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When pitching a design to a customer, an introduction is constantly vital. Demonstrating a perfect and cleaned design at any phase of the design procedure is guaranteed, yet there are different approaches to enable your design to eclipse the opposition like using mockups. Using taunts ups is a ground-breaking approach to persuade your customers that your design fits their image, and it is something that most expert architects do.

It’s anything but difficult to get mockups and stock symbolism confounded, so take note of that utilizing a mockup and utilizing stock symbolism in your design itself are two altogether different things. Mockups are not the last item that you’re pitching to a customer – they’re just a visual apparatus used to show your work, and a large portion of their licenses don’t enable you to exchange the taunt up record itself to a customer.

A mockup isn’t a wireframe and it is anything but a model.

Wireframes are a low-devotion design spoke to with dim boxes and placeholders for itemized content. A skeleton of the design to come, wireframes act principally as a placeholder for structure and format, yet can be appealed to partners for early input…

Mockups give watchers a thought of how the last item will show up, and the usage of intuitive components like catches and symbols additionally alludes to the capacity. Obviously, mockups don’t really speak to the usefulness like a model.

How do Mockups Make a difference in UX Design?

While a few originators hold the supposition that mockups aren’t important (particularly for the quick prototyping of Lean UX), mockups are to a great degree accommodating for investigating visual design choices before you have to live with the outcomes of code. Since mockups are a transitional stage amongst wireframes and models, they are a sandbox for visual experimentation. There’s a ton of subtle elements to monitor in the UX design and improvement process, and neglecting the mockup stage can prompt below average visuals.

There are several reasons why mockups are important, the key reasons being:

Association of subtle elements — Mockups can help uncover any conflicting visual components in a way that mirrors the last design. As talked about in Web UI Best Design Practices, fine subtle elements, for example, shading, differentiate, and visual chains of importance ought to be resolved in the mockup arrange (where they can be effectively changed) and set in the improvement organize.

Design Performance — How does your underlying design perform? From a convenience point of view, a mockup gives you a chance to test the visual subtle elements and change them before it’s resolved to code.

Understanding Client’s Point of View — As you add detail to the wireframe, you are always taking a gander at and changing a design that is nearer to the last state. It’s an inconspicuous contrast, yet an imperative one since a high-devotion attitude causes you to settle on design choices from the client’s perspective.

Adaptability — Revisions that extend from wireframing can stack up before long, yet making them in a mockup is (relatively) simple contrasted with CSS or HTML.

So, How to Use Mockups to Showcase and Promote Your Designs?

After a website specialist displays a webpage’s engineering, or wireframe, to a customer for endorsement, the subsequent stage is to decide the look and feel of the website through shading and designs. In this area, We will clarify how this procedure as straightforward as could be allowed, both for yourself and for your customer. We put stock in the KISS logic – Keep It Simple Stupid, which has turned out to be exceptionally famous by Smashing Magazine. Here’s the procedure:


Talk about and Explore The Clients Needs – Initial meet-and-welcomes are an awesome chance to badger the customer for data on their tastes and their industry. In the event that they’re overpowered or unfit to offer valuable data, you must get them in contact with their own sentiments. You can be more profound about your customer with a couple of inquiries, for example, Do they have a logo? What should key components be incorporated? What is their most loved shading? What pages should be found on the route? Do they have particular pictures they need to be utilized?

Wireframing! – Personally, indeed we like to utilize paper and after that either indicates them to the customer in a gathering or sweep and after that email them (ensuring it’s sufficiently flawless, obviously). By doing this you can evacuate every one of the diversions like shading and textual styles and simply center around the barebones design. Obviously, on the off chance that you want to utilize a PC you can utilize other helpful wireframe assets and apparatuses that you can find on the net.

Clearness and Focus on Idea and Design Concepts. – Why? The basic thought is that a design spending design is better gone through with sufficient arranging, procedure, and certainly connected to one ‘positive’ design, instead of giving customers a chance to pursue various ‘conceivable’ designs.

