How to create a full width slider in WordPress

How to create a full width slider in WordPress


Sliders have been trending for a while. Every other website is making the best use of this element to showcase their products or brand USPs with ease. Not just newcomers, but even well-established websites aren’t behind when it comes to using sliders. These days, out of all the styles, the full width slider is amassing a lot of popularity.

Just as the name suggests, such kind of sliders is meant to cover the entire screen. Hence, they can, very elegantly, attract your visitors and redirect them to specific parts or pages of your website. Furthermore, you can even put a CTA button to these sliders to provide them with a more personal touch.

So, if you are ready to adorn WordPress full-width slider on your website, this post will surely help you out.

Popular Trends of WordPress Sliders:

With people becoming more and more tech-savvy, a significant rise in the number of websites can be seen. Every website comes with its own design features and layouts to promote their products or services and to boost user engagement.

While some features remain individualistic, repetitive ones can be found as well. So, if you’ve made up your mind to use WordPress slider on your website, here are some trends that may help you display this element in the right way.

  • Automatically Changing Sliders:

Considering how automation is rising several folds, websites have started using this feature on their sliders now. Taking away the hassle of moving each slide manually, there are several sites that are adopting this method for their sliders.

Furthermore, with such a technique, transforming a slider into a visually appealing one wouldn’t be tough, either. However, if you think of walking the same path, you should pay your undivided attention to the timing aspect.

Neither the slider should run very fast nor too slow. In both the cases, it won’t take much time to lose interest for your audience. Hence, timing is quite important.


  • Text Sliders:


Not always you may want to attract the attention of your visitors with simple images, right? So, if your website is more into words than visuals, using a text slider would be appropriate for you. Finding a text slider on innumerable websites wouldn’t be uncommon for you today.

To pump your visitors with inspiration and encouragement, you can use this slider on your website to display a beautiful quote in a massive way. It will be a perfect way for media websites to attract more visitors and to give them a perfect start.


  • Video Sliders:


Another kind of slider that is very much in vogue is the video slider. Website owners are integrating such a slider in their sites to keep their audience hooked with an enthralling video. Be it a video describing their brand or an animated version for their products; there is a lot of variation that is taking this online world with a storm.

So, if you are also contemplating to choose something unique and attractive, this is the one to go with.


  • Mixed Sliders:


In the world of internet and websites, confusion is dominating like a king. Thus, even when it is about choosing a perfect kind of slider, you may face the same muddled feeling. To eradicate this problem, websites are mixing and using the content.

Whether you want to blend images with texts, videos with GIs, or use any other amalgamation, doing the same with a perfect slider would not be tough for you. And then, you can easily find alluring examples to make this mixed slider even perfect for your website.

Impact of Full-Width Slider on Increasing CTA:

Over the period of time, with an increase in the popularity of WordPress sliders, the debate related to the advantages and disadvantages of this element has also increased. In reality, every knowledgeable person would have their own cooked up the story, which they will try to impose upon you to manipulate your thoughts.

However, if you are trying to use sliders for the first time, you will surely find yourself stuck in a dilemma. While you may hear or read others’ perception, gaining personal experience is quite important. Following are some of the ways a full-width slider may impact your call-to-action. Once you have read and understood, go on experiencing the difference on your own.


  • Making Your Visitors Understand Your Brand:


One of the finest and effective impacts that WordPress full-width slider leaves is that it clears the obscurity regarding your brand. Accordingly, the slider is the first thing visitors look whenever they visit your website, only if you have placed them correctly.

So, if that happens for you as well, you can simply use this element to boast about your brand, its differentiative factors, and its USPs. In short and precise words, you can keep a large number of people hooked.

Once your target audience knows about your products or services and has comprehended your brand, they wouldn’t take much time assessing advantages. And then, by providing proper CTA, you can easily increase your conversion rate.


  • Highlighting Audiences’ Pain Points:


Undeniably, highlighting the pain points of your audience and then providing the appropriate solution is one of the amazing ways to increase interaction and conversions. That is what you can do with a full-width slider as well.

Once you are ready with your data, research, and everything else, it shouldn’t take time for you to highlight the difficulties that your potential customers are facing and how your products or services can help them conquer these obstacles.

The role of the slider is such that you can use this element to put communicative messages, images, videos on it along with an attractive CTA. In this way, the successful conversion would be nothing but an instant thing.


  • Gathering Undivided Attention:


Out of all the objectives that you must have set for your website, accumulating the undivided attention of your users would be at the top, isn’t it? Of course, it is one of the most important aspects that let you gain more leads and conversions.

Whether you are selling a product, finding customers for your services, desiring people to leave their data behind, or just want to grow your newsletter list, with a slider and influencing content, nothing would be out of the league for you.

Also, there are several such website owners as well, who in the pursuit of gathering attention, end up ruining things by overwhelming the message or specifications on the slider. Hence, avoid this mistake as far as possible to gain better results. Keep the message on point, short, but elegant enough to attract them towards what you are selling through the slider.

  • Keeping Them Hooked for A Longer Time:

For a website that has been experiencing higher abandonment rates since a while, a perfectly created slider can surely be a game-changer. With all the luck by your side, if you manage to keep your visitors hooked and engrossed for a longer period of time than usual, you can easily obtain a lot of benefits.

With people spending more time on your website, you will even get an opportunity to increase your SEO ranking with ease, considering how Google appreciates interactive websites and prefers them for high positions.

How to Create a Full-Width Slider?

Like several other aspects and tasks, WordPress has even made creating a full-width slider an easier job, thanks to reliable plugins available out there. When you step in to navigate through them, you’ll find a myriad of options supporting your requirements. Although all of them come with their own pros and cons, however, if you are a newbie, you must consider SlideDeck.

This easy-to-use and intuitive plugin come with an abundance of features and advantages. With this plugin, creating different types of sliders seems nothing less than a plain-sailing. That being said, following are the steps that will help you integrate and publishing a beguiling slider on your website.

  • Purchase SlideDeck, and you will get a downloadable file
  • Log into your WordPress website
  • Go to Plugins and click on Add New
  • Click on the Upload Plugin and then choose the downloaded file from your computer to upload
  • Once this is done, click on Install Now
  • And then, activate the plugin

Now that your SlideDeck plugin is up and running creating a slider should be a smooth task. Simply click on New Slider, and you can create your magic by experimenting with features provided by this plugin. Create a full-width plugin, add texts, images, videos, CTA buttons, links and much more.

One of the best parts about this plugin is that you can even outsource visual media from third-party platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and much more.


Now that you are acquainted with a full-width slider and the most appropriate SlideDeck plugin, it is the perfect time to experiment with this element on your own. If you are just starting with your website, consider using the Lite and free version of SlideDeck. With this version, you can simply create an image and video sliders with three different styles. However, as far as other features are concerned, they might be limited in the free version.

But, fret not! To avail the best of SlideDeck, you can simply use its Pro version, starting from $47 for a year and $247 for a lifetime. Apart from providing a gamut of features in premium versions, SlideDeck even guarantees money back within 30 days in case you didn’t like the plugin and are not satisfied with the services. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Without further ado, get your SlideDeck plugin and begin with decorating your website with an alluring slideshow.

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