Planning keywords

It is known to even those who are new to search engine optimization that proper planning keywords are essential for text linking. However, many of the ‘so-called’ new-age SEO specialists do tend to make the mistake of including many keywords at a time for site navigation, which ultimately makes it very difficult for the users and also confuses the search engine crawlers. This eventually ends up in creating an adverse SEO impact for your websites.

With this in mind, many online marketers are confused about how to go about them. The most frequent question we hear nowadays is whether we should drop the practice of putting keyword-specific anchors? Let’s discuss it in more details to eradicate the confusions.

Website navigation

To get clarified on this, one needs first to understand the various website navigation types.

  1. Utility navigation – You can see it in the top right corner of the web pages. The users can see the link to the Home page, log in to accounts, or link to contact us page, etc. here.
  2. Primary navigation – This is usually put in the left-hand side column on top. This primarily represents all the top groups of info about a website.
  3. Secondary navigation – As a primary, secondary navigation to appear on the left top column, which offers quick access to the more detailed information under each primary category.

Footer navigation comes next, which offers supplemental links to the users to other portions of the site.

Adding keyword links

When it comes to leveraging the best SEO benefits, the two places to put in keywords are

  • Embedded-text links
  • Location breadcrumb links

Embedded text as you can see in websites like kottongrammer with text links inside an article offers a compelling context. Anchor text is another mighty area to put keywords. If you are not able to directly embed the keyword into the anchor text, you can ideally use it just next to the anchor text.


Nowadays, most of the SEO specialists know that simply putting a “know more” or ‘click here for details’ is ideal for text links to drag in traffic.


If it is necessary, then you need to specify what ‘know more’ you offer them as a value addition. So, an ideal text link may look like. “Know more about our cost-effective SEO services” or so. However, it may not be possible always to include such lengthy sentences for the text link. So, an effective way to communicate it effectively is to put noticeable headings like “Graphic design services” and then add the ‘know more’ link right beneath it.

External linking also needed to be done judiciously to enjoy the best search engine value as well as the desired results. It is not ideal to add links blindly just to maximize your backlink strength. The latest search engine bots of Google and other leading search engines are capable of assessing the relevance of your linking structure as a critical element of search engine rankings.

Conclusion on Planning Keywords

In a nutshell, the SEO professionals need to be highly resourceful regarding upgrading their knowledge and skills by understanding the changing standards and market conditions. The insights shared here is a collection of those which are expressed by the leading search engine gurus from across the globe.

popular web hosting provider

Keeping the digital era in mind, most shrewd businesses are today making their ways toward the online realm. Thanks to websites and blogs, it is no more exhausting to engage existing clients and charm the new ones. While most of the business owners concentrate more on factors like conversion rate, content, and social media; they often neglect some of the most important aspects related to a website, such as customized hosting solutions, and many more, a popular web hosting provider are compulsory for any business in initial stage. And hence, lack of evaluation ends up pushing them in a pit full of wrong choices.

What happens when you don’t select a reliable web host? This is one such question that revolves around the mind of every newbie. If you are also the one from the lot, don’t worry, it is quite normal. As a business, your priority should be to maximize your profit. Of course, that is needless to mention, right? However, if you are living with a perception that choosing a wrong host may not affect your income, it is the time you must think twice. A bad web host may:

  • Make you lose revenue
  • Have a negative impact on your search engine ranking
  • Not provide any solution to security hacking & malware attacks

And the list goes on! However, when it comes to selecting a web host, the process is everything but easy. Don’t worry! Taking away your stress, here is a brief review about one of the most considerate and well-known web host companies – Atlantic.Net.

popular web hosting provider

A Brief About the Company:

Being in business since 1994, Atlantic.Net was quite content by playing in the regional market for a long time. However, since a few years now, the company is putting in every effort in providing superior and optimum services to its customer-base; hence, procuring recognition and a stable brand in return.

Apart from the locations where the company already has its presence, Atlantic.Net is now ready to set its foot in Asia and Europe, in pursuit of becoming a global performer in this domain. The company that started with simple internet service provider has today become one of the most leading cloud hosting providers. And today, with a myriad of reliable and trustworthy services, the company has managed to grab some renowned names in its kitty, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Viacom, Puma, Hilton, and many more.