Look at Rival’s Designs. – By looking at regions of a comparable kind to the one you’ve been requested to the configuration can give your thoughts. Clearly, there is the farthest point – you can’t simply duplicate whatever you need, however, this is more about inspecting the opposition and seeing what line they are going down.

The “Cleaned” Mockup. – Once these designs are customer endorsed, the table ought to be set for you to make an engaged, cleaned mockup. Customer endorsement to come all the more effortlessly if the mockup is given intensive notes on why your design group felt it worked, was solid and spoke to them well…

And furthermore, kindly keep away from the slip-ups that we’ve talked in the regular errors area above then you can make your mockups more compelling for your customers.

WordPress Plugins for Content Writers

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Are you thinking of installing some WordPress plugins to increase user-traffic on your blog like best WordPress Plugins for content writers? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are 44,000 plugins available for you. You’ll also find a lot of WordPress websites using statistics to show that they have the best content management program. So, it’s up to you to choose the one which suits you!

It’s also important to note that you can do a lot of things using a WordPress website. However, one thing it won’t help you to do is come up with top quality content. This is something you have to learn on your own, and the best place to start is choosing the right WordPress plugins for your site.

They should make your tough life as a blogger simpler. With that said, here are our ten best selections that will help you write killer content:


Word Stats


This is a site of keyword counters, readability analysis, and word counters. Once you install this excellent plugin, one thing you’ll come to understand is the meaning of “linguistic diagnostics.” With this, you can gain access to different tools to help in boosting the quality of your content.

One of the features that you’ll love is its reports page as it allows you to analyze content belonging to another writer. It provides you with the following essential details:

  • Word count
  • Top 20 keywords
  • Breaking down the various types of posts according to their percentage and numbers
  • A detailed graph showing the word count of every post per month

What’s more, there’s a diagnostic table that links to both new and old posts which require your attention. These articles could either be too hard to read or could have too many keywords. So, what this tool does is merely reducing the rate of such posts being read before you make the much-needed corrections.


PrePost SEO


Producing top quality and original content is the sole purpose of this fantastic plugin. So, if you’re worried about producing unoriginal content, use this tool, and you’re covered. Besides, when it comes to the keyword density, PrePost SEO also does the heavy work. Some of its most impressive features are:

  • Link counter
  • Calculating the frequency of your keywords
  • Analyzing all meta tags
  • Post title optimization
  • Offering suggestions on how to improve your content

PrePost SEO is a tool that will help you become a professional writer. With time, you’ll understand how to come up with compelling content and know the SEO mistakes to avoid in the process!




This tool allows you to do social scheduling and content promotion together. It merely gives you a chance to schedule all posts according to your content editorial calendar and posts on social media. Therefore, your blog and social media posts will always be in sync with one another.

This tool also monitors all your social media traffic. However, you’ll have to subscribe to its premium version for you to enjoy it thoroughly.


Edit Flow


Edit Flow is one of the best editorial content management plugins we have around. If you post frequently, this plugin will suit you best. Why? Well, it helps you manage your editorial calendar uniquely. Here, you can add custom blog statuses like ‘Ready for Publishing’ and ‘In Progress’ instead of the normal ones like ‘Pending Review’ or ‘Draft.’


Editorial Calendar


When writing a guest post, you try to find engaging content. In the process, you end up forgetting the importance of scheduling, content management, and organization. Remember that this is as beneficial as choosing the right words when writing.

Luckily, with this plugin, you can manage your content better by ensuring that you always post new pieces on a schedule that’s suitable for both you and your readers. Below are some of its best features:

  • You can view all posts even when they are ready for publishing
  • Dragging and dropping capabilities
  • Easy to see the status of all your posts
  • It has tools to help you manage content from other writers.

