The Divi Builder Plugin for any WordPress Theme

The Divi Builder Plugin for any WordPress Theme

Elegant Themes has enjoyed considerable success as a leading WordPress premium theme producer, due in no small part to the Divi Theme, which utilizes a drag-and-drop page builder to construct pages from modules containing widgets. Divi 3.0 has now been released as a standalone plugin. Elegant has redesigned the system into a two-part approach, separating the theme and the plugin.

What is Divi?

For novices and non-programmers, the ability to do their own page layouts is a game changer. The thing that Divi does best is visual page building, and that feature has only been improved with version 3.0, with the ability to use the tool on both pages and posts. Drag-and-drop has always been the main strength of Divi as a theme. Creating custom layouts is as simple as dragging content modules into position and dropping them there. Go through the review of Divi 3.0 to get an in-depth knowledge of this powerful theme.

How It Works


Divi Builder plugin follows a grid system to lay out pages, allowing the user to add as many rows as desired, then divide those rows into however many columns it takes to do the job. Users are able to operate the builder from either the WordPress Dashboard or the front end of the website.

Divi comes with dozens of content modules, which are boxes similar to widgets that drop into place in the grid to provide content on the page. There are 46 content modules in all, including an audio player, call to action, contact form, portfolio, video slider, gallery and much more. Images, galleries and templates can all be inserted into the layout as full-screen modules, providing a high degree of visual impact.

Divi Features

Divi Builder plugin offers three types of sections, 20-row types and the 46 modules to plug into them, resulting in virtually limitless layout possibilities. Divi also includes dozens of layouts already built, allowing designers to get up and running as quickly as possible. The included layouts include ecommerce, homepages, landing pages, “under construction” and blog templates.

The Divi Library is an important feature that allows the user to create custom templates and reuse them later, loading them into other layouts. This is an important customization feature that most other visual drag-and-drop editors don’t offer. Between the many modules, most with several variations to choose from, the layout collection, and the custom library capability, Divi can conceivably replace several other plugins, reducing overhead on the WordPress installation.

Another important feature Divi offers is the Role Editor, which makes granular permissions easy and simple. Determining which users have access to which content modules is simple and straightforward. This is one of the easiest ways on the market to prevent unauthorized editing by visitors or blog authors, and also serves to keep clients from causing problems for themselves or their web personnel.

A Paradigm Shift in WordPress Design

With the ability to use the content modules and numerous layout options with any theme, nearly unlimited variation, ease of use, the ability to edit from the front end and the customizable library feature, Divi Builder plugin offers fantastic power at a very reasonable price. This is one plugin that can completely change the prospects of small web design firms overnight, providing the capability to compete with anyone in the market.

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