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On your journey to boost the growth of your online business, you must benefit from technologically advanced assets available online. Today, I am going to aware you of the best online business tools that can make the efficient use of the available resources and let them work for the excellent growth of your online business.

Let’s get started!


  1. WebCEO: Online SEO Toolsonline business tools

WebCEO is an amazing online small business SEO tool that can prove to be a great asset for implementing your marketing strategies. It provides over 15 online SEO tools, including rank checker, SEO auditor, keyword tool, backlinks auditing, and competitor research. It lets you set your individual SEO strategies by providing a DIY SEO checklist.

Without having to pay any additional cost, this online business tool will enable you to customize your SEO reports integrated with your logo. As it can automate various SEO-related tasks with the set 15 SEO tools, this online small business tools saves your resources and efforts.


  • Free 14-days Trial
  • 15 SEO Tools
  • DIY SEO Checklist
  • Customized SEO Reports
  • Lead Generation Based on SEO


  1. ScrapeBoxonline business tools

ScrapeBox is a must-have online business tool that is popular among many SEO marketing companies as well as freelancers. It will be your personal SEO assistant with the wide range of tasks it automates. Trusted by the majority of SEO companies and internet marketers, ScrapeBox is an essential online business tool for link building and harvesting URLs from popular search engines.

With the help of its important features, this online business management tool can perform various SEO tasks such as scraping URLs, building links, and generating more leads. Features such as Proxy Harvester and Keyword Scraper can help you gain more visibility on search engines like Google and Yahoo!


  • Generates e-mail Lists
  • Tools for Proxy Harvesting
  • Search Engine Scraper
  • Keyword Scraper
  • Link Building Tools


  1. Uncodeonline business tools

Uncode is an important online business tool that will play a vital role in making your business website visually attractive. A visually appealing website has a great share in converting your visitors into your customers. Uncode gives you the full control over the layouts and themes you want to choose for your online business website. This online business tool provides a tailored visual composer that lets you design your website without knowing any programming language. Content block is an amazing feature of Uncode with the help of which you can integrate your web pages with external sections of relevant content.


  • Advanced Grid System
  • Content Block
  • Tailored Visual Composer
  • 40+ Visual Add-ons
  • iLightbox Revolution Slider
  • LayerSlider Headers


  1. Vismeonline business tools

Visme is an essential online business management tool that can be beneficial for promoting various events, deals, sales, offers, and discounts associated with your online business. Visme provides a wonderful platform for you to create and design flyers, banners, graphs, charts, infographics, and posters.

This online business tool can be helpful for online businesses, especially for e-commerce businesses for promoting various offers and attractive deals. With the flexibility, eye-catching templates, and printable flyers, Visme remains an essential online business tool for e-Commerce businesses.


  • 500+ Templates, Colors, and Themes
  • Can be Used Online and Offline
  • Customizable Designs
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • 120+ Fonts
  • Downloadable High-resolution Images


  1. Linkodyonline business tools

Linkody is a highly essential online business tool that covers almost all the aspects of SEO and link building tasks for your business website. It can conduct an intensive link audit and notify you of losing links or identifying best links for your competitor businesses. This online business tool can help you to keep track of backlinks and prevent your website from being penalized.

This is a wonderful online small business tool that can gather important links and data from various sources such as Good Analytics, Majestic, and Moz. Plus, Linkody is an affordable online business tool with the plans starting from US $14.90.


  • Identifies and Disavows Harmful Backlinks
  • Identifies Competitors’ Best Links
  • Notifies when Competitors Gain Links
  • Manages Linkbuilding Campaigns
  • Conducts Deep Link Audits


  1. MotoCMSonline business tools

This is another important online business tool that will help to build an amazing website for your online business easily, without having to spend a lot of money. MotoCMS is an amazing online small business tool that provides a website creator with attractive templates. User-friendly admin panel of this online business tool helps you to create a visually attractive business website, which can attract more customers. With the variety of its features, such as countdown timers, progress bar, and popup, MotoCMS lets you create an appealing business website with ease.


