Create SlideDeck skins faster with the free Launchpad Bundle

Create SlideDeck skins faster with the free Launchpad Bundle

Here at SlideDeck Mission Control, nothing gets us more fired up than when one of us stumbles across a cool custom skin out there on the web. But let’s be honest, it takes work to create a good skin – you’ve got to get each element laid out just right, at the precise dimensions in order to truly create a masterpiece that induces desire and jealousy in all who use it.

Customize your SlideDeck faster with the Launchpad Bundle
Download the free bundle, strap in, and get to work!

While we definitely admire the dedication of our community, we thought we’d help grease those creative wheels a bit with some resources to help all you budding skin designers and developers. Behold, the SlideDeck Launchpad Bundle!

We’ve put together a couple of preformatted template files to help designers and developers alike chop hours off the time it takes to roll your own skins. Best of all, we offer this to you for free – we only ask that you use it for good; not evil.

Included in the bundle:

  • A Photoshop PSD template for the Classic SlideDeck skin
  • An HTML/CSS preview page

Download the SlideDeck Launchpad Bundle

ZIP file, 449kb

P.S. This is just an initial offering, give us a shout in the comments if there are other things you think would be useful to include in this bundle.

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    • Thanks for the heads-up, Lin! We were doing some housekeeping, so a few files got moved around – give that link another shot, it should work for you now.

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