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Get Creative with Your SlideDeck

On July 14, 20113 Comments

Did you know your SlideDeck content slider can handle all types of content? It’s true. Sure, text and images work great, but SlideDeck is also adept at handling interactive elements too. So get creative, add a video or music player, embed a contact form or photo gallery. Each slide in your deck is fully equipped to deliver your message in the most compelling and relevant way possible, regardless of media format. In this post we’ll look at some creative uses for your content sliders, along with examples of how embedding different content types in your SlideDeck can really help bring your message home.

Video and Audio Embeds

Some say that video is the most compelling form of content there is on the Web, and who are we to argue? With SlideDeck the choice is yours, you can add video to any slide you want. And it’s a breeze with either our jQuery or WordPress version. Videos are great for showing off your product, store front or happy customers.

For WordPress users, simply paste the embed code in the HTML editor for the slide you want it to appear on. That’s it. Your video should be ready to roll. Some video formats play better with SlideDeck than others, so be sure to check out this FAQ if you have trouble getting your video to display properly.

Don’t have video but have a great sound bite or interview you want to share? No sweat. Simply embed the or other code snippet for your audio player into the slide you where you want it to appear. Your visitors will be able to listen to their heart’s content right from within the SlideDeck experience.

Learn how to add audio or video here.


SlideDecks are great for converting visitors into revenue. Just ask Neil Patel of They saw a 21.6% increase in conversions on their site within just 21 days of adding SlideDeck. Whether they’re joining your mailing list or requesting that a sales person contact them, getting a visitor to provide you with their information is a key step in any conversion funnel. That’s why adding a form to SlideDeck is an easy and smart way to drive conversions while reducing funnel abandonment and lost revenue.

Adding a form is easy. SlideDeck can handle any of the standard form elements and submission protocols. And, if you’re a PRO user you can use our slide control API logic to create multi-step forms that let you gather information incrementally, especially useful for longer forms.

Image Galleries

A SlideDeck makes for a great portfolio. You can use one of our themes, like Super Simple, or if you’re a PRO user you can use the background image features and turn off the slide spines. Either way, you can embed photo galleries that let you show off a set of images in a clean, easy-to-use and intuitive manner, right from within the SlideDeck.

Great for photographers and designers, showing off product shots, or shots from around your business, in-slide galleries are a powerful way to let your visitor learn about you, without having to jump from page to page to do it.

Get Interactive

Hopefully this post inspires you to take your SlideDeck to the next level by adding rich, engaging content that brings your business to life in a way that is easy and enjoyable for your visitor to experience. By creating rich experiences within SlideDeck you’ll engage your visitors while moving them towards conversion in a way that reduces confusion for them and abandonment for you. So try a form, add a video or load up on some of those glossy product shots. With SlideDeck you can get as interactive and creative as you want, and rest easy knowing that your visitors will have a cohesive, intuitive experience that leads to more customers for you.

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    I’ve came across this great plugin and I’m playing with the lite version of the plugin on my WordPress site. My site theme is a Genesis child theme and I’ve placed the slide deck in one of the hooks “after header”. the plugin works fine but at the moment is left centred…can I put it on the middle of the page?



    I would like to nest slidedecks, like a gallery inside a slide of a main site slidedeck. How could I do this in wordpress?



      Hello Esther,

      The WordPress plugin allows basic nesting of SlideDecks, like a vertical SlideDeck inside of horizontal SlideDeck. However, it seems what you are looking to do is more complex and is more difficult to accomplish with the WordPress plugin.

      I suggest you use the jQuery plugin so you have more control over nesting. You could apply a skin to a nested SlideDeck, taking care to uniquely identify the nested SlideDeck and make sure the CSS matches. Also, you’ll have to be sure to override any styling that is being inherited from the outer SlideDeck.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to post on GetSatisfaction.