A Fully Customizable WordPress Theme Any Client Would Appreciate

WordPress has opened up a world of possibilities. The advantages cover not only web developers. It also benefits businesses and individuals who find a need for their website. And who doesn’t need a website nowadays?

The tech revolution has brought about this need across different fields. Gone are the days when only large businesses had their site. Today, even professionals who are just starting out find it useful to have a website.

And it’s WordPress that has made this a possibility.

For those who are unaware of what WordPress is, it is a website creation tool. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it is extremely user-friendly.

It is very flexible and versatile. It lets even those with small tech background to customize their website. This makes it a popular choice across all content management systems in existence.

The WordPress Influence

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

Just how far has the magic of WordPress gone? Here are a few numbers that can show you just how powerful the platform is:

  • WordPress holds 58.9% of the CMS market
  • 26.9% of all websites online are powered by WordPress
  • An average of 24 posts are published per second around the world
  • WordPress sites are viewed up to 22.17 billion times per month
  • WordPress blogs receive up to 46.6 million comments every month

Statistics from Torque, as of 2016.

See these incredible numbers? It’s no surprise WordPress is considered number one.

The platform allows full customization, especially design-wise. There are hundreds of themes you can use, depending on what niche you work in.

Among the many different choices, ZPLUS is probably the best. It’s a fully customizable WordPress theme, no doubt about it.

The ZPLUS Advantage

ZPLUS is a top pick among the themes available to WordPress users. His fully customizable WordPress theme has quite an impressive list of features.

What makes ZPLUS a top choice for those still in the process of choosing the perfect theme?

Visual Composer

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

ZPLUS comes with the Visual Composer, a robust drag-n-drop system. It lets you build your pages in no time. You won’t need any advanced web development know-how here.

Every element you need is easily available no matter what template you use. With both frontend and backend editing modes, it makes building your website a lot easier.

Preloader Options

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

Creating an effective website means finding everything your audience sees. This includes the time your page is still loading. That’s what your preloader options are for.

As a fully customizable WordPress theme, ZPLUS gives you the chance to choose your preloader. Upload an image you want your audience to see while your content is loading. You can also choose a color scheme to be used for it. You can disable the preloader anytime as well.

Boxed and Wide Version

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

Think about what your needs are and choose between a boxed and a spacious layout. This can be readily determined and switched on your admin panel.

The moment you choose a design, it will automatically be applied to the entire site. Should you choose the boxed layout, you are also given customization options. You can choose a pattern, a solid color, or an image as your background.

Header Features

Your header can also dictate the efficiency of your website. This is why ZPLUS allows you to customize your header according to your needs.

Mobile Menu Design

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

Almost everyone’s on mobile, including a lot of your audiences. It’s a good thing ZPLUS lets you tweak the design of your mobile site’s menu. This gives your mobile audience a more seamless experience.

Advanced Admin Panel

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

As we said before, ZPLUS is one theme you have to take seriously. The admin panel is proof of this. It gives you the power to make every little change around your site as seamless as possible.

Manage your sidebars, headers, display styles, dropdowns, footers, and all other elements. Despite the vast number of options, everything is laid out in a simple manner. This makes it easy to understand even for WordPress rookies.

Menu Hover Styles

Are you using horizontal headers or vertical ones? Regardless of what you have, the menu hover styles available for you to use are varied. This gives you complete control on how you want your menu to appear.

Mega Menu

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

The mega menu offers almost everything you need. The mega menu allows you to display an even larger set of menus. You can choose icons that can give you a more visually inspiring design.

You can also choose how your menu loads. You can get it to slide up, slide down, or just fade into the background. The styling options are also incredible. There are for different color schemes and extensive menus.

Vertical Navigation

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

Will vertical navigation make it easier for your audiences to find what they need? Do you want viewers to find it easy to go to your site? ZPLUS makes this possible for you.

This is available in your header options. It even lets you choose whether to place the navigation on the left or the right. You can also make it a scrollable feature, or a fixed one.

Unlimited Sidebars

Think the existing sidebars aren’t enough for what you need? Well, the ZPLUS theme allows you to use an unlimited number of sidebars. You can also tweak how these sidebars appear.

Page Title Bar

Not happy with how your page title bar looks? That’s okay. ZPLUS allows you to customize this through the menu. You can change the background color used, as well as the title bar’s height.

You can even modify the font size you’re using as well as the way the text is aligned. You can decide how your page title bar will be positioned, too.

Unlimited Colors

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

The colors you use can dictate the overall appeal it will have on your audience. This is especially true if you’re targeting a particular niche. The ZPLUS theme lets you use every possible color.

This is possible through its backend color picker. It enables you to change any hue in every part of the entire theme. You can also tweak the opacity of these colors you choose. This makes it even more consistent with the whole design.

Translation Ready

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

Are you targeting a global audience? Then effective communication won’t be a problem, with the ZPLUS theme being completely translation-ready.

This means that your audience can easily translate your text depending on the language they are most comfortable with. This allows you to send the right message the right way.

Blog Options

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

Everyone knows how important a blog is nowadays, especially for businesses. On a personal scale, more and more people are becoming interested in blogging as well.

This is why ZPLUS includes a wide variety of options for your blog. It allows you to control how your entire blog would look like on your website.

There are 12 different designs for you to choose from. Each of them is fully customizable to fit your needs.

Portfolio Options

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

Are you using your WordPress site as your portfolio? If this is the case, then the ZPLUS, a fully customizable WordPress theme is perfect for you. You can choose how you want your portfolio to be displayed.

Your options include grid, masonry and packer layouts. You can even display them carousel style. The Visual Composer also makes it easy to manipulate all other elements of your portfolio.

You can easily change the background color, border color, font sizes, and a lot more.

Slider Revolution

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

This is another proof that ZPLUS is an amazing fully customizable WordPress theme. The Slider Revolution plugin is one ZPLUS feature you can’t afford to let slide.

It’s the best slider plugin out there. It gives you a broad range of possible effects, transitions, and animations. It makes it possible for you to display your content the most efficient way possible.

Form Options

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

Forms are always a must-have in every website. It allows you to make your audiences more involved. It’s a good thing Contact Form 7 is readily available with the ZPLUS. Now, you can enjoy different form styles depending on your need.

These do not even cover the entire list of features that come with the ZPLUS – a fully customizable WordPress theme. You have custom widgets, 4K icons, and footer options, too. This shows you that it doesn’t matter what you’re using your WordPress site for.

Fully Customizable WordPress Theme

The ZPLUS theme offers the most number of opportunities, customization-wise. This means that it doesn’t matter what your target market is, or what field you belong to. Your pages are going to fit right in no matter what.

With a fully customizable WordPress theme like ZPLUS, you just can’t lose. Pair the great design and the fabulous layout with even more awesome content.

This will make your WordPress site go places. Explore every possible option the moment you decide to go for the ZPLUS theme. Maximize every single part of it. Do this, and you won’t even wonder why this theme has become so popular among different circles.

Try out this fully customizable WordPress theme – ZPLUS now.







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