How to create a Facebook Post Grid for WordPress?

Facebook post grid

Do you want to set up a Facebook post grid for your WordPress site?

While most WordPress themes do not have a grid layout feature, plugins come to the rescue. WordPress has a vast array of plugins to add a grid layout to your site. One such plugin is GridFX. With GridFX, you can easily create a Facebook post grid and add it to your WordPress site. Moreover, GridFX is compatible with all types of themes.

To add a Facebook post grid using GridFX, simply follow these steps :-

Adding a Facebook Post Grid to WordPress :-

Step 1: Install and Activate GridFX Plugin

First, you need to install and activate the GridFX plugin.

Install and activate GridFX

Step 2: Create a new grid

Once you have installed GridFX, create a new grid and give it a suitable title value.

Create new grid - GridFX

Step 3: Select Facebook as a source to pull content

Go to Grid Content Settings tab and select Facebook option as a source for Out of box Integration.

Facebook - GridFX

Step 4: Get the Facebook Token Key value

To get the token key value you first need to create Facebook API key for the app and then you will get token key value.

Facebook token key value

Step 5: Give a Page Name to your Facebook page

Give the Facebook page a name from which you have to get images

Facebook page name

Step 6: Save grid and generate shortcode

Click on “Save” button to save your Grid. Once the grid is saved, a shortcode will be generated. Use it to add your grid anywhere on your site.

Create new grid - GridFX

Step 7: Add shortcode to your WordPress site or blog

Shortcode generator - GridFX

Here is your grid created with Facebook posts:-

Facebook post grid

We hope this article help you learn about how to create a Facebook post grid and add it to your WordPress site. If you have any queries or feedback, let us know in the comments below.

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