Have you ever thought about how to create a wedding website? 

Weddings are just lovely, aren’t they? I mean, who doesn’t love a cute, organized, entertaining, and above all, a memorable wedding that acts as an inspiration for your guests.

However, managing all the details of your wedding can be daunting, let alone informing your guest about the important details of the wedding, which is just why wedding websites were created.

Today, we have the technology. This virtual technology (the internet) has given us plenty of opportunities to manage our daily lives amazingly, and the same goes for your wedding.

Since it’s your big day, you cannot afford to lose any chance to miss something that could add more value to your wedding day. To relieve some of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding – you can create a wedding website.

Yes, that’s right! A wedding website is all that you need to relieve you of some of the most essential parts of your wedding so that you can focus on other things.

Having a wedding website means getting all of your event details in line for your guests.

By having a centralized hub of information related to your special event, you would be easily updating information such as your event details, photographs, theme, location, time, and much more.

If you’re thinking that creating a website would take 1 or 2 months or I don’t have that much time. Let me clarify that this wedding website you’re about to create isn’t that typical or technical.

Several wedding website templates are available that you can select at your leisure and add the “wow” factor to your wedding day. You can select the template that best represents your wedding day, chemistry as a couple, and your personality.

So, without any further ado – let’s start learning the process through which you can create an inspiration wedding website for your big day. Let’s start!

1. Choosing A Wedding Website Builder

wedding website builder is critical because it will determine how you’ll display the details of your wedding day to your guests.

Your wedding website builder should have some essential features: RSVP tracking, gift registry, event details, timings, guest login option (optional), and attendee’s information.

Moreover, you can just google over the internet and find the perfect wedding site builder for your big day that best fits your needs.

So, let’s assume you selected WordPress as your platform – now you would need to install WordPress and select a theme after installing it. Confused? Don’t worry, here are the details.

2. Hosting & Installing WordPress

Once you’ve selected WordPress as your platform, you would need to choose a host for your site. On WordPress, you’ll find several hosting options along with their price range.

However, my recommendation for you would be to select the one with a special discount or low price since your wedding website is just going to be up on the internet for a limited period.

Don’t spend too much on the hosting; just get a cheap hosting that could simply host your site. After you’re done with the hosting part, you can now easily install WordPress with the “one-click-Install” feature.

And this would bring us to our next stop, selecting a perfect WordPress theme.

3. Select a Wedding WordPress Theme

Remember earlier I told you that there are thousands of themes available on the internet that you can choose as your wedding website theme – this is the part where you’re going to do just that.

While selecting a stage for your wedding site, keep an eye on the aesthetics that the specific theme selected would bring to your site. My suggestion would be to find a theme that comes with a countdown feature.

Moreover, you also have to look for some added functionalities in a theme like a guest book or venue carousel, so choose a theme wisely.

After selecting the theme, you may need to tweak or edit it a bit to best fit your requirements, which brings us to the next vital part of the intriguing process, “editing the design”.

4. Editing the Design of your Theme

After selecting the theme, you need to edit the theme as per your requirements. There are several aspects of a theme: color combination, design style, representation, layout, etc.

However, the simple but powerful WordPress enables you to edit your theme to give it your preferred look.

You can add sliders and display your wedding or venue photos. We could add the number of days you’ve been together. You could use a parallax scrolling feature or add a video background to your wedding site.

In a nutshell, there’s literally so much you could imagine and do while editing your WordPress theme.

5. Adding the Content to your Wedding Site

So, it has all come down to adding content to your website, don’t worry, I’m here with some amazing ideas for you.

First and foremost, you would need to add the most important information, your name and the wedding date. As soon as the date is fixed, I suggest that you upload it on your website for your guests to see.

Secondly, once you’ve decided on the venue, you can simply update your location on your website; however, an innovative way to do so would be to add a Google Maps Widget to your site. This integration would help your guest to easily navigate to your location by leveraging Google Maps.

Or if you don’t want to get technical, just add photos of your venue with the address, and you could also add photos of famous places nearby for your guests.

Thirdly, you can update the dress code for your special day. It could be formal, informal, black tie, or theme-based; literally, anything you have in mind can be updated, so just go for it.

Fourth, the timing of your wedding, i.e., when it’ll start and when it’ll end.

Firth, notify them about a common hashtag that you will be using for your wedding. This hashtag would enable your guests to find your photos over the internet using the common hashtag that was designed for your wedding. I suggest you place this hashtag in the header or footer to make it memorable for your guests.

And sixth, add contact information so that if in case your guest has any problem while reaching your destination, they could simply call you, or if they want more information related to your event, they could fill the contact form on your website to ask about it.

After adding content, your job isn’t done. It’s essential to check the text with an advanced plagiarism checker to ensure there’s no duplication. Duplication can cause several troubles for your website; hence getting your hands on a smart tool, like plagiarism checker on is crucial.

Now that you’ve tweaked the design, added content, made the overall website look spectacular.

It is time to add some last-minute details and addons to your website just so that it could feel more engaging and flourishing. And how exactly are you going to do that? Well, add a photo gallery!

Adding a photo gallery that reflects your love story with your special one is nothing less than an amazing idea. I mean, you could simply showcase your love story to your guests, make them emotionally connect to your special day.

I suggest, along with a photo gallery, you also add a little bit of content beneath it that shares your and your beloved’s most memorable moments together.

You can use our photo gallery plugin .

However, since we all know that “a single picture speaks a thousand words,” creating a photo gallery is vital. You could also tease your guests by sharing some personal information related to the event they’re about to attend. This approach would get them curious and more interested in your special day.

Moreover, you could also share some of the food pictures that will be available on your wedding day, you can add information about the hotels available near your venue (for foreign visitors), or you could add a short article on how you look good in a wedding (the ladies would love it).

7. Creating The Invites And Rsvp

When you’re hosting an event, especially a wedding – it is quite important to ask your guests about their requirements, let alone knowing who’s coming to your wedding.

And the best option to do so is by leveraging WPForms. If you’re looking to create an RSVP for your website, there’s literally not a better option than WPForms, through which you can collect your guests, names, details, requirements, and much more. You could also save and sort out all these important details collected on your laptop or mobile phone easily.

Moreover, you can use WPForms to create the type of form you want. Plus, there are 100+ form templates that you can select to customize your form to look beautiful.

Adding a form that is visually appealing and compelling will persuade your guests/visitors to fill the form if they are asked to do so.

Moreover, you can create and install the Invites and RSVP by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Install the WPForms Plugin.
  2. Create Your Customized RSVP Form.
  3. You Can Edit Your Form From Within The Settings.
  4. We Can Edit Your RSVP Notification.
  5. You Can Edit Your Form Confirmations.
  6. There’s A Limiter There In Case You Need To Limit The RSVPs You Receive.
  7. Finally, Add Your RSVP Form To Your Wedding Website.
  1. Publishing Your Wedding Site

Finally, after going through all the steps mentioned above within a day, your customized Wedding website would be ready to rock its online presence. Now you can easily publish it and send the link to all your guests so that they can learn each and everything about your wedding day via your wedding website.

Since it is your special day and this is a once in a lifetime moment that you can cherish with all your loved ones, I suggest you go all out and showcase the most beautiful feelings you’re having through your website.