Create Engaging Video Slider On Your WordPress Website

Create Engaging Video Slider On Your WordPress Website

Videos make your site more appealing. A WordPress video carousel does not just attract more visitors to your site but also improves user experience.  A video can deliver a message much faster than texts. They create greater impact and serve better to convert non-customers into customers. A video carousel contributes a lot to increase the popularity of your site. This is the reason, nowadays in most of the websites, you get to see them. Do you also want to embed videos to your site and create an impressive slider? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we will show you an easy way to create a video carousel for your WordPress website.      

What is a video slider? 

 A video slider is an easy way to showcase videos on your site. You can pull videos from any popular source and display them on your pages easily with a video slider. It makes your website more engaging.   

Difference between video slider and video carousel?

The words slider and carousel are often used interchangeably. Most of the people believe that they are actually synonymous but that is not the truth. In reality, carousels are slightly different from the sliders though both are used for the same purpose. With sliders, you can display and rotate a set of text, image or video on your pages while with a carousel you can display multiple videos together. You can set the navigation style as per your choice and also add some transitions to make the display more attractive. In simple words, carousels offer you more features and flexibility compared to sliders.       

How to display a short video on the homepage? 

The best way to display videos on your home page is to use a WordPress video slider plugin.  It will let you showcase your videos on any page you want without much effort. All you need to do is to install and activate the plugin. There are lots of plugins in the market. We would recommend a WordPress plugin called SlideDeck.  

WordPress Video Slider Plugin SlideDeck 


Slide Deck is an advanced WordPress plugin that lets you create horizontal or vertical sliders on your site. If you are looking for an easy tool to embed a short video to your website to showcase your work or achievement in a better way, SlideDeck is your option. It lets you pull videos from popular sources like YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion and display them on your home page or any other page wherever you want with just a few clicks. The plugin allows you to showcase your videos in multiple ways including carousels and thumbnail video sliders. While with carousel you can bring together multiple related videos, thumbnails help your visitor to jump between different videos on your site. 

The best feature of the SlideDeck that makes it different from the other video slider plugins is its “Lense for Video” feature. The lenses are customisable themes. You can apply them to your videos to make them more appealing. The lenses change the appearance and behaviour of the video sliders dramatically. You find a new look and feel after you apply these features to your video carousel. 

The plugin is responsive and beginner-friendly. It is well documented and GDPR and CCPA compliant. Anybody can easily use it even without any technical knowledge. It works well with all the modern WordPress themes and addons.  

Benefits of using short video carousels on the homepage

Using video carousels can be beneficial for you in many ways. Here are some of the major advantages of using video carousels – 

  • Improves user experience
  • Ensures better user engagement 
  • Reduces bounce rate 
  • Increases traffic 
  • Increases conversion rate

Top 7 tips to make video sliders more engaging 

How will you make your video carousels more impressive, it completely depends on your innovative ideas and creativity. There is no formula for this. As far as the scope of creativity is concerned, the sky’s the limit. You can go to any extent. The only thing you have to keep in mind is your users should find it interesting. 

Here are some tips to make your video carousels impressive –     

1. Use target specific contents

The first step you need to take to make a video carousel is to know what do your visitors look for in your site. Find out their preferences and design your content accordingly. The best way to make your sliders appealing is to make an attempt to feel their pulse. Try to answer the questions that may come to their mind while going through your product details. You need to guess what questions may arise. Accordingly prepare your video. 

The other thing is it needs to be appealing and should be able to hold your viewers back. Combine the sound with visuals in a creative way. Both should complement each other. The video should be able to touch the sensitive touch points where your texts can never reach. This is the primary objective of embedding a video carousel on your website.      

2. Make the display attractive 

Since Slide Deck allows you to display your sliders in various ways, go for an experiment and see what looks better. You can create vertical and  horizontal sliders as per your needs. It depends on what kind of information you want to display and how your users will like it. Usually, it is seen that to showcase some documents, the vertical option is better. But, if you want to show product videos on carousels, the horizontal option is better. You can also play with the transition effects and navigation styles to make your carousels more attractive.   

3. Share your success stories or achievements 

If you share your success story and achievements, it has a great impact on the viewers. They develop a feeling that your product is the right option for them and you are quite ahead of your competitors. It increases the chances of conversion. Sales may start increasing overnight once you display your success stories in an effective way.  

4. Share the testimonials from your users 

Displaying the testimonials from your users on your site increases the trust of the viewers. If you can add testimonial videos from happy customers, it works even better. If the viewers get to see the users narrating their experiences themselves, they  feel the information is authentic and the product is worth buying.   

5. Make the videos match the tone of your site 

No matter whatever you do, it has to be in line with your brand image. The tone of the video must match the tone of your website and style of your brand. If you create your own video, you can design contents as per the image of your brand but if you pull videos from an external source, you need to be extra careful. Display only the videos that complement your webpage contents and do not contradict it. There should not be any kind of a jerk. The viewers should feel satisfied after watching the video.        

6. Try to encourage users interaction 

Try to make your carousels interactive. Add feedback or comment sections where users can put their views. They may also leave their questions there. Try to answer those questions as soon as possible. It makes your bond with your users stronger.  

7. Use CTAs 

If you put a CTA button near the video carousels, it triggers an impulse purchase. Immediately after watching the video, people may develop an interest in the product. If at the end of the video, they get to see a CTA button nearby, they feel like pressing the button to make the purchase. It is an easy method to boost up your conversion rate.   


In this article, we made an attempt to throw some light on the importance of video sliders on a website. Also, we tried to show you an easy way to create video sliders  on WordPress. Slide Deck slider plugin is exclusively documented and beginner friendly. All the features speak for themselves. Once you install and activate the plugin, the self-explanatory buttons will lead you in the right direction. You will be able to create your own sliders within a few minutes without taking any help from anybody. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up the plugin and move ahead. Get prepared to achieve greater goals.        

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