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Design Update: Vertical Navigation Style Prototype

On August 4, 201016 Comments

We’ve been doing a lot of head scratching and doodling to create the perfect navigation interface for vertical slides. We’ve updated the SlideDeck on our homepage with the latest prototype (yea, it’s a little buggy). We’d love to get our users’ feedback before packaging it up as part of the default template.

The prototype includes an intuitive dot navigation on any spine that contains vertical slides. It also features simple up/down navigation arrows on the top and bottom of the slide. The arrows match the previous/next arrows of the Smart SlideDeck as shown in the example below.

SlideDeck Vertical Slides

Here is a brief overview of the benefits:

  1. It gives the user an idea of the depth of a SlideDeck at first glance, regardless of what slide they are on.
  2. It is contained on the main navigation element (spine) of the slide and frees up the rest of the slide for design elements.
  3. The arrows allow up/down functionality without having to move the mouse and its conforms to the current spineless template design (Smart SlideDeck).

Here is a brief overview of the constraints:

  1. You are limited to about 20 characters per spine title. In our opinion, brief is bold. Don’t make your users read more than 20 characters per spine.
  2. You are limited to about 5 or 6 vertical slides per main slide. If you can’t get your point across with that many slides, you need to simply your message or shorten your spine title.
  3. Your mouse may be on the far right, ready to click on the next slide spine and it requires movement to the arrows or spine nav. Think of it as yet another version of a wrist workout.

Keep in mind that you can always design your own skin and create any type of vertical navigation you like. We are simply looking for the optimal default design.

We want to hear from you! Please let us know what you think by posting a comment based on the below guidelines.

  1. Perfecto! Let us know if you dig it.
  2. Close but no cigar. Let us know what kind of tweaks would improve the design.
  3. Bummer dude. Totally off the mark – give us a new way of creating the vertical navigation.

We can’t promise that any or all of your comments will be implemented, but we do promise to appreciate and reply to each one.

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    Looks great resource to get inspiration.



    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s imprsiesng me! 🙂



    I recently found SlideDeck (using the WP Plugin) and tried the free version out on my site, and I love it. It adds a great element of intuitive interface, and allows me to simplify and present content in a streamlined platform.
    I am happy to see such an active and engaged development team! That really stands out for me.
    I will likely be buying a licence for 50 for my digital media company, but I have one question/concern about the Smart SlideDeck:
    The “Read More” link only appears on some news post slides, on some the post text just continues until the bottom of the slide. Am I missing something?
    Thanks in advance!



      Hi Jules,
      What you’re seeing is the excerpt text getting cut off. To remedy this we made the excerpt length adjustable, and there are two settings. For each Smart SlideDeck you can choose how many words are shown before the read more link when there’s an image and when there is no image.



      Thank you Jamie, I really appreciate your fast response! You all make a hell of a team!

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    Thanks Dennis. We don’t plan to autoplay the vertical slides by default. By design, vertical slides are meant to be optional for users and allow them dive deeper into the content of specific horizontal slides. We don’t want to force users to view details by default, just the overview of the content.

    That being said, we would consider adding the option of autoplaying all slides. Could you give us a few use cases of why you would want to do this?


    Dennis Lagman

    I really like the dot navigation and the up/down areas on each slide. Will autoplaying SlideDeck also go through the verticle slides?



      Hi Dennis,
      We’re currently rolling out a beta version of SlideDeck Pro that includes vertical auto play; we’ve gotten a lot of demand for the feature. The beta also includes a few other improvements.

      If you’re interested, email [email protected] with “SlideDeck Pro Beta” along with your name in the subject line. Please include your order number or PayPal receipt in the email.




    Thanks for your thoughts Marsha. We currently have a template with horizontal spineless dot navigation for the Smart SlideDecks. We are in the process of developing a gallery mode that will bring that template to any SlideDeck format.



    I really like the new arrows for the vertical slides. Without them it’s difficult for visitors to find the additional slides. I would also like to see arrows on the sides for the horizontal slides when the spines are turned off.



    @Bowe Thanks for the considerate tweet! Based on your suggestion we are going to try out the up/down arrow navigation for vertical slides.

    In order to maintain the best user experience possible, we will only activate the up/down arrow key functionality when the cursor is in focus on the slide with vertical slides.

    So, if the user’s mouse cursor is over the SlideDeck area, we’ll listen for up/down arrow key presses and navigate through the currently viewed slide’s vertical slides and prevent scrolling. This option will be off by default (as it may produce some unintuitive responses), but we will document it and give the user the option to turn it on.




    We are building out a Gallery mode in the coming month. We are not certain if we will include any animated transitions at this point, however we will definitely take it into consideration. Thanks!


    Dave Bergschneider

    I’m considering to use slide deck as part of the my premium themes framwork set to release end of this year but what holds me back is I need just a little more on the aesthetics. Transitions like that of AviaSlider



    Thanks Bowe,

    That’s a great suggestion. I have found myself hitting the down/up keys when navigating the slides as well.

    We will take it into consideration.



    I really like the new design and the extra though you guys have put into the vertical slide navigation. The only thing that would be really cool to add is being able to use your Up and Down keys to navigate the vertical slides (just like you’re able to do with the horizontal slides).

    It’s a small but cool and useful feature I think.. besides that; great work!