Profitable Niches

So what are the 10 most profitable niches for a niche website? To have a profitable online business, you should start by picking the right niche, and many people know that. However, it is the definition of a profitable niche that really matters. That’s because not everyone has the same definition of profitability.

While some will be okay with a $100 profit after a month, others want ten times that.

But that’s not all. The fact that a niche is profitable doesn’t mean you will make money when you pursue it. If you go into a profitable niche without the right target audience, target market, marketing strategy, and capital, you aren’t going to make any profit. Thus, you have to pursue a profitable niche in the right way.


With that in mind, here are 10 of the most profitable niches for niche websites:


Health and Fitness

Health niche

If you want to have evergreen website content, you need to venture into recipes, herbal medicine, home remedies, rare diseases, medical issues, weight loss, and diet. All these make good niches for one who is venturing into health. For fitness, you may try out pills, equipment, fitness programs, weight loss supplements, and body mass supplements. Since this market is not based on seasonal changes, you are likely to make money throughout the year.



Most popular niche

For this market, you could start a dating website or write blogs to provide relationship tips. On your website, you can put out eBooks on relationships and dating. This is likely to appeal to both the singles, the married, and the divorced. While this isn’t a huge market, it is definitely one of the most profitable.




This is a wide-ranging market that could be about any of the several hundreds of niches. It could be anything to do with work from home, online money-making opportunities, blogging, website flipping, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and e-commerce. Who doesn’t want to get rich, anyway? If you can show people forex demo, you will definitely make some good profit.



travel niche

Due to its seasonal nature, you have to use innovative ideas to have an engaged audience, during offseason. All you need to do is to focus on the in-season products and travel destinations. If you were covering Texas, its hotels, and food, you can switch to another destination when it is offseason. With travel, you can cover airfares, travel bags, maps, GPS devices, and digital cameras. Once you have your content out, you can promote these items through affiliate marketing deals.


Financial Services, Products, and Software

Profitable NichesWhen you go into promoting financial services, you stand to make a lot of money in profits. With the high commissions involved, all you need is to make a few sales in a month. Apart from departmental stores, no other niche receives the most clicks on the internet. After all, it’s concerned with money.


Departmental Stores

For some reason, the most clicked niche on the internet is this one. The most favourite stores include Barney’s, Halls, Macy’s, and Walmart. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote several offers from these sites including gift vouchers and discount cards.


Home and Garden

Garden Niche

While this may not be a massive market, it has a considerable number of profitable niches. It could be anything to do with home furniture, home remodelling, home improvement, and virtually anything else.



Clothing niche

This has nothing to do with fashion but is concerned with niches such as women’s wear, kid’s wear, men’s wear, jeans, and shirts. The good thing is that these items are bought throughout the year. After all, clothing is a basic need and lucrative, for that matter.




A huge part of the population spends their time following the latest fashion trends in a bid to stay current and updated. That’s the very reason fashion is a lucrative niche. If you can sale some of the most expensive fashion items, you will make huge commissions. But you have to be the first when it comes to forecasting trends and analyzing existing ones.


Computer and Electronics

Profitable Niches

In today’s technologically charged world, no one can overlook computers and electronics. It could be anything from phones, tablets, gaming consoles, gadgets, and electrical appliances. This market offers opportunities to earn huge commissions even as you serve numerous repeat customers. With every technological update, you have the opportunity to sell the improved versions of the same products over and over again.

So which niche interests you the most? As you follow your heart, also aim at making the most profits.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

In recent times, many websites having opted for Cloud Hosting over the other traditional hosting types. The Cloud Hosting landscape is further evolving and offering various options like private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud services. Understanding a private and public cloud is simply – a private cloud host the site on a private data centre/intranet, whereas a public cloud hosts data from many users in its data centre.

However, many users find it difficult to understand the difference between a hybrid and multi-cloud service. Today, we will take a quick peek at a Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud and talk about their differences.


What are Hybrid and Multi Clouds?

Hybrid Cloud Multi-Cloud
  • It is a combination of a private and public cloud and offers the benefits of both.
  • It needs a private data centre and the purchase of a public cloud hosting plan.
  • Data and processes can be moved between the two clouds based on the requirement of the website.
  • It involves multiple cloud services form the same or different providers.
  • A Multi Cloud strategy might involve a private, public, and/or hybrid cloud service.
  • Each cloud service is employed for a specific task and is not connected with the other cloud services.


