As SlideDeck continues to grow, we aim to improve on the benefits offered to our PRO users. On top of unlocking a slew of incredibly useful features, PRO users will also receive a bundle of rad SlideDeck skins. Rest assured, we’ve heard the community’s feedback loud and clear. The most common request we receive is “more vertical skins!” Which is why we’re dishing out not just one but two awesome vertical slide skins that can be customized to fit your website.


Reason #1 –  Vertical Feature Content (WordPress only):
This ultra minimal Smart SlideDeck skin allows users to fill the entire slide with the content of their choosing. Be it an image or a text/image combination, the unobtrusive dot navigation provides ample flexibility while navigating users quickly through the deck. Additionally, users can navigate by simply scrolling their mouse wheel up or down.


Reason #2 – Vertical Product Tour:
Perfect for complex processes, the Stacked Skin is designed for users that need text-oriented navigation to detail each slide. What you lose in slide real estate you gain with a highly apparent and interactive interface. *Note: For this skin to render properly you must make a SlideDeck with only one horizontal skin and multiple vertical skins.


Reason #3 – Super Simple Gallery:
You may already be familiar with this popular new addition. As a purely CSS built skin, this lightweight SlideDeck will elegantly coincide with your existing design. Quickly override the color properties of the background, arrow containers, arrows and highlight colors to show off a seamless SlideDeck design.


Our collection of SlideDeck skins continues to grow, which is all the more reason to upgrade if you have yet to do so. As always, please let us know what you think of the latest skins. If you have an idea for a new skin design, submit your feedback to the SlideDeck knowledge base.

New users – you’ll receive the skins in the file you download.  Already have PRO?  PRO users, download the latest version of the SlideDeck PRO plugin for WordPress (1.4) to obtain the new skins.

As a reminder, be sure to review the instructions found in the readme.txt file included with each custom skin.

This simple and sleek SlideDeck Gallery skin design requires no images for the frame and was built entirely with CSS. Great for a photo gallery, all this SlideDeck needs is your content for the slides and a title or caption. Since there are no images, this skin is perfect to create a custom gallery oriented SlideDeck for a personal website or portfolio. You can also style the contents of each slide to convey your message. Although the default color of the skin is a dark grey, you can easily override the color properties of the background, arrow containers, arrows, and highlight colors to make this design mesh seamlessly with your existing website.

Let us know what you think of our latest skin. If you have an idea for future skins, be sure to submit it as an “Idea” in our knowledge base. You can download the skin directly from this location: Please review the readme.txt file for further instructions.

New SlideDeck Web Slider Skin

This featured content slider design from Orman Clark, creator of the “stitch” skin, is a new addition to our growing collection of horizontal accordion skins. Because of the complexity associated with noise and hairline highlights/shadows, we utilized the “border-image” CSS3 property to create a dynamic border with noise. This beautiful SlideDeck will look great on both light and dark themed websites. Download the skin, add it to your skins directory , select it from the skin dropdown in WordPress and you’ll instantly have this stunning new design on your website

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new skin as well as any thoughts you may have in general. You can download the skin directly from this location: Please review the readme.txt file for further instructions.

EXTRA: Have the urge to tweak this design? You can download the source PSD file from the original designer at

The last time we held a skin contest, we got a lot of great submissions and some interesting feedback from our users. Today I’ve modified one of the Smart SlideDeck skins to work with non-WordPress versions of SlideDeck. This skin is available to both Lite and PRO users and can be downloaded below.

This skin is intended for use with the non-WordPress version of SlideDeck and requires you to manually edit the HTML. You could also use it in PHP loops for dynamic content, but in general you’ll need to know your way around HTML to use this skin.

Smart SlideDeck skin for non-Wordpress sites.
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