This week, we decided to collect together a bunch of awesome inspirational finds from Pinterest, Etsy, ColourLovers and more, that we’ve been using around the office to get us into the Summer mood. Behold, our tasty Summer moodboard!

To us, Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors whether it’s relaxing with friends for a backyard bbq or on a warm sandy beach. Feel the beach sand between your toes, the sweetness of sorbet, the muscial harmony of a camp fire sing-a-long and nature’s undiscovered country. Summer is a gift, enjoy it!


What do you think? Have any other Summery design inspiration you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

To paraphrase a certain Mr. Bueller: the Web moves pretty fast – if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.

But who has the time for such lollygagging these days? Not us, that’s for sure. So we thought to ourselves: how could we help keep people like us stay up on the hottest topics around the Web and present fascinating, curated content on the page in a beautiful way that saves space and is pleasing to use?

Yeah, we had no idea either – so we decided to use SlideDeck, until we can think of something better…

Thus is born our new weekly blog post series, This Week in ‘Deck! Each week, we’ll choose a hot topic (or topics), and collect together a finely-curated selection of media to give you a quick primer about the topic at hand. Now you can astound friends and family at cocktail parties with your stunningly fresh knowledge of current events!

This Week in ‘Deck: Microsoft Surface

For this week, our chosen topic is Microsoft’s newly-announced iPad challenger, the Surface. Enjoy this brisk tour of opinions and insights on the latest tablet to enter a fray that, until now, has seemed overwhelmingly one-sided…

This week, we’re using a Custom Content SlideDeck created using the Toolkit Lens

So what do you think, does Microsoft have a winner on their hands? Think you’ll get a Surface? Let us know in the comments!