  • Free 14-days Trial
  • User-friendly Control Panel
  • Niche-specific Content
  • Full Tech Support

Another factor that makes MotoCMS an essential online business tool is its logo design templates. MotoCMS provides a collection of attractive logo designs for you to choose one from for your online business. The logo design feature of this online business plan tool can add a great value to your branding and marketing campaigns.


  1. Nightwatchonline business tools

Based on its attractive and helpful features, Nightwatch has gained popularity among businessmen as a helpful online business management tool. It is another SEO tool that can improve the ranking and visibility of your business website on search engines. The Nightwatch Rank Tracking tool lets you track the ranking and SEO-wise growth prospects of your online business. This online business plan tool can take care of the SEO-related tasks of your profile and also help you to rank on the targeted keywords, boosting the growth of your online business.


  • Drag and Drop Customization Tools
  • SEO Reports
  • Creative Visualization
  • Advanced Keyword Discovery Tools
  • Detailed Segmentation
  • Smart Notification


  1. WP Legal Pagesonline business tools

Without having to hire a legal expert, you can develop legal policies for your online business with the help of this online business tool. WP Legal Pages provides templates of all the necessary legal policies for your online business. With the features like forced agreement, this online business management tool lets you protect your business from the legal point-of-view.


  • Customizable Policies
  • 24+ Templates of Important Legal Policies
  • Option to Force Agreement
  • Affiliate Disclosure Addition


  1. HumCommerceonline business tools

HumCommerce is a great online small business tool that analyzes the overall growth of your online business by analyzing your website. It tracks the behavior of your visitors on your website and provides you with some valuable insights to generate more leads. It can also generate heatmaps to identify the most popular feature of the website and lets you improve your strengths.


  • Search Insights
  • Analyzes Sales Performance
  • Visitors’ Behavior Analysis
  • Form Analytics


  1. SurveyFunnelonline business tools

SurveyFunnel provides you with all the help to understand your target customers’ exact requirements. You can create various forms, survey, and take feedback from your visitors with the help of this essential online business tool. With the help its automated business surveys, you can identify challenges and plan your next business strategies accordingly.


  • Customizable Forms
  • Call-to-Action Overlay
  • Complete Customer Support
  • Lead Generation Analytics


  1. Codesteronline business tools

This is an amazing online business management tool that provides over 5000 assets for sale and makes buying and selling processes simpler. It helps you to buy themes, plugins, and PHP scripts in this ever-growing marketplace with ease. It offers the lowest price guarantee and no transaction charges, which makes it an attractive online small business tool.


  • 4 Free Downloadable Items Each Week
  • 70% Commission Rate
  • 5000+ Templates, Plugins, and Themes
  • Lowest Price Guarantee


  1. InvoiceBerryonline business tools

This is an online invoicing software that mainly attracts freelancers and small business owners. It is an essential online small business tool that can help you to keep track of your finances without having to invest a lot of time and money. It can automatically generate invoices, which can be scheduled according to the requirements of your business. The InvoiceBerry Online Invoicing feature makes it an essential online business tool, which can create invoices in over 200 currencies.


  • Generate, Send, and Manage Invoices Easily
  • Connect With PayPal, WePay, and Stripe
  • 200+ Currencies
  • Schedule Recurring Invoices


  1. Host-trackeronline business tools

The important task of website maintenance can be automated and simplified with the help of this online business management tool. Host-tracker is a website monitoring tool that performs various tasks such as managing Google AdWord account, advertising campaigns, and scheduling the website maintenance cycle. The biggest advantage of this online business plan tool is that it can take care of ads and marketing campaigns of your online business and monitor your domain certifications as well.


