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On November 13, 201225 Comments

One of our proudest achievements with SlideDeck 2 was the Lenses system – separating your slide content from the way it’s presented on the page opened up the ability to dramatically change the look of your slider with a single click. It was a big step forward for the the Web slider, and although we’ve been intently focused on adding and improving features since SlideDeck 2’s launch in March of this year, we definitely had our eye on expanding the variety of Lenses available to you guys.

So, it’s with a huge amount of excitement that we’re giving you a first look at our upcoming Premium Lenses for both Lite and paid SlideDeck users! Very soon, you’ll be able to purchase & install additional lenses right from inside your WordPress admin area, for as little as $9 a pop!

What new Lenses are coming?

The following three brand new Lenses will be available to all Personal, Professional and Developer tier SlideDeck users:


  • Inspired by the custom slider Lens created for the digital-telepathy blog
  • Clean, minimalist design fits with almost any site
  • Beautiful, customizable thumbnail navigation
  • Dynamic-content only


  • The first multi-panel SlideDeck Lens, that can show multiple image slides simultaneously – perfect for Instagram or Pinterest feeds
  • Awesome ‘card-stack’ variant
  • Introduces a new font –Permanent Marker
  • Dynamic-content only


Leather Lens (sneak peek)
  • Gorgeous, customizable leather and paper textures for that classic vintage look
  • Introduces a new font – “Damion”
  • Supports both Custom and Dynamic Content

What about Lite users?

Don’t worry, we’re not restricting the Lens love just to our paid users! With our next plugin update, Lite users will be able to purchase three Lenses previously only included with the paid versions of SlideDeck – Classic, Fashion and Half-Moon. Try them out for yourself right now in our free live demo.

How will Premium Lenses work?

Now, we’re sure you have questions about this new world of Lenses, so we’ve taken the liberty of throwing together a quick FAQ:

How will I buy Premium Lenses?
Both paid and Lite users will be able to purchase Lenses from several points inside the admin area, including the Lenses screen, and the Lens selector in the SlideDeck editing screen.

Will this be a subscription thing?
Nope, for right now all Lens purchases will be a one-time fee.

Can I get support with the Lenses?
SlideDeck Personal, Professional and Developer users can continue to get access to support and updates as usual. Lite users will be able to get the latest versions of their Lenses from their digital-telepathy account (if you haven’t already, you should sign up – it’s free and awesome), but will not have access to our support team. Basically, nothing changes from a support point of view.

When will they be here?

Patience, young Skywalker(s) – we’ll be officially launching Premium Lenses very soon, and you’ll get access to them with the next plugin update we release.

In the meantime, what kinds of sliders would you love to see made available as SlideDeck Lenses? Post your suggestions and examples in the comments!

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    Karl Baker

    Great stuff so glad I found Slide deck, I can change my gallery now to look more like how I want it. Polarad looks epic for some instagram shots I have.



    Any Ideas when the premium lenses are available for lite users.. can’t waittt 🙂

    so happy with slidedeck amazing



      Hey Tommy

      You can purchase the Half-Moon, Classic and Fashion Lenses right now from inside the plugin! =) As for the Premium Lenses, you gain access to purchase them once you’re a Personal, Professional or Developer SlideDeck user.

      Thanks, glad you’re liking SlideDeck!


    Steve Silver

    How will I receive notification of availability of new lenses for Lite? Can you provide a timeframe…in lieu of exploring other solutions for my need to have on-screen scrolling arrows?



      Hey Steve – you’ll be able to purchase Premium Lenses with the next plugin update. I can’t provide an exact date, but you can expect to see the update within the next couple of weeks =)



    I agree, lens should be free community accessed, like google web fonts or skins in winamp.
    But slideck have no patient… and they run to exploit developed user lens!
    Great shot!
    Im around pursaching developer license, but im going to wait and see what happen to updates, as only small updates are free available with the license, and slidedeck (as far as i know) passed from slidedeck to slidedeck 2 ….
    Good game!



    @Mark, @Page & @SK – We’re discussing whether Developer license users’ access to these Lenses will differ from everyone else’s, and we’ll definitely factor this into our decision.

    Bear in mind, though, that each Lens requires a pretty significant investment of our time and resources to create, so it’s not always feasible for us to simply release them as a free update.



    Title slide looks awesome.

    So with Dev license we still need to pay for these lenses? Will they have same license i.e. $9 can be installed unlimited number of times with dev license?



    Looking forward to these. I have a form that members of a site fill out to create a post. The post is used for a slidedeck. Unfortunately, some of the images they upload are not sized well, or not very interesting to be the focus.

    I’d like to see a slidedeck that focuses on text more and uses the images as accents. You could call it “Text with a little Accent”

    Thanks for this product. I does so much that I really need for a site.



      Hey Nancy

      Keep your eyes peeled – we have a similar Lens concept that was held back from our original launch, but that we might be pursuing in the future… =)



    so after forking out for the developer pricing, I now have to fork out MORE money for additional lenses.

    “… paid … users will be able to purchase Lenses”

    Not convinced that’s the best way. Hmm..



    Why not show working examples of this new feature in your post instead of just screengrabs?



      Hey Steven – at time of writing, we’re putting the finishing touches on them. Besides, the title of the post is “First Look”, so we can’t show everything just yet 😉



    Ooooh, those lenses look great – I especially love the “Titles” one – looking forward to the release.


    Page Wood

    I do not feel that paying users, particularly those who have bought the Developer license, should have to pay for “Premium” lenses. We already paid a hefty chunk of change for your product and I see lenses as updates to your product, that most definitely should be included in the price that we pay for our year of support and updates.



    Hard to see, your sense of humur is!

    Do or do not. There is no professionalism



    I like the first one, I just can’t afford the developer addition at the moment. Nice to see some good updates though.


    Pat Carr

    Great stuff, but as for a time estimate – “Patience, young Skywalker(s) – we’ll be officially launching Premium Lenses very soon, “….give me a break, not a very professional way to word it!!



      Excuse me, Pat – patience Sir Skywalker 😉

      Just kidding – I always try to make sure that I’m setting you guys’ expectations accurately, and in this case, it really will be very soon.



    The new lenses look fantastic!
    Can’t wait to use them.



      Thanks Thijs! Yeah, I’ve been playing around with them, and they’re super-sweet. It still surprises me how simply changing & tweaking your Lens can really make content of all kinds pop off the page.



    Instead of dot navigation,, number navigation on the bottom!

    WHEN?! I am not patient lol