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Get SlideDeck Pro for Only $99! $200 Off for the New Year!

On January 12, 20100 Comments

SlideDeck Pro - Now Just $99!

SlideDeck Pro jQuery Library is now on sale for a limited time only for $99 – that’s $200 off the regular price! Ring in the New Year with style by giving your website a refreshing new way to communicate – and do it now on the cheap! With SlideDeck Pro you get:

  • Complete Customization – Design SlideDeck to blend perfectly into the design of your website. Customize presentation options, sizes, shapes and interaction options.
  • Advanced Interaction Methods – Allow your visitors to browse your SlideDeck with additional interaction methods like the mouse scroll wheel and keyboard arrow keys.
  • No SlideDeck Branding – No more “Powered by SlideDeck” bug!
  • Free Upgrades – Get all upgrades to 1.x versions for free!

If those additions weren’t enough to whet your appetite, we’re also working on some great new features that you’ll have access to at no additional charge when we deploy them to the public:

  • 4-way Navigation – Navigate within slides vertically
  • Decision Tree – Setup interaction logic between slides to make your SlideDeck slides respond differently depending on user input. Great for quizzes, polls, complex form processes and more!
  • Analytics – Track how far users are getting in your SlideDeck and where they are abandoning your forms
  • WordPress Plugin – Available to all users of SlideDeck, both Lite and Pro – easy integration into your blog or WordPress managed website without needing to write a single line of code!

Get SlideDeck Pro for $99 now!

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