  • Content Management
  • AdWord Management
  • 24*7 Track of Website Functions
  • Response Time Tracking
  • Domain Certification Monitoring


  1. Botsify
    online business tools

Botsify is a smart online business tool that helps you to create intelligent chatbots for your online business. These chatbots can analyze the content on your business website and provide helpful insights for improvement. You can create a chatbot in less than 15 seconds, which can build a personalized demo for your online business website. Botsify incorporates AI technology to implement intelligent query matching algorithms. It can directly aid generating more leads for your business. It enables you to build intelligent chatbots for three platforms – website, Facebook, and Amazon Alexa.


  • Smart Push Notifications
  • Intelligent Query Matching Algorithm
  • AI Capabilities
  • Compatible With Website, Facebook, and Alexa Platforms


  1. Renderforestonline business tools

This online business tool is actually a cloud-based video maker, which allows you to make creative promotional videos and ad campaigns for your online business. Renderforest is an important online business management tool that provides you with a huge number of video templates that can be customized according to your business needs. This online business tool also helps you to create logo animations as well, which can improve the quality of your branding campaigns even more.


  • 115+ High-quality Royalty-free Images
  • 400+ Video Templates
  • Commercially Licensed Music Tracks
  • Allows Publishing on Social Media


  1. SEOPop
    online business tools

As the name suggests, this is an online business management tool that can manage SEO and perform various analytical functions of your website at the same time. SEOPop closely monitors several activities on your website and gather important information from leading search engines. By analyzing all the information gathered, this online business tool provides valuable insights for the benefit of your online business. It performs various analytical tasks such as link analysis, domain analysis, IP analysis, and keyword analysis.


  • Visitor Analytics
  • Rank and Index Analysis
  • Code Minifier
  • Native API and Widget
  • Google URL Shortener


  1. BackupBreezeonline business tools

This is one of the most essential online business tools that can protect your online business from various cyber threats. It is WordPress tool for taking backups of your content online and protect important data from any kind of internet emergencies. With the help of this online business management tool, you can schedule backups and automate the restoring processes.


  • User-friendly WordPress Plugin
  • Complete Customer Support
  • Auto Schedule Backups
  • Easy Restore from Backup
  • File/Directory Select for Backups


  1. WP Exit Popuponline business tools

This is an intelligent online business plan tool that implements intelligent exit intent technology to trigger an exit popup. By tracking the visitors’ activities on your website, this online business tool induces a popup to engage user with attractive offers, interesting surveys, or feedbacks. It makes user linger around for a little longer on your page and help to generate more leads.


  • Builds e-mail Lists
  • Integrated with Aweber, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor
  • Customizable Popup Templates
  • Customer Feedbacks and Surveys
  • Free Helpful Resources


  1. KeywordXPonline business tools

KeywordXP is an essential online business tool that manages SEO to target long-tail keywords that your business can rank on. This online business plan tool analyzes the keywords of your choice and compares them with your top competitors. It can help you to improve your content and gain a competitive edge in the market. It runs on various operating systems, while it can help you to refine your searches to greater extents.


  • Useful Resources
  • Runs on Mac and Windows
  • Location-specific Searches
  • Domain-specific Searches


  1. EvergreenFeed

If you want to leverage the advantages of social media marketing strategies, you must use this online business tool. It provides useful social media automation add-ons, which allows you to connect to your social media accounts and schedule a post to target your potential customers on social platforms. It eliminates the need to re-buffer the content on your website and automate your activities on social media accounts more efficiently.


  • User-friendly Operation
  • Free Accounts
  • Access to All the Popular Social Media Accounts
  • Simple Setup


These tools are assets to improve the presence of your business on the internet. These tools can help you to plan effective business strategies and save your resources smartly.

coming soon plugins

If you are making a new website, you know how important is the marketing for it. You need to create and continuously run an online campaign, manage social media, etc. but where do you lead your visitors? You must have a Facebook page or Twitter account but what about your website which is still in the making? In that case, you should drive your first visit to your coming soon page with coming soon plugins.