Good content is not of any benefit to you if it’s still sitting in the WordPress dashboard as a mere draft. By installing this plugin, you’ll have a much easier time managing and organizing your website. Even though you may write killer content, you need to share it with your readers at the right time!




The most terrible problem facing a good number of bloggers is finding the best images for their articles. Well, not everyone has the gift of photography, and looking for some licensed pictures is not always easy. You might even have to spend a lot of cash buying stock photos.

ImageInject offers simple solutions such as:

  • You can look for free relevant images from the post editor
  • It allows you to insert your pictures in their perfect dimensions or customize them as your featured images
  • You can also sort all images by their license
  • It uses two reliable image source websites: Pixabay and Flickr




Startbox is the “author box for all humans.” It’s an author associated plugin that gives you the chance of adding details like social media profiles and your author bio. What’s more, unlike the standard WordPress mechanism, this plugin offers a quick and straightforward way of customizing the appearance of your site. Lastly, you can enjoy more of its services and features once you download its Pro version.


Optin Forms


Are you searching for a perfect lead generation tool that will take care of your critical website development tasks? Optin Forms is here to give you the assistance you need. It’s an entirely responsive, translation ready, and customizable plugin that’s also widget friendly.

The plugin brings together more than six email services like Aweber and MailChimp. On top of that, it has five separate design layouts for you to choose from!


Pretty Link Lite


Pretty Link Lite is the best plugin for all those who rely on the concept of affiliate marketing to improve their blogs. It cloaks all affiliate links allowing you to transform them into something more attractive. Its free version works for all bloggers, but you can get additional features like link shortening or automated tweets by purchasing the upgraded plugin.


Disable Comments


This plugin allows you to disconnect comments on your website globally. Of course, you can disable them one at a time for each article. However, with this tool, you have the option of disabling all comments. It removes all comment-related sections from your website making them impossible to override even for your posts!

Best WordPress Plugins for Content Writers

Do you have trouble blogging? If you are, then using a WordPress site for your blog is the most suitable solution today. You only need to install any of these plugins mentioned above, and you’ll discover that it’s quite easy to write engaging content for your loyal readers. It’s just what you need to improve your blogging career.

As you can see, coming up with engaging content requires a little bit of time and research to identify the right plugin. So, from the above list, which tool would you use to power your website for a much-improved lead generation? Do you have any other favorite plugin that you would like to share?

hosting ecommerce website

You’ve spent countless hours brainstorming your brand name, gone nearly delirious deciding upon your company’s color scheme, and showed your business plan to every credible mind you could think of.

What’s next?

It’s time to find a hosting provider.

Far from the most complicated decision you’ll make, it is one of the most important. Choose a bad provider and you could become vulnerable to cybercriminals, experience negative search effects, damage your online reputation or authority, and worst of all, waste your time and money.

Now that you understand the ramifications of choosing a hosting company for your ecommerce site, let’s look at some things to consider when evaluating them.


In this age of rampant cybercrime, security features should be of number one importance. Since you’ll be selling things, you’ll also be collecting sensitive customer information like names, birthdates, and credit card info. To secure this information from malicious intent, you need TLS (Transport Layer Security), AKA SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection to keep customer information safe. Also, make sure the provider you choose offers payment card industry (PCI) compliance across the board. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a third-party payment processor.


100 percent uptime doesn’t exist, despite what marketing copy may say. Get a real sense for the downtime you can expect to experience based on what each provider says by using this handy uptime calculator from Hosting Manual.


Page-loading speed is one of the more important aspects of a website. It can greatly affect your SEO and can be the difference between a site visitor hanging around or getting frustrated and bouncing. You want your pages to load in under three seconds. Does the hosting provider offer that?


You will never need hosting support—until you actually do. What if it isn’t responsive when your site’s down? What if they stop responding at 7 p.m. on weekdays and aren’t available at all on weekends? The provider you choose needs to offer round-the-clock support, but even more importantly, they actually need to be helpful. Do yourself a favor and run some test interactions with a hosting provider’s support team. Few things are as frustrating as not getting good help from services you pay for. After a few interactions, you’ll know whether the company consistently offers the type of support you need.

