WordPress animated slider

Looking for a tool to build beautiful and responsive animated sliders for your site? You are at the right place. Here is an awesome way to put dynamic a WordPress animated slider on your site in minutes.

With SlideDeck3 LayerPro lens, you can now create awesome animated sliders with multiple layers of images and text. LayerPro allows you to add super-smooth animation effects in the form of transition, rotation and scaling.

In this article, we will guide you on how to create an animated slider for your WordPress site in just a few clicks.

Creating a WordPress animated slider

STEP One: Installation

First, you need to install and activate the SlideDeck3 Plugin and the LayerPro Lens.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to install SlideDeck lenses in WordPress

STEP TWO: Create Slider

Now it’s time to create your first slider with LayerPro Lens.

Visit SlideDeck3 » Manage and click Create SlideDeck under Custom Content.

LayerPro - WordPress animated slider

Give a name to your Slider

LayerPro for SlideDeck3


Note: Layer Pro lens only works with Image SlideDecks under Custom Content option.

STEP THREE: Integrating LayerPro Lens with Slider

Now you need to integrate your favorite lens LayerPro with your Slider.

Click Lenses under OPTIONS Tab and Select LayerPro Lens

LayerPro lens for SlideDeck3


Make Navigation and Playback settings as per your requirement.

Create an Image Slider by adding few images.

animated slider WordPress

animated slider WordPress

Now you need to edit your slides properties. Go to Slides – Edit Slide

Slider - LayerPro lens

Select Add Layers option on right top corner.

SlideDeck3 - WordPress slider

Click Add Layer button

Add layer - SlideDeck3

At this point, you have two options available. You can add an image or text as a layer of your slider. Let’s discuss one by one.

Creating Image Layer Slider

Upload a Layer Image

Image layer - SlideDeck3


Make other required settings for the layer Image and click Apply.

Creating Text Layer Slider

Add the Layer Text

text layer - SlideDeck3

Make other required settings for the layer text and click Apply.

You can also add multiple layers on the slide of your slider using Add Layer button. It can be either text or image.

Multiple layers for sliders

And you are done!

Hope this article helped you setting up an animated slider for your WordPress blog. Another article that you might also want to check out is how to restrict content in WordPress to registered users

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Creating and managing your sliders has become much easier than before.

This release provides you an option to use pre-defined, readily available templates to create sliders on your website. Creating stunning sliders on your website is just a click away now.

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Just change the Images and you are ready to go!

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Take a look at the bug fixes we have rolled out with this release :

Classic lens bug fixes:

  • Every spine irrespective of the starting slide is seen
  • Earlier the spines covered an image by overlapping it. This issue has been resolved

Classic lens

Other bug fixes:

  • The ‘Scale proportionally and do not crop’ option works just right now. The aspect ratio of all images is now maintained


  • js error in the admin panel fixed for all SlideDeck pages

These are the recent updates. More addons and updates are on the way.

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Parfocal Lens

I like to move it, move it

She likes to move it, move it

He likes to move it, move it

You like to move it, move it

Yes, you must be definitely swinging to this tune!

And what if your old, static and boring image sliders make your visitors swing too? Give a makeover to your static image sliders. Make your slider images swing up,down, left and right, zoom in and zoom out! Aren’t you excited about using them in your sliders ? As you can tell, we are !

SlideDeck3 releases its next Version 3.2.5 which has the new…

Parfocal Lens

An astonishing lens inspired from the Ken Burns Effect, specially designed to make your image sliders look lively and attractive.

So much you can do with this lens –

  • Make a full width as well as a box view sliders
  • Only images can be given effect
  • Make use of all dynamic sources which have images

You don’t want to miss out on this, check out the Parfocal lens in action.

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Please note –

Parfocal Lens is compatible with SlideDeck3 3.2.5 Version and above.

Compatible with all the browsers, IE8 and above.

Future Post Feature

This time, Team SlideDeck has come up with a real surprise !

A powerful feature which will give your visitors a reason to come back to your site , again !

SlideDeck3 Future Post Feature

With this release you can showcase all of your upcoming posts to your visitors.

What this means is that any post that you may have marked as “Scheduled” for a future date in your WordPress Dashboard , can be used to create a slide.

It then acts as a teaser or preview for your visitors – it makes them aware of what is coming soon.
All you need to do is to adjust the Post Order to Future Post and start sliding your upcoming posts.

Future Post Feature

Future Post Feature

Here’s how you can leverage this feature !

  • Increase your website’s direct traffic
  • Create Teaser Sliders and your visitors will be hooked
  • Habituate your visitors to check your website’s updates
Sounds exciting? Then, just get started with it!
Bug Fixed in this release:
  • Image auto resize: Images auto height adjust issue on mobile devices has been solved.

So, this is what we have for you from SlideDeck3 3.2.4

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