To help you out, here is the list of 5 coming soon plugin for WordPress.

Why use coming soon pages?

When you create a website, it will take a lot of time before you have it one hundred percent done. You will have to modify your theme and discover the power of WordPress plugins that will help you build a high performing website. So for the time being, you can create a coming soon page on the same address so that your visitors would know that it will be available soon.

If you have a company, brand or even a small blog, you should know that when your visitors find the dead end of your website, they will never come back. Coming soon plugins for WordPress would help you create a coming soon page which is responsive and interactive, so your visitors would know that they are on the right place but just need to wait for a while. You can show them important info about yourself and even start collecting leads.

These are five WordPress coming soon plugins which we are going to mention here so you don’t need to worry about losing visitors.

  1. UnderConstructionPage
    This is one of the best coming soon plugin for WordPress. There are 100+ ready-made template for coming soon page and thousands of images to choose.

    UndeConstructionPage has drag and drop option, which eases the process of making a coming soon page. You just need to choose a template you like and then drag and drop all the options you want. There are a dozen modules you can work with and modify in detail. It would be ready in a matter of minutes and doesn’t need any type of coding.

    More than 200,000 active installation proves that it’s one of the best coming soon plugin for WordPress. You can simply turn on and off the coming soon page right from the main menu. You can set the countdown timer, so your visitors would know when your website will be ready for the public. You can also add social media icons so that your visitors would follow your page.

    The content would boost your SEO, and you can even add Google Analytics to know the daily activity of your coming soon page. The basic plugin is free, but there’s also a PRO version which provides more options.

  2. Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode
    Coming Soon PRO will help you set up your Coming Soon, Maintenance Mode, Landing Page or Launch Page for your website. You can easily edit the page, and you will have full control of it. You can even add MailChimp with the free version, so you can collect emails from your coming soon page.

    This plugin will work with every WordPress theme, so you don’t need to worry about it. While the visitors will see your coming soon page, you can see the actual website you’re working on.

    coming soon plugins

    There are 50+ templates and thousands of images to put it. If you decide to use a vide background and content animations, you can be sure that you will make the first visitors interested in what you’re offering.

    It’s also easy to configure every aspect of the coming soon page and to move around options. You can change the background color, cover images, fonts, logos and the background image could stretch to cover the whole browser. This plugin is one of the best coming soon plugin for WordPress which allows you to change anything as per your expectation. You can easily start with the free version.

  3. Easy Coming Soon
    Here’s another plugin which lets you create stunning coming soon pages on your website. While logged in users can see the actual website while all the visitors would see the coming soon page. It’s easy to set up, and you don’t need to code anything in HTML as the edit option is available at any time.

    It’s responsive so that it would work on any device. Once you enabled the coming soon mode, you can work in the background and the coming soon page will collect all subscriber emails, too. You can set up the social media icons so that your visitors would go to your page and follow to get all the news. Google Analytics allows you to collect all the information about your coming soon page. The options panel is user-friendly, and you can do all the editing by yourself.

  4. EZP Coming Soon Page
    EZP coming soon page plugin for WordPress can work with any WordPress theme, and it takes just a few minutes to set up. It is fully responsive and highly customizable, and you can collect your mail from MailChimp or any other email provider.

    You don’t need to worry about the editing because it doesn’t need any coding and even if you don’t have any knowledge of HTML, you can still set up the coming soon page. You can see the preview directly from the admin panel. Adding social media icons is easy as well. There is a simple indicator in the control panel which will show that coming soon mode is enabled. You can even set a countdown timer. It’s not one of the most featured, but it’s straightforward and will let you make a coming soon page easily.