Features of Atlantic.Net:

Talking about the features, the list includes many charming aspects, such as:

  • 100% uptime
  • Superior infrastructure
  • High touch approach
  • Stability & strategy packed in services
  • Concentration on security
  • HIPPA & HITECH compliance
  • Leading partnerships & certifications
  • Third-party audit
  • Different platforms to get in touch with the support team

A Myriad of Services:

Talking about the services, the company provides an array of them, including dedicated, cloud, private virtualization, managed, and colocation. Atlantic.Net boasts about its state-of-the-art infrastructure, which helps lodge projects seamlessly, irrespective of their size or scale. Not just that, but the organization even takes pride in its support panel, which comprises inventive and experienced people.

The best thing about their services is that they provide customized packages, as per your business requirements. Some of the services include:

popular web hosting provider popular web hosting provider popular web hosting provider


Private Cloud Hosting:popular web hosting provider

For those who feel safe and secure in a private environment, Atlantic.Net provides private cloud hosting. With optimum deliverance of flexibility, scalability, and elasticity, the company ensures full control and customization through this private hosting. This service is further extended into two parts:

  • Customized Cloud Virtualization
  • Private Cloud Solutions


Database Hosting:popular web hosting provider

Right from installation, to management and specialist care, the company takes pride in its considerable history in database hosting. With an amalgamation of security, scalability, and performance, Atlantic.Net assures high-speed transfer and recovery of data. Moving forward, this database hosting the organization works with every SQL platforms, open source, or proprietary platform.

By choosing their customized web hosting & managed solution packages, you will be provided with all-time support in installing as well as setting the database service.


IaaS Hosting:popular web hosting provider

Furthermore, Atlantic.Net even provides IaaS hosts services, which can assist you in deploying and managing servers, hardware, software, storage, and other components of the infrastructure. This service has a support of superior data centers along with services essential to managing a business. Not just that, but the organization even provides customized hosting solutions for IaaS hosting, in accord with dedicated and cloud hosting platforms, which eventually supports different operating systems.


Hybrid Hosting:popular web hosting provider

For those who are handling extensive infrastructure of IT, Atlantic.Net has hybrid hosting to offer. Whether you are contemplating to store data onsite or offsite, this hosting is surely going to help you both of the situations, as per the company.



Colocation Hosting:popular web hosting provider

Another prominent service that comes from the basket of Atlantic.Net is colocation hosting. With world-class hardware, high security, and climate control, the company ensures nothing but the best to you. Right from the servers to racks, the company guarantees to monitor everything 24/7 by skilled operators, sitting in a fireproof and protected environment. Thus, you can be sure of the safety of your sensitive data.

Just a handful of services mentioned here, however, other than these, the company even provides:

  • Compliance hosting
  • SaaS hosting solutions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Web hosting
  • Database hosting
  • Storage hosting
  • Dedicated cloud nodes

And much more!

Managed Services:

Along with independent and private services, Atlantic.Net is also recognized for providing managed services to its clients. Some of the essential ones are as follow:

  • Managed Server Hosting
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Managed CDP Backup
  • Server Management
  • Network Edge Protection
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Trend Micro Deep Security

And much more!

Technicalities to Talk About:

The company has its data centers in Canada, US, London, Toronto, and the UK. So, if your target audience lies outside the territory of these countries, it might be a bit difficult for you to cope up. Never mind, Atlantic.Net is soon thinking to expand. So, just hope that it touches the boundaries of your target market soon.

popular web hosting provider

Anyway, moving ahead, the company is entirely audited by the third-party; hence, you can rely on their standards of security without any second thoughts.

When it comes to uptime, Atlantic.Net guarantees 100% of it. Not just that, one of the most appreciative moves by the company to build trust among its audience is its refund policy. Since it provides 100% uptime, excluding the scheduled maintenance, the company will refund the entire money, if there is an untimely downtime ever.

What’s the Addition?

Accept it or not, but the company does not believe in setting up baits for customers; therefore, you might not be able to come across any alluring add-ons. However, the company is extremely professional in its methodology and paradigm of work. So, the additions that you can expect are:

  • Root access to your server
  • One-click installation for LAMP, WordPress, cPanel, and more
  • Nothing out of the plate is delivered
  • Assures 100% prevention of data loss
  • HIPPA, SSAE, and PCI compliance services
  • Free transfer of data with cloud hosting
  • Free DNS

How can Atlantic.Net be Helpful?