Comparing Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Services

By definition, a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud are two absolutely different services. Here are two primary differences between them:


The difference in the types of clouds deployed

  • In a Hybrid Cloud, there is a public cloud service and a private cloud service with an encrypted connection between them.
  • In a Multi-Cloud, there can be several cloud services employed for various tasks. These cloud services can be private, public, and even hybrid in nature.


The difference in the usage of these clouds

In a Hybrid Cloud, the set of tasks are handled by the public and private clouds together. This is done by appropriate allocation of processes between the two. Here is an example:

A high-traffic, e-commerce platform uses a Hybrid Cloud in the following way:

  • It employs the public cloud service due to its instant resource scalability feature, to manage traffic on the website.
  • It uses the private cloud infrastructure to store and process critical information like credit card number, personally identifiable information, etc.
  • When a user visits the website, both the public and private cloud services work in tandem and fulfil the request.

On the other hand, in a Multi-Cloud strategy, the enterprise employs different cloud service providers for different tasks. The cloud services do not interact with each other. So, an enterprise might select one cloud for storing and managing its database and a different one to manage its networking. Both these clouds will work independently completing the tasks assigned to them.



According to 451 Research, by 2019, around 69% of enterprises will move to hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Therefore, it is important to understand them well and get yourself future-ready. Remember, assess the requirements of your website, research well and consider all aspects before opting for a multi-cloud strategy.

SEO mistakes

WordPress is undeniably one of world’s best and most used content management systems. Today, the platform dominates the online space. Over 1 in 4 websites are built on this platform. WordPress is SEO-friendly, which is why most companies and entrepreneurs consider this CMS when developing their website. However, developers and bloggers still commit a lot of SEO mistakes.

Despite its user-friendly features, website developers and administrators often commit mistakes that end up hurting the site’s SEO. If you are unsure about why your site is not getting the desired ranking, you may be making some of the same mistakes as well.

Here are top 9 common SEO mistakes.

  1. You set the incorrect time zone

    In the excitement of making the site go live, some people forget to set the correct time zone. If you want content to get posted on time, it is crucial that you set the time zone correctly, and review it once before going live. Even with such a minor error, you risk losing out on potential visitors who might be tired of waiting for new content to show up.

  2. You do not add open graph social media data

    Social signals do not directly influence ranking. However, social media is useful in driving people to your site. If you want a high volume of users to interact with your site, you need to offer them the right content. The same holds true for increasing engagement on social media. The open graph helps a great deal with that.

  3. You forgot to set up and submit the XML sitemap

    Simply put, XML sitemap contains the links to all the different pages on your website. After creating the sitemap, you need to submit it to Google Search Console so that the search engine can crawl and index all the pages. If you have never created a sitemap, you would be happy to know that WordPress offers plugins that will generate the sitemap for you. However, for a more efficient job, you can consult search engine optimization companies as well.

  4. You did not create an objective on Google Analytics

    When conducting an SEO campaign, you may struggle to know whether it is going the right way. For this, you need to assess the results. You can also maximize organic traffic to almost 10 million page views every month. However, if the traffic does not convert to sales, the huge number would barely hold any value.

    You need to get the visitors to take some action on your site. It might be something like filling up a form or making a purchase. A smart call is to resort to Google Analytics, which offers all the details related to where your target audience is coming from, how much time they are spending on your site, and what is making them leave. Having this information will help you adjust your strategies to meet your objectives better.


  5. You forgot to set the permalinks to the post name

    Google wants to provide people with user-friendly content. Hence, the permalinks will have a role to play in the way your page ranks. You can check for Permalinks under the setting menu. You should also add relevant keywords to the permalink. It will give the post better chances of showing up in the search results. For avoid this SEO mistakes you also need to add month/day in permalinks. It is essential to the way Google checks your site.

  6. You do not post content regularly

    When you publish exciting content on a daily basis, it encourages people to return to your website. By doing this, you can also rank high for the keywords used. Hence, your visibility increases in Google’s organic search outcomes. Automatically, you have more clicks and web traffic.

    Google is always looking forward to rewarding websites that publish excellent content which caters to every user’s query. Being irregular with publishing content may harm your site’s SEO and is one of the basic SEO mistakes.

