How to Create a WordPress RSS Slider

How to Create a WordPress RSS Slider

RSS feeds an easy way to share a list of headlines, update notices, and content to a wide number of people. And it becomes, even more, easier to highlight your content with a WordPress RSS Slider.

So if you plan to highlight the RSS Feeds into the slider of your WordPress website, then SlideDeck is one of the best WordPress slider plugins out there to get the job done.

SlideDeck3 can help to beautifully present the RSS feeds into the sliders of your website.

So here is a quick setup tutorial on how to create RSS slider in WordPress. Let’s begin.

STEP ONE: Install SlideDeck

First, you need to install and activate the SlideDeck Plugin.

STEP TWO: Create WordPress RSS Slider

Now it’s time to create your first WordPress RSS slider.

Visit SlideDeck » Manage and select Create SlideDeck under Dynamic Slider

STEP THREE: Integrating RSS Feeds

Select RSS Feeds as a Dynamic Source

WordPress RSS slider


STEP FOUR: Configure RSS Feeds Source

You need to enter the valid RSS Feed URL in RSS Feed URL field. You can use W3C Feed Validator Service to verify your feed URL.

You can enter multiple feeds, one per line.

NOTE: Some servers are not configured to follow redirects, make sure you are using the feed URL’s final destination URL.

Select Preferred Image Source from the drop-down menu » Set Validate Images – Choose Yes/No » Apply

RSS feeds configuration

STEP FIVE: Save Slider

Click Save SlideDeck Button to save all the settings.


STEP SIX: Add the slider to a post or page

You’re almost done.  It’s time to publish your slider to the website. Select any of three available methods.

Publishing content on SlideDeck

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a slider with RSS Feeds that looks like this:

You’re all set with your WordPress RSS Slider. We hope this tutorial helped you in creating a responsive WordPress RSS slider on your WordPress website.

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