Not just in terms of customized packages and superior services, but there are several other ways in which can be helpful, such as:

  • Devoted virtualization in accord with prevailing hosting solution
  • Devoted virtualization in accord with server colocation at the center of data selected by you
  • Dedicated platform of hosting established in coordinating with cloud environment
  • Virtualization hosting along with prevailing computing solutions
  • A combination of off-site and on-site private virtualization

Advantages of Atlantic.Net:

To tell you the truth, there are several ways that make this company stand apart from the rest. Be it its customized plans or decades-long knowledge and skills, there is an amalgamation of advantages that makes this company worth giving a try. Some of the advantages are:

  • Secure, reliable, and stable platform
  • A large network connected with high-speed connections
  • Audited & certified
  • Prompt and seamless backup of data
  • Tailored & customized services, as per your requirements
  • 24/7 support over email, chat, and phone calls
  • More than 20 years of expertise

Disadvantages of Atlantic.Net:

Regardless of how superior and perfect a company appears out to be, there would be always something where it would be lacking behind. So, here are some of the disadvantages of Atlantic.Net:

  • Cloud servers & VPS are quite same
  • Extra charges for CPanel
  • Customized quotes for different services

Conclusion for popular web hosting provider:

There is no denying the fact that every web hosting company differs from one another, be it in terms of features or services. However, as far as Atlantic.Net is concerned, the above-mentioned information has not only made you aware of the brand’s clientele but its services, features, and much more.

The best thing about Atlantic.Net is that it has something for everyone. Their customized hosting solutions ensure that you are meeting your business requirements. Moreover, they assure 100% security and safety to their clients, therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about your sensitive data. After all, that is how managed to gain the trust of top-notch companies of the world. So, at the end of the day, the call is yours. Know more about the company and its service, if you are not aware of it yet. And then, take a decision.

making web hosting service safer

A standard web server is usually equipped with all applications that work well for shared hosting service, which is the most popular and budget-friendly option. A typically shared hosting service package includes basic support for web statistics, auto script installations, e-mail as well as webmail services, updated MySQL and PHP databases along with the technical support service necessary for keeping the system running. But they often don’t pay attention for making web hosting service safer.

According to a top local SEO expert New York, these are the minimum requirements for implementing SEO, and if you want more control over the hosting service, then access to system administration would be necessary. Although these features should make you happy, you must scrutinize the security level of the server because a vulnerability in server security can harm your website. The hosting service provider should ensure the highest level of security so that your site remains completely protected from the threats of disruptive forces.

The security features that you incorporate in your website could be quite good, and even you might have obtained an SSL certificate to that effect, but unless the web security features complement it well, you can never be at peace.  The web server could be a possible entry point for malware, hackers and data thieves who are always on the lookout for web vulnerabilities. The web host plays the role of a mediator between users and search engines, which is the reason why its security features become an integral part of the overall security of your website.  

As cyber-attacks are getting more common nowadays, you have to ensure that web hosting security is adequate to keep your website safe. You just cannot afford to compromise on web security although it is not in your control. The following security features are the minimum requirements that you must always ensure.

Secure data center

The physical data center of the host must be suitably located so that it remains secure from possible intrusion. Unauthorized persons should not have access to the data center. Power outages can happen for various reasons whether due to some calamities like a storm, hurricane, fire, etc. and the data center must have adequate power back up to maintain continuity of service. Proper fire protection system must be in place, and the building that houses the data center must have features that can protect it from natural disasters like earthquake, floods, and hurricane.

The security system used for protecting data from hackers and the kind of backup system deployed to ensure complete data protection is a factor that you can never compromise.  Even if you use a cloud server, barring the factors related to the physical location, all others remain as important.

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

Server crashes can happen, and there must be a system in place to ensure data protection so that you can access the data even when the server becomes dysfunctional. If you find the web hosting service usingRAID system, it should give you some comfort because the data would remain safe in the event of a server crash. RAID uses virtualization technology in data storage by combining several physical disk components into one or several logical units to provide data redundancy and improved performance. As this feature is expensive, even if the host provides it, you may have to pay for it.

