SlideDeck 2

SlideDeck has a new home

SlideDeck has a new home!

By On June 8, 2015 0 Comments

After much searching, talking, hand-wringing and deliberation, we’re thrilled to finally announce that we’ve found a new home for SlideDeck! Over the next month or so, Hummingbird Web Solutions will be taking the reins, and we couldn’t be happier to…

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A major announcement about SlideDeck 2

A Major Announcement About SlideDeck

By On December 15, 2014 21 Comments

About 4 years ago, we took a little javascript library we’d created internally for quickly building content sliders on our clients’ websites, and launched it as SlideDeck. Since then, we’ve seen it grow to become one of the most-used slider…

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SlideDeck 2 is now compatible with WPML!

SlideDeck 2 – Now WPML compatible!

By On November 19, 2013 4 Comments

We’re keeping it short and sweet this month, with a handy update that makes SlideDeck compatible with the awesome WPML translation plugin! Como se dice “Awesome”? Upgrading to SlideDeck version 2.3.6 brings you the ability to translate your Custom Content…

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Hold your horses before you update to WP 3.7

Important: Before you upgrade to WordPress 3.7…

By On October 21, 2013 16 Comments

…you’ll want to hold your horses: it turns out one of the changes to WordPress in version 3.7 changes how the plugin update notification system works – with the end result being SlideDeck 2 Personal, Professional and Developer users will never…

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Affiliates, Hurry for Chance to Earn up to 75% Commission!

By On August 27, 2013 0 Comments

NOTE: Our affiliate program is now closed. Thanks for your interest! We’re super excited about SlideDeck 2.3, and we want your help telling the world about it. So we wanted to make you a mafia offer–one you simply couldn’t refuse–we’re…

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