Have you been facing missing thumbnail images issue when using Title Lens on your site?

We’re always doing our best to make SlideDeck3 better. This latest release addresses a bug in Title Lens.

What’s Fixed ?

The numbers were shown up instead of the thumbnail images in Title Lens. We are happy to inform you that the issue in Title Lens is fixed.

Let’s have a look, how it was earlier and now






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Thanks for your continued use, support and feedback about SlideDeck3. With you guys, we’re trying to develop what we believe is the Web’s best slider.  As always we’d love to hear your feedback here, let us know in the comments section below.

Yes we meant the Coldplay song. SlideDeck’s latest version (version 3.3.3) strives to be the ‘light that will guide you’ to sliders that spell perfection.
Take a look at the bug fixes we have rolled out with this release :

Classic lens bug fixes:

  • Every spine irrespective of the starting slide is seen
  • Earlier the spines covered an image by overlapping it. This issue has been resolved

Classic lens

Other bug fixes:

  • The ‘Scale proportionally and do not crop’ option works just right now. The aspect ratio of all images is now maintained


  • js error in the admin panel fixed for all SlideDeck pages

These are the recent updates. More addons and updates are on the way.

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SlideDeck 2 is now compatible with WPML!

SlideDeck 2 is now compatible with WPML!

We’re keeping it short and sweet this month, with a handy update that makes SlideDeck compatible with the awesome WPML translation plugin!

Como se dice “Awesome”?

Upgrading to SlideDeck version 2.3.6 brings you the ability to translate your Custom Content SlideDecks’ content into any of the languages supported by the WPML plugin, (turns out, there’s over 40 of them)! And in case you were wondering: yes, this new feature is available for Personal, Professional and Developer tiers of SlideDeck 2.

So update your copy of SlideDeck 2 now, in one of these two ways:

  1. Update via your WordPress admin screen
  2. Log into your DT account, and download the latest update

If you have an expired license, not to worry! You can renew your license for 25% to 50% off the normal price. Renew your license today to get access to all the latest features and bugfixes, as well as support from the friendliest plugin developers around – us! ;)

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Not using SlideDeck 2 Personal, Professional or Developer yet? What’re you waiting for? Upgrade now.

Hold your horses before you update to WP 3.7

Hold your horses before you update to WP 3.7…you’ll want to hold your horses: it turns out one of the changes to WordPress in version 3.7 changes how the plugin update notification system works – with the end result being SlideDeck 2 Personal, Professional and Developer users will never see the notification when we push out an update.

SlideDeck 2.3.4 to the rescue!

As soon as we realized this, we scrambled our elite Rapid Response Team (i.e. Jamie) to create a fix for you all. The good news is we have it – and it’s already live!

Here’s what you should do.

If you’ve not yet upgraded to WP 3.7…

Upgrade SlideDeck 2 first! Version 2.3.4 addresses this notification issue, and ensures that you’ll continue to get a heads-up when there are new versions of SlideDeck 2 available. There are two ways to do this – all Personal, Professional & Developer users should either:

  • Go to the Plugins screen in your WordPress admin, and update SlideDeck 2 from there, or
  • Log into your DT account, download the plugin .zip file and upload it to your WordPress site

Ack! I already upgraded to WP 3.7! What should I do?

Fear not! There’s help for you, dear lost soul. Simply follow these instructions in order to resolve the issue:

  1. Deactivate all SlideDeck 2 plugins you have installed on your WordPress site
  2. Install SlideDeck 2 Lite from the WordPress plugin repository
  3. Once installed, visit the “Addons” page in the plugin
  4. Install your addons

This will download the latest version of the Personal, Professional or Developer tier addons from our servers to your WordPress site. And then you should be good to go!

What if my license is expired?

Don’t worry, we haven’t left you hanging! We’ve created a free patch that you can apply – we strongly recommend that you do this. If not, you may not receive notification of updates for any of your plugins. And that’d be bad, mmkay? Grab it from the link below:


Just replace the file of the same name in slidedeck2-personal/lib/ with this one, and the update mechanism will continue to work as it did before WordPress 3.7.

While you’re at it, did you know you can get 25-50% off if you renew your license, and get another year’s worth of access to updates, support and new features?

Please don't cry! SlideDeck 2.3.3 will make it all better.

As happens from time-to-time, we’ve discovered that the WordPress 3.6 release causes issues with SlideDeck 2 – but fear not! We have you covered with the latest plugin update that we’ve just released.

There, there – SlideDeck 2.3.3 makes it all better

We’ve just pushed out a hotfix for SlideDeck that addresses the issue caused by upgrading to WordPress 3.6. If you have a valid license, all you have to do is update to the latest version from your Plugins menu – easy!

If your license is expired, you’ll need to renew it before you can grab the update – but don’t worry, it’s also easy! Renew now to instantly resume access to critical plugin updates like this one. Remember, Personal users get 25% off the regular price, and Professional and Developer tier users get 50% off when you renew!

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Why do I need to renew?

Got it. What was the problem?

Basically, WordPress changed the way they were including jQuery, the javascript library that SlideDeck 2 uses not only for making the sliders work, but also a lot of the admin menus and interactions. To paraphrase the immortal words of Mr. Mackey, “That’s bad, mmkay?”. From what we’re seeing, regular SlideDecks are unaffected, but SlideDecks embedded using iFrames stop working once you update to WP3.6. In both cases, the admin screens of SlideDeck likely won’t function correctly after you update WordPress.

Happy Friday, everyone! And do us a favor – spread the word, would you?