  7. You have not linked the homepage to the website footer

    Despite being fairly easy to achieve, many marketers and website administrators fail to do it. You need to have your business or website name in the footer section. It also makes sense to have it linked to your homepage. It is an excellent internal linking strategy that marketers from around the world are using for WordPress SEO.

    It also helps Google to identify your site via the branded anchor text. It will not add a phenomenal value to your ranking, but it is a great practice to inculcate.

  8.  You do not deploy schema markup

    Today, most sites forget to utilize a schema markup. Using schema markup is essential as it impacts the way web pages appear in search results. Not doing this may not directly affect your ranking, but it might have an impact on the click-through rate of your website.

    You can deploy a simple star schema markup rating to let Google know which pages or content on your website should get the maximum exposure. It also encourages users to click on your result over other market players.

  9. You fail to keep a check on broken links

    Google always prefers a clean website. That is why you need to keep all your links updated. It would prevent visitors from finding any 500 or 400 errors on your site. To automate this process, you simply need to install Broken Link Checker. By doing this, you will get email notifications every time an error occurs. This way, you can detect and fix issues related to broken links.

    No matter whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, you need to optimize your WordPress site with proper SEO. Achieving high ranking and an impressive volume of visitors may not be possible if you keep committing the same SEO mistakes. If you are clueless about how to detect and fix issues with your site’s optimization, be sure to check for errors mentioned above. You may also take the help of an expert SEO consultant to get the job done.

Let us know in comment section if we have missed something.

influencer marketing strategy

The last couple of years have seen the rise of bloggers, micro-bloggers, and social media stars. They influence the lives of millions each day by the way they dress, do their makeup, engage in physical activities, eat, sleep and even possibly breathe! They are the social media influencers, who have the power to inspire and influence millions across the world.

Aside from building their brand that millions follow, they had been attracting marketers from renowned lifestyle brands, activewear brands, food and FMCG brands for highly unique reasons. However, over the last couple of months, the world is seeing the rise of social media influencer-entrepreneurs and different influencer marketing strategy.

Social media influencers are quickly becoming the owner and marketer of their products. This includes Gig Hasid’s new Maybelline lip wear, Kyle Jenner’s makeup range, and Alexis Ren’s active range – REN Active. The digital talent has been taking over the world of business and marketing for all the right reasons. 

Here are top reasons why influencer marketing strategy is better than traditional marketing:

  1. Brands can access ready-to-access customer base by using influencer marketing strategy
    Social media entrepreneurs already have their dedicated followers. Therefore, launching new products, even with an endorsement from bigger lifestyle brands give them a certain edge that other new brands do not have – visibility. Almost all existing social media influencers, including the ones we have mentioned above, have millions of followers each. This provides lucrative marketing and branding opportunities to new businesses as well as market veterans. They have millions of potential users just waiting for exploration. As a result, in the past couple of years, an entire global network of social media influencer agents, media networks, marketing agencies and brand consultants have evolved significantly.This gives a brand noteworthy power over their customer bases. They can see which customers are clicking on the new products, which products and campaigns are getting most likes and which campaigns are drawing in most ROI. It is no wonder that most eminent branding agencies and digital marketing agencies are considering using social influencer marketing to power their oncoming product campaigns. You can think of these influencers are the 21st century Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey, since they are also using their media popularity to create reputable brands around their projected lifestyles.  
  2. Organic content boosts engagement
    Social media websites like Instagram and Facebook have been providing new advertising opportunities to marketers and advertisers across the globe. However, the latest incidents of data debacles have increased user concern over sponsored content and the data they have access to. Some experts predict a huge backlash from the user community, who serve as the target groups of the sponsored ads. Brands that are already trying to find smarter alternatives to sponsored advertisements are leaning towards influencer marketing.
    Influencers bring an element of trust that sponsored content lacks. The same message, delivered by influencers has better reach and elicit more positive responses as compared to paid advertisements. Instagram Stories provides a brilliant way to market new content. This photo blogging website has dedicated users, and the presence of social media influencers is most prominent on this platform. The presence of analytics options for Instagram marketing allows the influencers and their agents to monitor user engagement in almost real-time. This can also help them understand the relative performance of their content and product as compared to their competitors.