  5. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd
    This WordPress plugin will help you make a coming soon page for your website easily and quickly. It works with any WordPress site and lets you make a page without any coding. You can set images, colors, and backgrounds right from the control panel. You can easily add Custom CSS and HTML

Conclusion for best coming soon plugins

These 5 plugins are one of the top 5 coming soon plugins for WordPress. It will help you create a coming soon page for your website easily and quickly. If you have any more question, do let us know in the comments.
And if you’re just starting your site, don’t forget to check our ultimate 8-point launch checklist for a WordPress website.

website developement online is a simple and easy way for WordPress users to get their website and development tasks done quickly.

Tasks like fixing bugs, re-sizing images, updating code and renewing SSL certificates without having to figure out what the hell an SSL certificate even is. Tasks that, in a world of constant optimization, real-time updating and ongoing algorithms, will never stop coming in.

The kind of small but important tasks that distract you from progressing to greatness.Because if you are always playing catch-up, or if you’re always doing maintenance, you can never progress to what’s next.

Just ask Joule. You’ve got more important things to do.


How Joule Helps You Rapidly Scale Your Workflow

There is a serious problem that is prevalent amongst existing freelance marketplaces. It takes too long to get someone who knows what they are doing to address your WordPress problems and tasks. Not to mention, the time, money and hassle that it takes to just get simple website tasks done!

Our answer? Meet Joule – we like to think of it as a 24/7, on demand project manager for freelancing and website task completion. Whether it is a simple social media integration or a complex data base migration, simply type in what you need to be done and Joule instantly connects you with a live person and an expert that will get your task completed in hours, not days.

There is no hiring, no interviews, just us working on getting you the solution you need.
We solve tasks like bug fixes, plugin/theme installations, setting up Google analytics, overall website customizations and so much more. Joule can fix these issues for any website though, not just WordPress. This includes custom coded sites, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and many others.

Our original mission was to create a platform that could solve people’s every day tech issues quickly and simply. Well, we’ve stuck to that vision.

website developement online

The greatest thing about Joule is its ease of use. It’s true! Gone are the days of having to vet and communicate with a freelancer who could be the right solution for your website problems but you don’t really know. With Joule you instantly get help and then, the work you need done, actually gets done, but without all the typical time, money and effort.

Joule translates your “ask” into a work order with instant action from the best, most skilled tech and development talent. With just a quick conversation, your important-but-tedious requests get done quickly and easily. In fact, most tasks are fulfilled within 24 hours.

More than just a “help-desk,” Joule is the answer for stressed out small business owners, overwhelmed project owners and under-resourced tech and development departments. It’s a perfect complement to in-house and outsourced talent for micro-tasks: easier and safer than finding an outsourcer and more cost-efficient and quicker than hiring an employee. Plus, we quality check and stand behind all the work delivered.

    At Joule, we believe in making progress a priority.

By quickly and easily eliminating website and developments tasks from your to-do list, we help you spend more time on the bigger picture for you and your business.



If you sign up with your email on Joule’s website and get accepted into our Beta, you’ll get 150 Joule credits. 1 Joule Credit = $1 USD… you do the math 🙂

We designed our referral program to be as seamless and rewarding as possible for each user. All you need to do is share your referral link and you are rewarded credits, it’s as simple as that.

The more people you share the link with, the more credits! Credits you can use to get your
WordPress tasks done without all the vetting, time and excessive costs it typically takes.

We hope you enjoy using Joule as much as we enjoyed building it. We really wanted to create a solution that would quickly and easily fix any of your WordPress issues. Enjoy and please share Joule with anyone else you think may also find it useful!

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Below are some testimonials from real Joule customers:

SEO mistakes

WordPress is undeniably one of world’s best and most used content management systems. Today, the platform dominates the online space. Over 1 in 4 websites are built on this platform. WordPress is SEO-friendly, which is why most companies and entrepreneurs consider this CMS when developing their website. However, developers and bloggers still commit a lot of SEO mistakes.

Despite its user-friendly features, website developers and administrators often commit mistakes that end up hurting the site’s SEO. If you are unsure about why your site is not getting the desired ranking, you may be making some of the same mistakes as well.

