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Media Temple Hosting Prize Added To SlideDeck Contest

On April 27, 20100 Comments

The good folks at Media Temple have upped the ante with the SlideDeck Skin Contest by offering 2, one year hosting packages for 2nd and 3rd place. We knew that we had something in common aside from both having a telepathic (halo) in our logos! Here’s the updated prize information:

  • Grand Prize: The Grand Prize winner will receive a free 16GB Wi-Fi iPad ($499 value).
  • 2nd Prize: The second prize winner will receive one year of free hosting from Media Temple on a (dv) Base ($500 value).
  • 3rd Prize: The third prize winner will receive one year of free hosting from Media Temple on a (dv) Grid-Service ($240 value).
  • The top 5 winners will also receive free copies of the SlideDeck Pro jQuery library and WordPress plugin for use on their website ($99 value).
  • All of the top 20 finalists will have their theme designs converted into SlideDeck skins. These skins will be added to SlideDeck’s public skin library for everyone to download and use!

Our Experience With Media Template: We at (dt) just recently had a great experience with (mt). Slidedeck was hosted on a Media Temple (dv) Rage setup. Our friends at Smashing Magazine had just tweeted a special offer to 170,000+ of their followers for 5 free SlideDeck WordPress Pro plugins. As our team gathered around Chartbeat to watch the live traffic flood to the side, we noticed that it capped way too soon. The site was floored with too many connections so we opened up with Media Temple control panel and upgraded to (dv) Extreme and within 30 seconds the site was as snappy as ever. Chartbeat showed the performance shift instantly and proceeded to bury the needle in traffic – good stuff!

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