  3. Gated content collects more information
    Another way to engage new users and expand your user database is by using the gated content. Several social media influencers cum bloggers like Neil Patel have their blogging platforms, but at the same time, they rely on YouTube to publish gated video content. Gated content refers to content that the marketer offers the user in exchange for some actionable data like user email address, contact number or subscription agreement.
    The introduction of gated content in the realm of social media marketing through influencers has been boosting customer database of new companies, building a strong brand image and helping in the mass introduction of new products with the help of already popular social media celebs.

  4. It’s not about fame!
    Instagram is one of the leading platforms for influencer marketing and social media entrepreneurs, but that does not necessarily mean that it is the right platform for you. There is incredible competition, and your new brand might fare better on some other lesser exploited platform with fewer influencers. You can think about leveraging LinkedIn, Medium and Blogger for static content, YouTube for video content and Twitter for cross-promotion of the content.Successful influencer marketing has a lot to do with correct strategizing and not just followership. For example – smaller, local brands often benefit from employing micro-influencers. If you fall within this group of influencers, you can capitalize this USP to promote local brands and indie products that need a niche following.

    Influencer marketing and social media entrepreneurship are associated with each other. Start by forging strong relationships with your endorsers and maintain your trustworthy relationship with your followers.

WordPress 4.8 features and screenshots

With the WordPress 4.8 update to be released on June 8, 2017, people are excited to know what new features the latest version of WordPress will bring.

In this article, we’ll show you WordPress 4.8 features and screenshots.


WordPress 4.8 Features and screenshots

Matt (Mullenweg), who will be leading core development this year, confirmed in his quarterly update that image widget will be considered for WordPress 4.8. You can expect the following as well: The TinyMCE inline element/link boundaries, new media widgets, WYSIWYG in the text widget.

Listed below are the features and screenshots of version 4.8. Go through them let us know what you think about it.

Note: We’ll be showing you WordPress 4.8 features via the beta version. The official beta was released on 12th May. What this means is that there will be no new features added until the release of WordPress version 4.8. Though, some of the features of the beta version may not make it to the final release.

Widget Area

There is a noticeable change to the widget area of WordPress 4.8 as compared to 4.7.  Few new features have been added.

WordPress 4.7 Widget Area

4.7 widget area

WordPress 4.8 Widget Area

4.8 widget area

Image widget

With the current versions of WordPress, to display and image you have to either use a plugin or write HTML. WordPress 4.8 introduces a whole new image widget, wherein you can directly add images in the sidebar. You can also select an image from the WordPress media library.

image widget

Click on select image, the WordPress media uploader popup will open where users can upload or select images.

select image

Video widget

WordPress 4.8 also features the new video widget. It is similar to the image widget wherein you can upload video to the sidebar without the use of an external plugin. You can also display video from Vimeo, YouTube, or any other oEmbed provider.

video widget

Though it is recommended that you should not upload videos to your WordPress website as it will slow down your website to a great extent. You can instead use video hosting providers such as YouTube or Vimeo. Just click on ‘Select Video’ button in the widget, and then click on ‘Insert from URL’ link.

Visual Editor in Text widget

The existing version of WordPress (4.7) has a plain text widget. It has a simple text box where you can add text HTML code. WordPress 4.8 will have a visual editor in addition to the text box, similar to the one in the post edit screen.

text widget

News and Events Dashboard Widget

One of the WordPress 4.8 features is a brand new WordPress Events and News dashboard widget. This new widget will tell you about WordPress events near your location along with the news. The older WordPress version shows only WordPress news.

Developer specific WordPress 4.8 features

These features are related to WordPress core and shall interest WordPress developers. Developer specific WordPress 4.8 features are:

  • Proportionally sized customizer pane on larger screens.
  • function_get_term_parents_list() will be introduced as taxonomy-agnostic version of get_category_parents()
  • Edit user screen will prominently display user’s name.
  • New filters:
    • nav_menu_submenu_css_class : filters the classes of submenu items of a WordPress navigation menu.
    • page_menu_link_attributes : filters the HTML attributes applied to a WordPress page menu item’s anchor element.
  • WordPress 4.8 now supports a oEmbed proxy API request.

Now you have an idea about WordPress 4.8 features and what’s in store for you. The latest version looks promising and brings many features with it. Hope you liked our article about WordPress 4.8 features. With the release date coming closer, are you excited about the upcoming version? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.