Here are top 9 common SEO mistakes.

  1. You set the incorrect time zone

    In the excitement of making the site go live, some people forget to set the correct time zone. If you want content to get posted on time, it is crucial that you set the time zone correctly, and review it once before going live. Even with such a minor error, you risk losing out on potential visitors who might be tired of waiting for new content to show up.

  2. You do not add open graph social media data

    Social signals do not directly influence ranking. However, social media is useful in driving people to your site. If you want a high volume of users to interact with your site, you need to offer them the right content. The same holds true for increasing engagement on social media. The open graph helps a great deal with that.

  3. You forgot to set up and submit the XML sitemap

    Simply put, XML sitemap contains the links to all the different pages on your website. After creating the sitemap, you need to submit it to Google Search Console so that the search engine can crawl and index all the pages. If you have never created a sitemap, you would be happy to know that WordPress offers plugins that will generate the sitemap for you. However, for a more efficient job, you can consult search engine optimization companies as well.

  4. You did not create an objective on Google Analytics

    When conducting an SEO campaign, you may struggle to know whether it is going the right way. For this, you need to assess the results. You can also maximize organic traffic to almost 10 million page views every month. However, if the traffic does not convert to sales, the huge number would barely hold any value.

    You need to get the visitors to take some action on your site. It might be something like filling up a form or making a purchase. A smart call is to resort to Google Analytics, which offers all the details related to where your target audience is coming from, how much time they are spending on your site, and what is making them leave. Having this information will help you adjust your strategies to meet your objectives better.


  5. You forgot to set the permalinks to the post name

    Google wants to provide people with user-friendly content. Hence, the permalinks will have a role to play in the way your page ranks. You can check for Permalinks under the setting menu. You should also add relevant keywords to the permalink. It will give the post better chances of showing up in the search results. For avoid this SEO mistakes you also need to add month/day in permalinks. It is essential to the way Google checks your site.

  6. You do not post content regularly

    When you publish exciting content on a daily basis, it encourages people to return to your website. By doing this, you can also rank high for the keywords used. Hence, your visibility increases in Google’s organic search outcomes. Automatically, you have more clicks and web traffic.

    Google is always looking forward to rewarding websites that publish excellent content which caters to every user’s query. Being irregular with publishing content may harm your site’s SEO and is one of the basic SEO mistakes.

  7. You have not linked the homepage to the website footer

    Despite being fairly easy to achieve, many marketers and website administrators fail to do it. You need to have your business or website name in the footer section. It also makes sense to have it linked to your homepage. It is an excellent internal linking strategy that marketers from around the world are using for WordPress SEO.

    It also helps Google to identify your site via the branded anchor text. It will not add a phenomenal value to your ranking, but it is a great practice to inculcate.

  8.  You do not deploy schema markup

    Today, most sites forget to utilize a schema markup. Using schema markup is essential as it impacts the way web pages appear in search results. Not doing this may not directly affect your ranking, but it might have an impact on the click-through rate of your website.

    You can deploy a simple star schema markup rating to let Google know which pages or content on your website should get the maximum exposure. It also encourages users to click on your result over other market players.

  9. You fail to keep a check on broken links

    Google always prefers a clean website. That is why you need to keep all your links updated. It would prevent visitors from finding any 500 or 400 errors on your site. To automate this process, you simply need to install Broken Link Checker. By doing this, you will get email notifications every time an error occurs. This way, you can detect and fix issues related to broken links.

    No matter whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, you need to optimize your WordPress site with proper SEO. Achieving high ranking and an impressive volume of visitors may not be possible if you keep committing the same SEO mistakes. If you are clueless about how to detect and fix issues with your site’s optimization, be sure to check for errors mentioned above. You may also take the help of an expert SEO consultant to get the job done.

