SlideDeck has a new home

After much searching, talking, hand-wringing and deliberation, we’re thrilled to finally announce that we’ve found a new home for SlideDeck! Over the next month or so, Hummingbird Web Solutions will be taking the reins, and we couldn’t be happier to introduce you guys. Hummingbird is headed up by Karthik Magapu and accompanied by his flock of over 50 WordPress fanatics, they’ve built up an impressive resume of WordPress-focused businesses, including CyberChimps and WP Eka. We’re so excited they’ve decided to bring their extensive experience in the WordPress community to take SlideDeck to new heights! This announcement has been a long time in the making for us – mainly because we wanted to make sure that whoever took over cares as much about SlideDeck and you guys as much as we do – no small feat. But now that the day is upon us, I’d like to turn it over to Karthik for a few words.

A word from Karthik Magapu, Hummingbird Web Solutions

We are delighted to take over Slidedeck from the very capable team of Digital Telepathy and continue the good work done by them !
While we are trying our very best to ensure this transition as seamless as possible, I do request you bear with us if there are any hiccups.

What this means for you

You undoubtedly have questions, so allow me to pre-empt some of them below:

Will I need to buy another SlideDeck Pro license?

Nope! Don’t worry, your licenses will remain active & supported through their end dates.

Where should I go for support?

Nothing changes for now – we will let you know if and when any changes are rolled out.

What happens to my information?

First of all, we’re not selling your email addresses to any 3rd parties! We’ll simply be transferring them to Hummingbird for the purposes of continuing to offer you the support and info you need to get the most out of your SlideDeck purchase.

What’s in store for SlideDeck? Any new features?

We are starting off with testing the plugin completely for responsiveness, on all mobile devices – If you have any ideas about how we can all work together and take this to the next level, please drop me a note via We are listening !

Where can I re-download my plugin files?

You’ll be able to grab your files from us by logging into your DT account until 01-July-2015. After that, you’ll be able to go to Your New SlideDeck Account. You can continue to use the same login credentials.
If you need a hand, just send an email to and we’ll sort it out for you rightaway !

A major announcement about SlideDeck 2

A major announcement about SlideDeck 2

About 4 years ago, we took a little javascript library we’d created internally for quickly building content sliders on our clients’ websites, and launched it as SlideDeck. Since then, we’ve seen it grow to become one of the most-used slider plugins on the web, and claim a spot among the most recognized plugins in the WordPress community.

We have you, our users, to thank for these things, so it’s only right that we tell you about a major decision we’ve made about SlideDeck. It’s been one hell of a ride, but the time has come for us to shift all of our focus to our new and most ambitious project ever, Filament.

What happens next?

Starting today, December 15th, and continuing for the next 30 days, we’re issuing an open call for offers to acquire SlideDeck as a business. We’re looking for someone who knows the WordPress ecosystem inside-out, and can take on the growth, operations and marketing of the business, as well as continuing to take the very best care of the people who put their faith in us by supporting the product – that’s you!

What we’re looking for

SlideDeck is our baby, and provides value to thousands of people around the web – so we don’t want just anyone to take it over. We want someone who:

  • Shares our passion for making the web better
  • Gives a damn about good design
  • Has a track record of providing top-notch customer service
  • Is willing to make a six-figure acquisition offer

In return, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire a business that offers:

  • Nearly 10,000 active users
  • One of the most recognizable brands in the WordPress community
  • An annual, recurring revenue stream
  • A mature, stable software product with the most robust feature set on the market
  • A trial version with built-in upgrade hooks
  • A proprietary paid user licensing system that dovetails seamlessly with WordPress
  • In-depth analytics potential – conversion rate tracking, plugin usage, etc.
  • A valuable domain name,

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, we’d love for you to get in touch with us here: This is priced to sell, so serious offers only, please. Also, this is an asset purchase only, and won’t include any of our employees, because we need them for other projects!

Why we’re doing this

SlideDeck’s success has done nothing but stoke our enthusiasm to create more tools that put good design within reach of as many people as possible. Through the exhilarating wins and the grinding challenges of building this business from the ground up, we’ve learned tons about what it takes to make, ship and support a great software product as a company – and we want more!

There are many new products we want to build that will make the web better, and few resources with which to do it, which is why we’ve decided to hand over responsibility for running SlideDeck to someone else, in order to focus our efforts on our latest endeavor, Filament.

This is a pretty big announcement with lots of implications, so read on for answers to most of the immediate questions.

Questions & Answers

What does this mean for me, as a SlideDeck user?

For right now, nothing! We’re still committed to supporting the product, and honoring our commitment to every person who has bought a copy of SlideDeck.

Over the next couple months, you might get another heads-up if we find a suitable buyer for the business, but either way, we’re going to make sure that you’re well taken care of.

What if you don’t find a buyer after 30 days?

We will stop selling SlideDeck to new customers, and continue supporting our existing users through the end of their licenses with us.

Will I be able to renew?

