How to Save Slider Settings : Duplicating a SlideDeck

On July 13, 20150 Comments

Based on our recent survey, it looks like quite a few users are looking to ‘save’ slider settings. The easiest way to do that is to make a copy/ duplicate of a SlideDeck that has already been created. You really do not want to start making a slider from scratch when you already have an exactly similar one.

No worries! You can make a duplicate copy of the saved slider with just a click. Here is how:


  • Click on the ‘Duplicate’ icon at the right-hand side of the previously saved SlideDeck.
  • A copy of it is created. This copy has a unique id.
  • You can rename the duplicate slider and use it in an existing or a new post/template/page. Just click on the ‘Use this SlideDeck’  icon.


  • All the original slider’s settings like lens, setup, appearance etc are cloned.

There you have an exact copy of your SlideDeck! Hope this post helped.

On a different note, if you would like to save the settings for each slide, within a slidedeck, that is something we are working on and it is slated for release early next month 🙂

Was this not what you were looking for ? Did we completely miss the point ? Tell us !

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