Data back up

What kind of data recovery methods the server uses in case of any problems that renders data inaccessible are points to consider. How the data center remains operational in case of hardware failure is equally important. Although you might be using some data-backup system, the host has to deploy some backup system too so that there would be no fear of losing data in case of any eventualities. Whether the system is manual or automated, it must be adequate to back up the volume of data you handle because some web hosting service puts a gap on the data size that they consider for back up.  Regular backup ensures that the latest version of the website is always available for viewing.


If the host ensures 100% uptime, which is ideal but difficult to achieve, you must take a close look at the security system to ensure that even if the server faces some cyber-attacks, the server functioning will remain unaffected. Some hosting services use some servers to ensure continuity of service in the event of any disruption. How the claim of uninterrupted uptime can become a reality is an aspect that you must judge carefully.

Refer to the feedback from various forums and reviews to know how others have experienced the web hosting service concerning the security features that indicate the reliability of service. The number of clients hosted on a server is also a point to consider in shared hosting.

Conclusion for making web hosting service safer

In the end always with whom you are sharing the hosting as it can be critical for any business website. Let us know in comment section about your experience for the same.

online business tools

On your journey to boost the growth of your online business, you must benefit from technologically advanced assets available online. Today, I am going to aware you of the best online business tools that can make the efficient use of the available resources and let them work for the excellent growth of your online business.

Let’s get started!


  1. WebCEO: Online SEO Toolsonline business tools

WebCEO is an amazing online SEO platform for small businesses and a great asset for implementing your marketing strategies. It provides over 15 online SEO tools, including rank checker, SEO auditor, keyword finder, backlinks auditor and competitor researcher. It also lets you plan your individual SEO strategies by keeping a DIY SEO checklist.

Without having to pay any additional cost, this search engine optimization tool will enable you to customize your SEO reports with your company’s logo. It can also automate various SEO-related tasks, saving you time and resources.


  • 15 SEO tools
  • Free 14-days trial
  • DIY SEO checklist
  • Customized SEO reports
  • Up to 5 free SEO leads a day
  1. ScrapeBoxonline business tools

ScrapeBox is a must-have online business tool that is popular among many SEO marketing companies as well as freelancers. It will be your personal SEO assistant with the wide range of tasks it automates. Trusted by the majority of SEO companies and internet marketers, ScrapeBox is an essential online business tool for link building and harvesting URLs from popular search engines.

With the help of its important features, this online business management tool can perform various SEO tasks such as scraping URLs, building links, and generating more leads. Features such as Proxy Harvester and Keyword Scraper can help you gain more visibility on search engines like Google and Yahoo!


  • Generates e-mail Lists
  • Tools for Proxy Harvesting
  • Search Engine Scraper
  • Keyword Scraper
  • Link Building Tools


  1. Uncodeonline business tools

Uncode is an important online business tool that will play a vital role in making your business website visually attractive. A visually appealing website has a great share in converting your visitors into your customers. Uncode gives you the full control over the layouts and themes you want to choose for your online business website. This online business tool provides a tailored visual composer that lets you design your website without knowing any programming language. Content block is an amazing feature of Uncode with the help of which you can integrate your web pages with external sections of relevant content.


  • Advanced Grid System
  • Content Block
  • Tailored Visual Composer
  • 40+ Visual Add-ons
  • iLightbox Revolution Slider
  • LayerSlider Headers


  1. Vismeonline business tools

Visme is an essential online business management tool that can be beneficial for promoting various events, deals, sales, offers, and discounts associated with your online business. Visme provides a wonderful platform for you to create and design flyers, banners, graphs, charts, infographics, and posters.

This online business tool can be helpful for online businesses, especially for e-commerce businesses for promoting various offers and attractive deals. With the flexibility, eye-catching templates, and printable flyers, Visme remains an essential online business tool for e-Commerce businesses.


  • 500+ Templates, Colors, and Themes
  • Can be Used Online and Offline
  • Customizable Designs
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • 120+ Fonts
  • Downloadable High-resolution Images


  1. Linkodyonline business tools

Linkody is a highly essential online business tool that covers almost all the aspects of SEO and link building tasks for your business website. It can conduct an intensive link audit and notify you of losing links or identifying best links for your competitor businesses. This online business tool can help you to keep track of backlinks and prevent your website from being penalized.

