Firefox 20 update and SlideDeck.js – we’ve got you covered

On April 5, 201313 Comments

We’ve been hearing that the recent Firefox 20 release has beef with SlideDeck.js, but fear not! This is a bug we addressed a while ago, so if this issue is affecting you, all you need do is follow these handy instructions below to get them playing well together again:

Click on the SlideDeck.js Developers Kit tile

  • Download the latest version of the kit (1.4.3)
  • Now, to update your version of the SlideDeck Javascript library, simply upload the latest version of the file “slidedeck.jquery.js” to wherever you placed the previous version on your server, and overwrite your current copy of the file

Note: SlideDeck 1 PRO users should have received an email with update information and direct download links.  If you are a SlideDeck 2 WordPress license owner, just update to the latest version.

That’s it, you’re done! Firefox 20 and SlideDeck.js should now be happy together like peas and carrots. If you’re still having trouble, definitely post a ticket in our support forum, and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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    Ok, quite prepared to pay – but my site is not a WordPress site. Are you able to supply the replacement js file for a non WordPress site?



    Mari Stewart

    I need some help. I am here at the Roanoke Times, and we are using the Slide Deck on one of our blogs. I need to get into the Developers kit for the Firefox 20.0.1 fix, but, no one seems to have written down the login and password, and, the original implementer is history.
    Can you look for someone’s email that ends in, please? If not, what steps can be taken to get our Slide Deck updated with the fix?




      Hi Mari

      Just shoot us a note via our contact form containing the email address you used to purchase and your order number, and we’ll get you taken care of.



    Hi, I’ve been using the free version on one of my sites – obviously it no longer works on Firefox. Looks like the only way I can fix it is by paying for the new js file. Is this correct? :>(

    Thanks, SW



    Got the email on 3/15 and downloaded the update. Can you please advise how to update the plugin? It wouldn’t allow me to add the new release on top of the old one from the plugins add option on the WP admin section. Please help as this is urgent. Thank you, Jerry
    [email protected]



      Hi Jerry – shoot us a note via our contact form, and we’ll get you some help.




    We were built a site where all of the different types of Slidedeck (personal, dev, professional) were installed. We’re experiencing problems with the slider in Firefox (the slides won’t progress). How can we update the specific file that needs to be updated to work in Firefox? I’d prefer to not just go in and update all of the plugins to the most recent update in case any customization done with the plugins is lost. It’d be much better if we could just update the right file.




      Hi Evan

      If the core files of the plugin have been modified, I’m afraid we can’t tell you specifically what to change, because we don’t know what’s been done on your end. I’d say take a backup of your customized copy of the plugin, then update, and reapply your edits. Feel free to hit up our support forum if you need more guidance –


    toon in china

    This is great news. Can I implement slidedek on my blog?


    Mark McEachran

    Any idea when the wordpress plugin will get the update?



      Hey Mark – We sent out an email to all SD1 users on 3/15, with a link to download the final release of the plugin. If you didn’t get it, shoot us a note with your order number, and we can provide you the update.