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We have another huge announcement for you guys – we’ve released a free trial of SlideDeck 2 to the WordPress Plugin Repository! Now you can download and try SlideDeck 2 Lite right from the comfort of your own WordPress installation for free – as in gratis, zip, nada, and lots of other cute words that mean $0.00.

So what’s in SlideDeck 2 Lite? Well, for this release, we focused on keeping it a lightweight, yet still powerful slider plugin. Let’s dive into the features, shall we?

What’s Included?

With SlideDeck 2 Lite, you get 5 awesome Content Sources included:

Create awesome image slideshows with Flickr
Create amazing dynamic photo galleries using images from any public Flickr account, as well as filtering by Tags and Favorites to drill down to the exact images you want to showcase.

Build showstopping video galleries in minutes
Your videos will love SlideDeck. Seriously, how many other video gallery plugins let you build a sweet video slider using search terms or pull content from your YouTube Channel playlists, change the appearance with a single click, and enable auto-pause/resume in-between video slides? Now, how many of those let you do it in less than a minute? Yeah, we could only think of one name, too…

Showcase your design taste with an awesome Pinterest Gallery
Our newest Content Source is also one of our most hotly anticipated. Tap into the bottomless well of imagery on the fastest growing social network on the Web right now. Showcase all your pins as they happen, or simply share a pinboard that catches your discerning eye.

The best Featured Posts slider plugin for WordPress
There are featured content sliders, and then there are Featured Content Sliders. The WordPress Posts Content Source in SlideDeck 2 gives you incredible flexibility in cherry-picking your best posts and visually showcasing them to your visitors. Choose whether to show Posts or Recent Pages, then filter by Categories, Tags and more – all with just a few clicks.

Visually showcase your latest tweets
You’ve never seen Tweets like this. SlideDeck intelligently pulls in Tweets from any username, search term or hashtag, and can even show images associated with them in the slide.

As if all these sources weren’t enough, you can create as many SlideDecks as you like, on as many sites as you like. (Seriously, go nuts!)

Also, remember that you can mashup all these Content Sources together in a single SlideDeck, to give your visitors a truly mixed-media experience. I humbly submit that there’s literally never been a better time to try SlideDeck. Download it today!

Get SlideDeck 2 Lite

What’s the difference between Lite and SlideDeck Personal/Professional/Developer?

SlideDeck 2 Lite is a pretty powerful slider plugin for WordPress, but there are a bunch of great reasons you might want to upgrade to one of our paid packages:

All Content Sources
All paid versions of SlideDeck 2 support over a dozen Content Sources, so you can upgrade to get seamless access to your Instagram photos, Vimeo videos, RSS feeds and more.

No Branding
Make SlideDeck truly your own on your site. All paid versions of SlideDeck appear seamless to your website visitors, with no branding.

More Slides
Upgrading to SlideDeck 2 Personal or above will let you create sliders with more than 5 slides – perfect for when you have content galore to share.

A Full Set of Lenses
While the Toolkit and O-Town Lenses are powerful, flexible Lenses that can work on a wide range of different sites, you’ll want to upgrade for access to our full suite of Lenses, including Fashion, Block Title and others.

Awesome Customer Support
Personal, Professional and Developer customers get direct email support from the same developers who lovingly built SlideDeck from the ground up.

Sweet Covers
SlideDeck Personal, Professional and Developer customers have access to gorgeous Covers that allow you to introduce your SlideDeck, and finish with a strong call-to-action.

For more info on sweet extra features that come with the paid Licenses, head over to our Pricing page.

You can download SlideDeck 2 Lite from the WordPress Plugin Repository right now, so if you haven’t tried it yet, what’re you waiting for?

What do you think of SlideDeck 2 Lite? Got any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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    Mass communication college

    thanks dear. I found that your focus points are very clear in this article for a beginner.


    Preetpal Singh

    Awesome! I really like this. keep up with the good work. Thanks a lot for sharing.


    Guang Yu

    Was searching some excellent slideshow gallery to showcase our products . Going to use slidedeck2 lite, Will share my experiences and links once done.



    Amazing slider!!
    Downloaded it 3 days back and loving it. A lot better than that revolution slider.


    pragnesh tavadoa

    i have downloaded slidedeck and will surely post my review … thanks



    How much is slidedeck2 lite, I’ve downloaded a free version and for some reason the lack of info on its price



    Nice looks and slidedeck always gives best solutions…