Customized UX/UI Options

Layout, navigation and overall design contribute to e-commerce sales. First impressions are important in all areas of life, but especially so with online consumers and e-commerce stores. Your hosting provider should offer free website themes to get you started, but also offer various navigational options and on-page SEO help.


The web is always changing, sometimes by design, other times, by accident. To guarantee the safety of your site and your business, the provider you choose should be able to restore your database or specific files should an accident occur. It’s also prudent to make your own local backups, just to be safe. The last thing you want is to lose your entire business due to an error and have to start over again from scratch.

Ask Around for Hosting Company Reviews

Know other entrepreneurs or webmasters? What hosting providers do they use? What’s been their experience using those providers? You won’t get a more straightforward answer than one from an individual who’s personally interacted with the service.

This might be a lot to consider, especially if you’re not a techie, but keep this list in mind when you’re choosing a hosting company for your ecommerce site. Query them on these topics during your consultations. The right web hosting provider will happily explain their offerings in each of these categories.

Planning keywords

It is known to even those who are new to search engine optimization that proper planning keywords are essential for text linking. However, many of the ‘so-called’ new-age SEO specialists do tend to make the mistake of including many keywords at a time for site navigation, which ultimately makes it very difficult for the users and also confuses the search engine crawlers. This eventually ends up in creating an adverse SEO impact for your websites.

With this in mind, many online marketers are confused about how to go about them. The most frequent question we hear nowadays is whether we should drop the practice of putting keyword-specific anchors? Let’s discuss it in more details to eradicate the confusions.

Website navigation

To get clarified on this, one needs first to understand the various website navigation types.

  1. Utility navigation – You can see it in the top right corner of the web pages. The users can see the link to the Home page, log in to accounts, or link to contact us page, etc. here.
  2. Primary navigation – This is usually put in the left-hand side column on top. This primarily represents all the top groups of info about a website.
  3. Secondary navigation – As a primary, secondary navigation to appear on the left top column, which offers quick access to the more detailed information under each primary category.

Footer navigation comes next, which offers supplemental links to the users to other portions of the site.

Adding keyword links

When it comes to leveraging the best SEO benefits, the two places to put in keywords are

  • Embedded-text links
  • Location breadcrumb links

Embedded text as you can see in websites like kottongrammer with text links inside an article offers a compelling context. Anchor text is another mighty area to put keywords. If you are not able to directly embed the keyword into the anchor text, you can ideally use it just next to the anchor text.


Nowadays, most of the SEO specialists know that simply putting a “know more” or ‘click here for details’ is ideal for text links to drag in traffic.


If it is necessary, then you need to specify what ‘know more’ you offer them as a value addition. So, an ideal text link may look like. “Know more about our cost-effective SEO services” or so. However, it may not be possible always to include such lengthy sentences for the text link. So, an effective way to communicate it effectively is to put noticeable headings like “Graphic design services” and then add the ‘know more’ link right beneath it.

External linking also needed to be done judiciously to enjoy the best search engine value as well as the desired results. It is not ideal to add links blindly just to maximize your backlink strength. The latest search engine bots of Google and other leading search engines are capable of assessing the relevance of your linking structure as a critical element of search engine rankings.

Conclusion on Planning Keywords

In a nutshell, the SEO professionals need to be highly resourceful regarding upgrading their knowledge and skills by understanding the changing standards and market conditions. The insights shared here is a collection of those which are expressed by the leading search engine gurus from across the globe.

popular web hosting provider

Keeping the digital era in mind, most shrewd businesses are today making their ways toward the online realm. Thanks to websites and blogs, it is no more exhausting to engage existing clients and charm the new ones. While most of the business owners concentrate more on factors like conversion rate, content, and social media; they often neglect some of the most important aspects related to a website, such as customized hosting solutions, and many more, a popular web hosting provider are compulsory for any business in initial stage. And hence, lack of evaluation ends up pushing them in a pit full of wrong choices.

