordPress users change their default file permissions on select folders to be publicly writable. As you can imagine, this leaves a WordPress site incredibly vulnerable to an attack. Since anyone can write to the folder, a bad code can be easily uploaded to it and run amuck on your WordPress site.


Checking for this vulnerability might seem difficult, but WordPress offers security plugins that will ensure your folders have the correct permissions set on them. Be extremely cautious around anyone who suggests making folders publicly writable.


PHP Execution – Disable It!


Disabling PHP execution could prevent a hacker from running a malicious script in vulnerable WordPress directories. Many users are reluctant to disable PHP execution, as it can break certain aspects of their sites. However, this step could thwart many attacks on your site even if a hacker gains access to it.


Disable File Editing After “Go-Live”


File editing becomes far less necessary once your website is up and running. WordPress administrator access allows users to write to PHP files by default. If hackers gain this level of access, they can do anything to your WordPress site.


Once your “Go-Live” is complete, alter your “wp-config.php” file to disable the file editing feature for administrators.


Protect Your wp-config File at All Costs


The “wp-config.php” file is arguably the most important one for the security of your WordPress site. This file is vital as it contains some very important information that cannot fall into the wrong hands. If a hacker gains control of this file, it would be very difficult to secure your WordPress site again.


Use a Firewall


The firewall acts as a guard against anyone trying to walk right into your WordPress site. For WordPress, this means using a Web Application Firewall (WAF). These firewalls are often available from the web hosting service provider.


Your hosting provider can also suggest or help you set up appropriate rules that will make the firewall as effective as it can be.


Watch Security Logs


A security log plugin can be very revealing to those who choose to use it. These logs will show unusual activity and attempts to attack your site. Knowledge is power and the understanding of how your site is being attacked can help you protect yourself from these efforts.


Consider a Dedicated IP Address


While not as important as it once was, a dedicated IP address can still improve your WordPress site’s security. To encrypt your e-commerce site, you will need an SSL certificate. Some services that provide the SSL certificate will require a dedicated IP address.




Securing a WordPress site is vital if your business depends on it. Go above and beyond the basic security measures to ensure your customers are safe and your business stays running.