For now, yes, but once we stop selling SlideDeck, we will also be discontinuing the renewal of any current licenses. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of notice before this happens.

But I love SlideDeck! Why are you doing this?

Trust us, we’re a little misty-eyed about it too – SlideDeck is one of our oldest, and most successful products to date, so we don’t take this decision lightly. But we’ve reached the point where the maintenance of SlideDeck is coming at the expense of large new opportunities to make the web better, and we think these new product ideas deserve their own time in the spotlight, to benefit everyone.

We’ll be shifting our focus to Filament, because we feel it’s the platform with the most potential to make a lasting impact on the experiences people have online.

Will there be a SlideDeck app on Filament?

We’re definitely open to this idea! We’ve talked extensively about doing this internally, but we need more feedback on it to make it a reality. We’d love to hear your suggestions for what you’d want in a SlideDeck app on Filament.

Any more questions? Contact us, and let us know what you’re thinking.

SlideDeck 2 is now compatible with WPML!

SlideDeck 2 is now compatible with WPML!

We’re keeping it short and sweet this month, with a handy update that makes SlideDeck compatible with the awesome WPML translation plugin!

Como se dice “Awesome”?

Upgrading to SlideDeck version 2.3.6 brings you the ability to translate your Custom Content SlideDecks’ content into any of the languages supported by the WPML plugin, (turns out, there’s over 40 of them)! And in case you were wondering: yes, this new feature is available for Personal, Professional and Developer tiers of SlideDeck 2.

So update your copy of SlideDeck 2 now, in one of these two ways:

  1. Update via your WordPress admin screen
  2. Log into your DT account, and download the latest update

If you have an expired license, not to worry! You can renew your license for 25% to 50% off the normal price. Renew your license today to get access to all the latest features and bugfixes, as well as support from the friendliest plugin developers around – us! ;)

Renew Now

Not using SlideDeck 2 Personal, Professional or Developer yet? What’re you waiting for? Upgrade now.

Hold your horses before you update to WP 3.7

Hold your horses before you update to WP 3.7…you’ll want to hold your horses: it turns out one of the changes to WordPress in version 3.7 changes how the plugin update notification system works – with the end result being SlideDeck 2 Personal, Professional and Developer users will never see the notification when we push out an update.

SlideDeck 2.3.4 to the rescue!

As soon as we realized this, we scrambled our elite Rapid Response Team (i.e. Jamie) to create a fix for you all. The good news is we have it – and it’s already live!

Here’s what you should do.

If you’ve not yet upgraded to WP 3.7…

Upgrade SlideDeck 2 first! Version 2.3.4 addresses this notification issue, and ensures that you’ll continue to get a heads-up when there are new versions of SlideDeck 2 available. There are two ways to do this – all Personal, Professional & Developer users should either:

  • Go to the Plugins screen in your WordPress admin, and update SlideDeck 2 from there, or
  • Log into your DT account, download the plugin .zip file and upload it to your WordPress site

Ack! I already upgraded to WP 3.7! What should I do?

Fear not! There’s help for you, dear lost soul. Simply follow these instructions in order to resolve the issue:

  1. Deactivate all SlideDeck 2 plugins you have installed on your WordPress site
  2. Install SlideDeck 2 Lite from the WordPress plugin repository
  3. Once installed, visit the “Addons” page in the plugin
  4. Install your addons

This will download the latest version of the Personal, Professional or Developer tier addons from our servers to your WordPress site. And then you should be good to go!

What if my license is expired?

Don’t worry, we haven’t left you hanging! We’ve created a free patch that you can apply – we strongly recommend that you do this. If not, you may not receive notification of updates for any of your plugins. And that’d be bad, mmkay? Grab it from the link below:

Just replace the file of the same name in slidedeck2-personal/lib/ with this one, and the update mechanism will continue to work as it did before WordPress 3.7.

While you’re at it, did you know you can get 25-50% off if you renew your license, and get another year’s worth of access to updates, support and new features?

NOTE: Our affiliate program is now closed. Thanks for your interest!

We’re super excited about SlideDeck 2.3, and we want your help telling the world about it. So we wanted to make you a mafia offer–one you simply couldn’t refuse–we’re giving you the opportunity to earn up to 75% commission on every sale. All you have to do is post a new review of SlideDeck on your blog before September 15th, and we’ll upgrade you into our new affiliate tier, the one that lets you earn up to 75% commission—that’s as much as  $112 for a single sale. But you have to hurry, because August is almost over.

To qualify for this offer:

  • You must write a new review of SlideDeck 2.3.
  • It must be published on your blog before October 1st.
  • And most importantly, you must be part of our affiliate program!

Just fill out this quick form to let us know you’ll be posting a new review of SlideDeck before September 15th. Once your post is up we’ll upgrade you into the 75% tier! 

If you’re not an affiliate yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free, takes just 5 minutes to set up, and lets you earn commission on every copy of SlideDeck your visitors buy—now up to 75% thanks to the above offer. Join our affiliate program here.