What happens when you don’t select a reliable web host? This is one such question that revolves around the mind of every newbie. If you are also the one from the lot, don’t worry, it is quite normal. As a business, your priority should be to maximize your profit. Of course, that is needless to mention, right? However, if you are living with a perception that choosing a wrong host may not affect your income, it is the time you must think twice. A bad web host may:

  • Make you lose revenue
  • Have a negative impact on your search engine ranking
  • Not provide any solution to security hacking & malware attacks

And the list goes on! However, when it comes to selecting a web host, the process is everything but easy. Don’t worry! Taking away your stress, here is a brief review about one of the most considerate and well-known web host companies – Atlantic.Net.

popular web hosting provider

A Brief About the Company:

Being in business since 1994, Atlantic.Net was quite content by playing in the regional market for a long time. However, since a few years now, the company is putting in every effort in providing superior and optimum services to its customer-base; hence, procuring recognition and a stable brand in return.

Apart from the locations where the company already has its presence, Atlantic.Net is now ready to set its foot in Asia and Europe, in pursuit of becoming a global performer in this domain. The company that started with simple internet service provider has today become one of the most leading cloud hosting providers. And today, with a myriad of reliable and trustworthy services, the company has managed to grab some renowned names in its kitty, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Viacom, Puma, Hilton, and many more.

Features of Atlantic.Net:

Talking about the features, the list includes many charming aspects, such as:

  • 100% uptime
  • Superior infrastructure
  • High touch approach
  • Stability & strategy packed in services
  • Concentration on security
  • HIPPA & HITECH compliance
  • Leading partnerships & certifications
  • Third-party audit
  • Different platforms to get in touch with the support team

A Myriad of Services:

Talking about the services, the company provides an array of them, including dedicated, cloud, private virtualization, managed, and colocation. Atlantic.Net boasts about its state-of-the-art infrastructure, which helps lodge projects seamlessly, irrespective of their size or scale. Not just that, but the organization even takes pride in its support panel, which comprises inventive and experienced people.

The best thing about their services is that they provide customized packages, as per your business requirements. Some of the services include:

popular web hosting provider popular web hosting provider popular web hosting provider


Private Cloud Hosting:popular web hosting provider

For those who feel safe and secure in a private environment, Atlantic.Net provides private cloud hosting. With optimum deliverance of flexibility, scalability, and elasticity, the company ensures full control and customization through this private hosting. This service is further extended into two parts:

  • Customized Cloud Virtualization
  • Private Cloud Solutions


Database Hosting:popular web hosting provider

Right from installation, to management and specialist care, the company takes pride in its considerable history in database hosting. With an amalgamation of security, scalability, and performance, Atlantic.Net assures high-speed transfer and recovery of data. Moving forward, this database hosting the organization works with every SQL platforms, open source, or proprietary platform.

By choosing their customized web hosting & managed solution packages, you will be provided with all-time support in installing as well as setting the database service.


IaaS Hosting:popular web hosting provider

Furthermore, Atlantic.Net even provides IaaS hosts services, which can assist you in deploying and managing servers, hardware, software, storage, and other components of the infrastructure. This service has a support of superior data centers along with services essential to managing a business. Not just that, but the organization even provides customized hosting solutions for IaaS hosting, in accord with dedicated and cloud hosting platforms, which eventually supports different operating systems.


Hybrid Hosting:popular web hosting provider

For those who are handling extensive infrastructure of IT, Atlantic.Net has hybrid hosting to offer. Whether you are contemplating to store data onsite or offsite, this hosting is surely going to help you both of the situations, as per the company.