This is a wonderful online small business tool that can gather important links and data from various sources such as Good Analytics, Majestic, and Moz. Plus, Linkody is an affordable online business tool with the plans starting from US $14.90.


  • Identifies and Disavows Harmful Backlinks
  • Identifies Competitors’ Best Links
  • Notifies when Competitors Gain Links
  • Manages Linkbuilding Campaigns
  • Conducts Deep Link Audits


  1. MotoCMSonline business tools

This is another important online business tool that will help to build an amazing website for your online business easily, without having to spend a lot of money. MotoCMS is an amazing online small business tool that provides a website creator with attractive templates. User-friendly admin panel of this online business tool helps you to create a visually attractive business website, which can attract more customers. With the variety of its features, such as countdown timers, progress bar, and popup, MotoCMS lets you create an appealing business website with ease.


  • Free 14-days Trial
  • User-friendly Control Panel
  • Niche-specific Content
  • Full Tech Support

Another factor that makes MotoCMS an essential online business tool is its logo design templates. MotoCMS provides a collection of attractive logo designs for you to choose one from for your online business. The logo design feature of this online business plan tool can add a great value to your branding and marketing campaigns.


  1. Nightwatchonline business tools

Based on its attractive and helpful features, Nightwatch has gained popularity among businessmen as a helpful online business management tool. It is another SEO tool that can improve the ranking and visibility of your business website on search engines. The Nightwatch Rank Tracking tool lets you track the ranking and SEO-wise growth prospects of your online business. This online business plan tool can take care of the SEO-related tasks of your profile and also help you to rank on the targeted keywords, boosting the growth of your online business.


  • Drag and Drop Customization Tools
  • SEO Reports
  • Creative Visualization
  • Advanced Keyword Discovery Tools
  • Detailed Segmentation
  • Smart Notification


  1. WP Legal Pagesonline business tools

Without having to hire a legal expert, you can develop legal policies for your online business with the help of this online business tool. WP Legal Pages provides templates of all the necessary legal policies for your online business. With the features like forced agreement, this online business management tool lets you protect your business from the legal point-of-view.


  • Customizable Policies
  • 24+ Templates of Important Legal Policies
  • Option to Force Agreement
  • Affiliate Disclosure Addition


  1. HumCommerceonline business tools

HumCommerce is a great online small business tool that analyzes the overall growth of your online business by analyzing your website. It tracks the behavior of your visitors on your website and provides you with some valuable insights to generate more leads. It can also generate heatmaps to identify the most popular feature of the website and lets you improve your strengths.


  • Search Insights
  • Analyzes Sales Performance
  • Visitors’ Behavior Analysis
  • Form Analytics


  1. SurveyFunnelonline business tools

SurveyFunnel provides you with all the help to understand your target customers’ exact requirements. You can create various forms, survey, and take feedback from your visitors with the help of this essential online business tool. With the help its automated business surveys, you can identify challenges and plan your next business strategies accordingly.


  • Customizable Forms
  • Call-to-Action Overlay
  • Complete Customer Support
  • Lead Generation Analytics


  1. Codesteronline business tools

This is an amazing online business management tool that provides over 5000 assets for sale and makes buying and selling processes simpler. It helps you to buy themes, plugins, and PHP scripts in this ever-growing marketplace with ease. It offers the lowest price guarantee and no transaction charges, which makes it an attractive online small business tool.


  • 4 Free Downloadable Items Each Week
  • 70% Commission Rate
  • 5000+ Templates, Plugins, and Themes
  • Lowest Price Guarantee


  1. InvoiceBerryonline business tools

This is an online invoicing software that mainly attracts freelancers and small business owners. It is an essential online small business tool that can help you to keep track of your finances without having to invest a lot of time and money. It can automatically generate invoices, which can be scheduled according to the requirements of your business. The InvoiceBerry Online Invoicing feature makes it an essential online business tool, which can create invoices in over 200 currencies.