Let us know in comment section if we have missed something.

influencer marketing strategy

The last couple of years have seen the rise of bloggers, micro-bloggers, and social media stars. They influence the lives of millions each day by the way they dress, do their makeup, engage in physical activities, eat, sleep and even possibly breathe! They are the social media influencers, who have the power to inspire and influence millions across the world.

Aside from building their brand that millions follow, they had been attracting marketers from renowned lifestyle brands, activewear brands, food and FMCG brands for highly unique reasons. However, over the last couple of months, the world is seeing the rise of social media influencer-entrepreneurs and different influencer marketing strategy.

Social media influencers are quickly becoming the owner and marketer of their products. This includes Gig Hasid’s new Maybelline lip wear, Kyle Jenner’s makeup range, and Alexis Ren’s active range – REN Active. The digital talent has been taking over the world of business and marketing for all the right reasons. 

Here are top reasons why influencer marketing strategy is better than traditional marketing:

  1. Brands can access ready-to-access customer base by using influencer marketing strategy
    Social media entrepreneurs already have their dedicated followers. Therefore, launching new products, even with an endorsement from bigger lifestyle brands give them a certain edge that other new brands do not have – visibility. Almost all existing social media influencers, including the ones we have mentioned above, have millions of followers each. This provides lucrative marketing and branding opportunities to new businesses as well as market veterans. They have millions of potential users just waiting for exploration. As a result, in the past couple of years, an entire global network of social media influencer agents, media networks, marketing agencies and brand consultants have evolved significantly.This gives a brand noteworthy power over their customer bases. They can see which customers are clicking on the new products, which products and campaigns are getting most likes and which campaigns are drawing in most ROI. It is no wonder that most eminent branding agencies and digital marketing agencies are considering using social influencer marketing to power their oncoming product campaigns. You can think of these influencers are the 21st century Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey, since they are also using their media popularity to create reputable brands around their projected lifestyles.  
  2. Organic content boosts engagement
    Social media websites like Instagram and Facebook have been providing new advertising opportunities to marketers and advertisers across the globe. However, the latest incidents of data debacles have increased user concern over sponsored content and the data they have access to. Some experts predict a huge backlash from the user community, who serve as the target groups of the sponsored ads. Brands that are already trying to find smarter alternatives to sponsored advertisements are leaning towards influencer marketing.
    Influencers bring an element of trust that sponsored content lacks. The same message, delivered by influencers has better reach and elicit more positive responses as compared to paid advertisements. Instagram Stories provides a brilliant way to market new content. This photo blogging website has dedicated users, and the presence of social media influencers is most prominent on this platform. The presence of analytics options for Instagram marketing allows the influencers and their agents to monitor user engagement in almost real-time. This can also help them understand the relative performance of their content and product as compared to their competitors.

  3. Gated content collects more information
    Another way to engage new users and expand your user database is by using the gated content. Several social media influencers cum bloggers like Neil Patel have their blogging platforms, but at the same time, they rely on YouTube to publish gated video content. Gated content refers to content that the marketer offers the user in exchange for some actionable data like user email address, contact number or subscription agreement.
    The introduction of gated content in the realm of social media marketing through influencers has been boosting customer database of new companies, building a strong brand image and helping in the mass introduction of new products with the help of already popular social media celebs.

  4. It’s not about fame!
    Instagram is one of the leading platforms for influencer marketing and social media entrepreneurs, but that does not necessarily mean that it is the right platform for you. There is incredible competition, and your new brand might fare better on some other lesser exploited platform with fewer influencers. You can think about leveraging LinkedIn, Medium and Blogger for static content, YouTube for video content and Twitter for cross-promotion of the content.Successful influencer marketing has a lot to do with correct strategizing and not just followership. For example – smaller, local brands often benefit from employing micro-influencers. If you fall within this group of influencers, you can capitalize this USP to promote local brands and indie products that need a niche following.

    Influencer marketing and social media entrepreneurship are associated with each other. Start by forging strong relationships with your endorsers and maintain your trustworthy relationship with your followers.