Colocation Hosting:popular web hosting provider

Another prominent service that comes from the basket of Atlantic.Net is colocation hosting. With world-class hardware, high security, and climate control, the company ensures nothing but the best to you. Right from the servers to racks, the company guarantees to monitor everything 24/7 by skilled operators, sitting in a fireproof and protected environment. Thus, you can be sure of the safety of your sensitive data.

Just a handful of services mentioned here, however, other than these, the company even provides:

  • Compliance hosting
  • SaaS hosting solutions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Web hosting
  • Database hosting
  • Storage hosting
  • Dedicated cloud nodes

And much more!

Managed Services:

Along with independent and private services, Atlantic.Net is also recognized for providing managed services to its clients. Some of the essential ones are as follow:

  • Managed Server Hosting
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Managed CDP Backup
  • Server Management
  • Network Edge Protection
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Trend Micro Deep Security

And much more!

Technicalities to Talk About:

The company has its data centers in Canada, US, London, Toronto, and the UK. So, if your target audience lies outside the territory of these countries, it might be a bit difficult for you to cope up. Never mind, Atlantic.Net is soon thinking to expand. So, just hope that it touches the boundaries of your target market soon.

popular web hosting provider

Anyway, moving ahead, the company is entirely audited by the third-party; hence, you can rely on their standards of security without any second thoughts.

When it comes to uptime, Atlantic.Net guarantees 100% of it. Not just that, one of the most appreciative moves by the company to build trust among its audience is its refund policy. Since it provides 100% uptime, excluding the scheduled maintenance, the company will refund the entire money, if there is an untimely downtime ever.

What’s the Addition?

Accept it or not, but the company does not believe in setting up baits for customers; therefore, you might not be able to come across any alluring add-ons. However, the company is extremely professional in its methodology and paradigm of work. So, the additions that you can expect are:

  • Root access to your server
  • One-click installation for LAMP, WordPress, cPanel, and more
  • Nothing out of the plate is delivered
  • Assures 100% prevention of data loss
  • HIPPA, SSAE, and PCI compliance services
  • Free transfer of data with cloud hosting
  • Free DNS

How can Atlantic.Net be Helpful?

Not just in terms of customized packages and superior services, but there are several other ways in which can be helpful, such as:

  • Devoted virtualization in accord with prevailing hosting solution
  • Devoted virtualization in accord with server colocation at the center of data selected by you
  • Dedicated platform of hosting established in coordinating with cloud environment
  • Virtualization hosting along with prevailing computing solutions
  • A combination of off-site and on-site private virtualization

Advantages of Atlantic.Net:

To tell you the truth, there are several ways that make this company stand apart from the rest. Be it its customized plans or decades-long knowledge and skills, there is an amalgamation of advantages that makes this company worth giving a try. Some of the advantages are:

  • Secure, reliable, and stable platform
  • A large network connected with high-speed connections
  • Audited & certified
  • Prompt and seamless backup of data
  • Tailored & customized services, as per your requirements
  • 24/7 support over email, chat, and phone calls
  • More than 20 years of expertise

Disadvantages of Atlantic.Net:

Regardless of how superior and perfect a company appears out to be, there would be always something where it would be lacking behind. So, here are some of the disadvantages of Atlantic.Net:

  • Cloud servers & VPS are quite same
  • Extra charges for CPanel
  • Customized quotes for different services

Conclusion for popular web hosting provider:

There is no denying the fact that every web hosting company differs from one another, be it in terms of features or services. However, as far as Atlantic.Net is concerned, the above-mentioned information has not only made you aware of the brand’s clientele but its services, features, and much more.

The best thing about Atlantic.Net is that it has something for everyone. Their customized hosting solutions ensure that you are meeting your business requirements. Moreover, they assure 100% security and safety to their clients, therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about your sensitive data. After all, that is how managed to gain the trust of top-notch companies of the world. So, at the end of the day, the call is yours. Know more about the company and its service, if you are not aware of it yet. And then, take a decision.