  • Generate, Send, and Manage Invoices Easily
  • Connect With PayPal, WePay, and Stripe
  • 200+ Currencies
  • Schedule Recurring Invoices


  1. Host-trackeronline business tools

The important task of website maintenance can be automated and simplified with the help of this online business management tool. Host-tracker is a website monitoring tool that performs various tasks such as managing Google AdWord account, advertising campaigns, and scheduling the website maintenance cycle. The biggest advantage of this online business plan tool is that it can take care of ads and marketing campaigns of your online business and monitor your domain certifications as well.


  • Content Management
  • AdWord Management
  • 24*7 Track of Website Functions
  • Response Time Tracking
  • Domain Certification Monitoring


  1. Botsify
    online business tools

Botsify is a smart online business tool that helps you to create intelligent chatbots for your online business. These chatbots can analyze the content on your business website and provide helpful insights for improvement. You can create a chatbot in less than 15 seconds, which can build a personalized demo for your online business website. Botsify incorporates AI technology to implement intelligent query matching algorithms. It can directly aid generating more leads for your business. It enables you to build intelligent chatbots for three platforms – website, Facebook, and Amazon Alexa.


  • Smart Push Notifications
  • Intelligent Query Matching Algorithm
  • AI Capabilities
  • Compatible With Website, Facebook, and Alexa Platforms


  1. Renderforestonline business tools

This online business tool is actually a cloud-based video maker, which allows you to make creative promotional videos and ad campaigns for your online business. Renderforest is an important online business management tool that provides you with a huge number of video templates that can be customized according to your business needs. This online business tool also helps you to create logo animations as well, which can improve the quality of your branding campaigns even more.


  • 115+ High-quality Royalty-free Images
  • 400+ Video Templates
  • Commercially Licensed Music Tracks
  • Allows Publishing on Social Media


  1. SEOPop
    online business tools

As the name suggests, this is an online business management tool that can manage SEO and perform various analytical functions of your website at the same time. SEOPop closely monitors several activities on your website and gather important information from leading search engines. By analyzing all the information gathered, this online business tool provides valuable insights for the benefit of your online business. It performs various analytical tasks such as link analysis, domain analysis, IP analysis, and keyword analysis.


  • Visitor Analytics
  • Rank and Index Analysis
  • Code Minifier
  • Native API and Widget
  • Google URL Shortener


  1. BackupBreezeonline business tools

This is one of the most essential online business tools that can protect your online business from various cyber threats. It is WordPress tool for taking backups of your content online and protect important data from any kind of internet emergencies. With the help of this online business management tool, you can schedule backups and automate the restoring processes.


  • User-friendly WordPress Plugin
  • Complete Customer Support
  • Auto Schedule Backups
  • Easy Restore from Backup
  • File/Directory Select for Backups


  1. WP Exit Popuponline business tools

This is an intelligent online business plan tool that implements intelligent exit intent technology to trigger an exit popup. By tracking the visitors’ activities on your website, this online business tool induces a popup to engage user with attractive offers, interesting surveys, or feedbacks. It makes user linger around for a little longer on your page and help to generate more leads.


  • Builds e-mail Lists
  • Integrated with Aweber, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor
  • Customizable Popup Templates
  • Customer Feedbacks and Surveys
  • Free Helpful Resources


  1. KeywordXPonline business tools

KeywordXP is an essential online business tool that manages SEO to target long-tail keywords that your business can rank on. This online business plan tool analyzes the keywords of your choice and compares them with your top competitors. It can help you to improve your content and gain a competitive edge in the market. It runs on various operating systems, while it can help you to refine your searches to greater extents.


  • Useful Resources
  • Runs on Mac and Windows
  • Location-specific Searches
  • Domain-specific Searches


  1. EvergreenFeed

If you want to leverage the advantages of social media marketing strategies, you must use this online business tool. It provides useful social media automation add-ons, which allows you to connect to your social media accounts and schedule a post to target your potential customers on social platforms. It eliminates the need to re-buffer the content on your website and automate your activities on social media accounts more efficiently.


  • User-friendly Operation
  • Free Accounts
  • Access to All the Popular Social Media Accounts
  • Simple Setup


These tools are assets to improve the presence of your business on the internet. These tools can help you to plan effective business strategies and save your resources smartly.